NoLibs Civic Still Concerned About TLA Movie Theater

tla warehouse cinema rendering

A rendering presented to the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association. Photo by Sandy Smith.

This much is clear after the proposed Warehouse Cinema’s second trip before the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association (NLNA) Zoning Committee on Feb. 24: While the committee and its neighbors generally like the idea, they’re not going to let it sail through without ironclad assurances about two things.

One, that it will be a place where people go to see movies with food and drink on the side and not a bar and restaurant where people can catch a flick.

Two, that the crowds and noise won’t spill over onto nearby streets — or even the desolate block of North Sixth Street this project will enliven.

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Builder Callahan Ward’s Latest Project Gets a Lukewarm Reception

Photo: Sandy Smith

Photo: Sandy Smith

Generally speaking, the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association (NLNA) Zoning Committee has a good working relationship with Callahan Ward Companies, one of the neighborhood’s more active builders. The firm has a reputation for being attentive to neighbors’ concerns when building new homes, and company rep Nino Cutrufello generally likes the end products of the often highly detailed critiques the NLNA’s Zoning and Urban Design committees give projects up for review.

That doesn’t mean that what Callahan Ward wants, it gets. Its latest proposal for new residential construction in NoLibs is a case in point.

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New Condos in Northern Liberties

933 N. Front St.

Well, sure. Development couldn’t hurt. Photo: Google Street View.

Variances have been granted, permits issued, and foundations poured for a new seven-unit townhome condo development at 933-37 N. Front St. in Northern Liberties, a stone’s throw from the Delaware riverfront.

But nothing’s gone up on those foundations yet, because the project architect, JKR Partners, sought to make a change to the design that required another round of zoning review.

In a previous review, the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association (NLNA) had given the go-ahead to a design that terraces the homes so the structures slope down towards the river, just as the lot they sit on does. The townhomes, which will rise to a height of 60 feet, will have garages on their street floors and three stories above. The homes will have rear decks on the second and third floors and roof decks accessed via pilot houses.

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From Bauhaus to Your House at Fourth and Fairmount

Photo: Sandy Smith

Photo: Sandy Smith

If you’re the sort of person who takes pride in having cosmopolitan taste and International Style, we have a development in Northern Liberties for you.

Zabels Row, a three-unit townhome project at 444 Fairmount Ave., takes its design cues from Bauhaus industrial architecture of the 1930s. When Nino Cutrufello of Callahan Ward Companies presented preliminary renderings and photos of the building that served as inspiration for this project on an industrially zoned site to the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association Zoning Committee a little more than a year ago, many neighbors in attendance expressed the desire that Callahan Ward build the industrial building instead.

The company took the advice to heart, lightening the building’s color palate — even adopting the shade of brick used in the 1930s building — and enlarging the windows on the narrow Fairmount Avenue elevation.

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Northern Liberties Rehab With Exposed Brick, Original Floors

Here’s a terrific new listing in Northern Liberties: a four-story home that’s been renovated without being stripped of its historic charm. There’s exposed brick, curving banisters and classically designed staircase, and refinished original wood floors on the first level. Each of the bedrooms has its own private bathroom and walk-in closet, and one of the master suites has an adjoining sitting room as well. All the finishes — from windowsills to kitchen backsplash — are, according to the listing, “magazine quality.”

Extra space includes a finished basement and a large private patio outdoors.

Beds: 3
Baths: 3.5
Square feet: 3,184
Price: $595,000

Northern Liberties’ WineO Sells for $650K, Liquor License Included

The neighborhood wine bar appropriately named WineO has been sold, from bricks to mortar to liquor license, for $650,000. The first floor of the three-story building is zoned for commercial use (obviously) and has dining space, two full bars, a kitchen and an outdoor cafe space. And that bar made out of wine casks, which is just cool.

The two upper floors are zoned residential and therefore perfect for apartments to be rented to regulars at the new spot. As the listing said, “The only thing this property doesn”t have is an Ocean View!!” Well. It sure doesn’t.

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Lincoln Was Shot With a Gun Made in NoLibs

Today’s random history lesson, brought to you by Jason Nark of the Daily News: Abe Lincoln was shot by a pistol manufactured in Northern Liberties. Indeed, if you look closely, the words “Deringer Philadel” are inscribed on it, after the name of the Easton, PA native who made the guns. Here’s a replica of the piece.

The term Deringer probably sounds familiar. Henry Deringer, who’s buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, fought hard against bootleggers for much of his career. But while he staked a claim to the name “Deringer,” copycats merely called their versions “Derringers.” Since his death in 1868, the bastardized “Derringer” has become a commonplace term for a small pistol. How fitting that the forefather of the small handgun came from Philly, now one of the world capitals of small, deadly handgun use. Feel the pride! [Daily News]

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