For Sale: Norristown Home with Backyard Creek

Exterior shot of the Norristown colonial.

Exterior shot of the Norristown Colonial Stone.

Oh, forget the interior for a second and just take in the natural landscape surrounding this home. Afforded with 17.5 acres of land, the grounds contain both a property-length creek (or “crick” as someone once corrected me) and waterfall. Also nearby is a springhouse that would have my mother squealing in my ear from delight. The gallery provides a view of these notable outdoor features.

Now, onto the house itself.

The home was built in 1748, expanded in 1884, and throughout it all kept its original den with stone fireplace. Another fireplace can be found in the living room, in addition to hardwood floors which cover most of the house, the exception being the playroom. That has bluestone floors…as well as a third fireplace. It can be accessed through a glass sun porch.

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Remarkable Piece of Early Film History for Sale

1180 wayfield drive featured image

There’s a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that probably stops few tourists these days: that of Siegmund Lubin, born Siegmund Lubszynski in Wroclaw, Poland, in 1851. An optometrist by trade, Lubin became an early movie mogul — the Harvey Weinstein of his day and “the king of the movies,” as the press called him.

The subject of a current exhibit at the National Museum of American Jewish History, Lubin created an empire that “encompassed all aspects of the industry including production, distribution and exhibition,” according to a Montgomery County Community College website dedicated to remembering his legacy.

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Slate Calls Out Norristown for Really Dumb Law

Norristown’s got a law that a landlord can evict a tenant if they make three or more 911 calls within the span of four months. Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick thinks that law is really, really dumb. Why? Because this happens.

[Lakisha] Briggs did not call the police on the night of June 23, 2012, when the same boyfriend hit her in the head with a glass ashtray then stabbed her in the neck with a piece of broken glass. The police had already warned her that she was on her third strike after their last visit. So she didn’t make the call and—just before she passed out—Briggs begged a neighbor not to do so on her behalf.

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Woman Suffers Horrible Violence Because She’s Afraid To Be Evicted

norristown acluA Norristown woman who was hit on the head with an ashtray and stabbed in the neck with broken glass by her ex-boyfriend ended up being airlifted to a hospital because she’d been too afraid to call police when her attacker showed up. She had already been threatened with eviction after calling the police when the same ex-boyfriend attacked her with a brick, and was now on a “probationary period” in terms of being evicted from her apartment.

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Jose Garces’s Farm, Why Your Favorite Restaurant is Doomed & Hurray for the Zep

In addition to the reviews of and Farmers’ Cabinet there are several other articles in this month’s Philadelphia magazine for the food nerd.

Check out these photographs of Jose Garces’s Ottsville farmhouse in the October Home feature.

David Fields, Valerie Safran, Ellen Yin and Aimee Olexy weigh in on why your favorite restaurant is doomed.

Lou’s in Norristown turns 70 and Victor Fiorillo recounts the history of its most famous sandwich, the Zep.

Photography by Steve Giralt

Suburban Snacks: Food Pics from Xilantro

[imagebrowser id=34]

Xilantro is looking to open this Sunday at 103 Wayne Avenue in downtown Wayne. The upscale Mexican restaurant and tequila bar is owned by Luis Marin of the Sarape restaurants and his business partner Joel Solomon. Culinary Institute of America graduate Juan Pablo Quiroz is in the kitchen and has developed a menu of progressive Mexican fare. Check out some of the menu highlights in the slideshow above.

The bar at Xilantro will include more than 100 tequilas and a menu of Mexican inspired cocktails and margaritas. Xilantro will be closed Memorial Day but then will be open for lunch and dinner seven days a week with Mexican brunch on Sundays.

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Step Up To The Zep

Ah the Zep. The sandwich cousin to the hoagie that is proudly and almost exclusively served in Norristown, Bridgeport and Phoenixville. The Inquirer’s Derrick Nunnally researches its origin and highlights a couple of spots (Eve’s and Lou’s) that keep the tradition going.

Local hero: Norristown’s zep sandwich [Philadelphia Inquirer]