Nolan Carroll: There’s ‘No Other Place’ Like Philly

Nolan Carroll and Malcolm Jenkins. (USA Today Sports)

Nolan Carroll and Malcolm Jenkins. (USA Today Sports)

Nolan Carroll has only spent two of his six NFL seasons as an Eagle, but his time in Philadelphia has had enough of an impact on him to where he just didn’t feel right leaving for Dallas.

Before re-signing with the Eagles on a one-year, $2.36 million deal, Carroll visited the Cowboys, but it wasn’t the most comfortable trip for the cornerback.

“It was just weird, man,” Carroll said. “Being here and playing here and knowing I played against those guys a few times, it just felt weird to be in that facility and see some of those players — guys that I’ve played against. I just felt like it wasn’t the fit right now. I felt like my fit was right here in Philadelphia.” Read more »

Source: Nolan Carroll Agrees To Terms With Eagles

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

UPDATE: The Eagles confirmed the signing, and the Inquirer’s Zach Berman tweeted the figures.

It’s not inked yet, but Nolan Carroll plans on returning to Philadelphia on a one-year deal, according to a league source.

Carroll visited with the Cowboys last week but left without a contract. Philly and Miami were in the mix late, and the 29-year ultimately chose to re-up with the Eagles.

Carroll is recovering from surgery on his fibula and expects to be ready for OTAs. Read more »

Eagles Free Agency: The Second Wave



The first wave of NFL free agency is over and things have slowed down both at One NovaCare Way and across the NFL. With the top of the priority list scratched off, the Eagles — like a lot of teams — are taking their time and looking for value within the remaining group of available players. But they’re not done. They still have some holes to plug and roster spots to fill before setting their sights fully on April’s draft.

Who might they be targeting? Some names to consider as we get ready for Round 2. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Wish List Extends Beyond Bradford, Cox

Nolan Carroll and Malcolm Jenkins. (USA Today Sports)

Nolan Carroll and Malcolm Jenkins. (USA Today Sports)

Even with the NFL’s salary cap rising some $12 million in 2016, a lengthy offseason to-do list could edge the Eagles closer to the ceiling than is typical under Howie Roseman (and Joe Banner before him).

“We had gotten accustomed to pushing over a lot of money (from the previous year); it’s going to be much more difficult to do that,” Roseman acknowledged recently. “We still have a couple things we’d like to do here in this offseason.”

Including signing Fletcher Cox to what promises to be a mega-deal, and locking Sam Bradford into a contract that could be worth around $15 million per season. That could take a pretty sizable chunk out of the estimated $30 million in available cap room that the Eagles currently enjoy.

And while those are the two top priorities at the moment, they are not the only ones. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Cornerback Outlook

Eric Rowe. (Jeff Fusco)

Eric Rowe. (Jeff Fusco)

We’ll wrap up our position-by-position look at where the Eagles stand going into the offseason this week. In the first eight installments, we covered the quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers and safeties. Now, it’s on to the cornerbacks.


The Eagles’ pass defense ranked in the middle of the league last season in several categories, including opponent passer rating (18th) and Football Outsiders’ DVOA metric (14th). However, the defense as a whole ranked 29th in Football Outsiders’ variance category, meaning they were one of the most inconsistent units in the NFL. The cornerbacks were a big reason why, especially Byron Maxwell. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Reynolds Rewarded

Ed Reynolds. (Jeff Fusco)

Ed Reynolds. (Jeff Fusco)

Ed Reynolds knew what he was supposed to do. He’d practiced it all week long.

It’s called a “Bingo” situation, something that comes up when a team can get the ball back, with so many timeouts and so much time left, that the game will be over.

When he caught an errant Tyrod Taylor pass deep near the Eagles’ sideline in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 23-20 win over the Bills, it was a “Bingo” situation.

One minute, 16 seconds to play. No timeouts left in Rex Ryan’s pocket. With a turnover, the Eagles would win the game.


Read more »

Eagles All-22 Wake-Up Call: Declining Defense

Billy Davis. (Jeff Fusco)

Billy Davis. (Jeff Fusco)

Surrounded by a horde of reporters in the Eagles locker room, Billy Davis took full responsibility. Just minutes prior, his defense allowed 45 points and 521 total yards to a previously below-.500 Buccaneers team.

Tampa Bay broke several records at The Linc, including the franchise mark for number of players (five) to catch a touchdown pass. They also became the first road team in NFL history to have a quarterback throw five touchdown passes and a running back to rush for at least 200 yards.

“I didn’t see this one coming,” Davis said. “We didn’t do anything well today starting with coaching. We didn’t stop the run and we gave up five touchdown passes. There are no excuses for anybody. It was an awful day.” Read more »

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