Nina’s Trattoria Does A Really Late Night Delivery


Yesterday, I got home from working late and stumbled upon something really interesting. I was hungry, it was 1:30 in the morning, and I was scrolling through GrubHub’s suspect list of restaurants open for delivery late at night.

Nina’s Trattoria, yes the little BYOB in the Italian Market, was hidden amongst all the chinese takeouts and gross pizza parlors. I called to make sure they were open, and to my surprise, somebody answered. I ordered my food, it came within the hour, and the bliss I felt chowing down on their penne bolognese with a side of meatballs at 2:30 a.m. is a feeling you can only experience for yourself.

David Neukirch, one of the two brothers that own Nina’s explained, “working in the industry, you get out late at night, and you end up eating junk. So we’re giving people some good food to eat late at night.” He mentioned that they’ll soon be adding to the late night menu as well—pizza to be specific.

They’re open late for delivery Tuesday-Sunday until 2 a.m. on weekdays, and 3 a.m. on weekends (Nina’s encourages placing your order before 1:45 a.m. on weekdays, and 2:45 a.m. on weekends, and a call ahead won’t hurt either).

Sometimes, good news just falls in your lap.

Nina’s Trattoria [Official]

Six Pack: Italian In Center City That We Never Talk About


Editors Note: Once again, we’re introducing a new Foobooz writer to the world, so please welcome Camilla Brandfield-Harvey. For her first post, we presented her with an interesting task: to check out some of the Italian restaurants in and around Center City that we rarely talk about here–places that have just been quietly plugging along for years without creating the kind of scandals disasters cronuts collaboration dinners news that makes for a compelling headline. This is what she came up with.

To pick a great Italian restaurant in Philadelphia, you might as well close your eyes, throw a dart, and make it a culinary adventure. It’s hard to get it wrong. And yet, some places remain under the radar. That doesn’t mean their rooms are any less full, their atmosphere any less charming, or their food any less exquisite. In an Italian-heavy restaurant scene, there’s Vetri, and then there’s also La Viola. So, in a city where it’s hard to mistake your Italian, here are six great places and six fantastic pasta dishes that you might be missing:

Spasso Italian Grill–Papardelle Porcini

With Spasso’s relatively large pasta selection, it may be difficult to separate your fusilli from your fettucine. Disregard both and have the papardelle porcini. A soft, wide pasta–the lasagna noodle’s younger brother–is paired with succulent and proportionate chicken slices in a porcini cognac sauce that doesn’t flood the dish but rather adds an appropriate thickness and savory flavor. With its riverfront location and kind service, Spasso will satiate your appetite for traditional Italian and Old City charm.

34 S Front Street, Old City

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Quick Bites

1200 Bank, the upscale billiards spot hoping to open at 12th and Chestnut is going through the approval process. The active Facebook page notes opposition from neighbors and several upcoming public meetings. [Facebook via The Insider]

Speck Food + Wine has been delayed 6-weeks. Diners with reservations to the Studiokitchen counter received an email Monday and the promise of a gratis dinner. [The Insider]

The Bottle Shop on East Passyunk will be opening on Saturday, October 16th. [Meal Ticket]

Nina’s Trattoria softly opened this past weekend. The Italian Market BYOB will be fully open this Friday. [Meal Ticket]

Down Home Diner has reopened in the Reading Terminal Market.

New Restaurant for Italian Market?


The Rizzo mural building on 9th Street has been sold and the new owner is considering an Italian restaurant for the space.

Nicholas Nastasi is a criminal attorney in Philadelphia and he bought the building for $492,500. He’s working with an architect to transform the space into Nina’s Trattoria, a Sicilian restaurant named for the lawyers 95-year old mother.

After 7 decades in the family, Rizzo mural building is sold [Philadelphia Business Journal via Grub Street]