Eagles Wake-Up Call: Did Chip Rush the Foles Trade?

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Today’s question comes from reader Gavin, via e-mail:

My personal thoughts on the trade aside (I’m sure you can guess what they are), I don’t get the timing aspect of this. What was the rush to get this deal done? To my knowledge, there were no salary cap changes/implications/deadlines on the immediate horizon for either Nick Foles or Sam Bradford. I can’t grasp a logical reason as to why this deal had to be made now, and not closer to, or on draft day.

I think the question depends on how you look at Chip Kelly’s motivation to make the deal. If you think he wanted to unload Foles, then I agree with you. The timing was a little strange, especially when you consider what Kelly said afterwards. Read more »

Three-And-Out: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Photo Credit: Matt Kartozian - USA Today

Photo Credit: Matt Kartozian – USA Today

If you missed the first installment, click here.

Here’s the second part with Tim and Sheil going back-and-forth on the Eagles’ offseason moves so far.

1. The Nick Foles-Sam Bradford trade.

Kapadia: Thumbs down.

I think some are missing the point when it comes to this deal. It’s not as simple as: Whom would you rather have at quarterback? Read more »

Has Chip Kelly Lost His Freakin’ Mind?

Photo illustration | Alyse Moyer

Photo illustration | Alyse Moyer. Photos | USA Today Sports. From left: Sam Bradford (Jake Roth); DeMarco Murray (Tim Heitman); Kiko Alonso (Kim Klement); Chip Kelly (Brad Mills); Jeremy Maclin (Howard Smith); Nick Foles (Billy Hurst); LeSean McCoy (Kevin Hoffman). Background | Shutterstock.com,

In the past two weeks, the Philadelphia Eagles have overhauled their roster in a manner never before seen.

And the man calling all the shots: head coach Chip Kelly. Read more »

Bradford vs. Foles: ‘Two Flawed Quarterbacks’

Rick Osentoski / USA TODAY Sports

Rick Osentoski / USA TODAY Sports

NFL analyst Greg Cosell appeared on Ross Tucker’s podcast to talk about Tuesday’s trade that sent Nick Foles to St. Louis in exchange for former number one overall pick Sam Bradford.

Cosell was shy to shower either of the quarterbacks with praise, but he does think Bradford “is the more talented thrower” of the pair.

Despite this, Cosell did say he is a little concerned about how poorly Bradford has played during his NFL career.

“Bradford has become a little skittish in the pocket, he’s become a little gun-shy and I think it’s impacted his accuracy,” Cosell said. “When he came out of Oklahoma, one of his big strengths was he was precisely accurate and he hasn’t played that way in the NFL. Read more »

Notes: Foles Emotional After Trade

Nick Foles. Photo courtesy of USA Today

Nick Foles. Photo courtesy of USA Today

When questioned about the level of compensation shipped to St. Louis for Sam Bradford, Chip Kelly — presumably to show the type of value attached to the quarterback across the league — volunteered that he had already been offered a first-round pick for Bradford since acquiring him.

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher gave that claim more weight on Friday when he told Pro Football Talk that he was offered a “low first-round pick” for Bradford recently, but decided to do the deal with the Eagles because he wanted Nick Foles.

Foles, wearing a dark blue golf shirt with a large Rams logo sewn into it, had his introductory press conference in St. Louis Friday with Fisher and general manager Les Snead by his side. It took some six minutes before anyone asked Foles a question, as the reporters were curious about the particulars of the trade process and the departure of Bradford initially. When the focus shifted to him, he revealed that he was just finishing up a workout when he received a call from Kelly telling him that he had been dealt.
Read more »

What They’re Saying About The Eagles

Troy Taormina / USA TODAY Sports

Troy Taormina / USA TODAY Sports

Just when people thought they had an idea as to what Chip Kelly was planning for the future, he dealt Nick Foles to the Rams for Sam Bradford. Then he doubled down on the number of former Oklahoma Sooners in his backfield by signing former Cowboys running back and current NFL Offensive Player of the Year DeMarco Murray.

Here’s what the national media are saying about the deals. Read more »

Does Trading Nick Foles for Sam Bradford Make the Birds Better?

Daniel Shirey | USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Shirey | USA TODAY Sports

When the trade for Sam Bradford was announced, my first reaction was that Chip Kelly was a secret spy, like in those movies where a Russian is trained for years in American culture, then later acts to circumvent the Democratic process. In this case, Kelly was the guy sent here to destroy the Philadelphia Eagles.

Or I thought that Kelly might be a superior being, who landed here from outer space with an intelligence incomprehensible to mere humans — that we couldn’t even begin to understand his brilliant methodology.

Today, I just question whether this guy has any idea of what he’s doing. There is a fine line between building a franchise and taking it into a deep abyss which could set it back years. Read more »

Making Sense Of the Foles-Bradford Deal

Sam Bradford. Rick Osentoski/USA Today

Sam Bradford. Rick Osentoski/USA Today

Chip Kelly had just completed his first draft as an NFL head coach, and he stood behind the podium at the NovaCare Complex explaining some of the Eagles’ selections.

He seemed excited about Lane Johnson and the other picks the team had made. He was another step closer to getting the new guys on the practice field during OTAs and mini-camps.

While discussing the picks, Kelly was asked about the importance of measurables in identifying players for his scheme.

“If you constantly take the overachiever at every position, you’re going to be too small,” Kelly said. “If you take the short defensive tackle backed up by the short middle linebacker backed up by the short safety, then all of a sudden your team’s going to get run over.”

The explanation made perfect sense and was refreshing to many. Others in the league have put it more succinctly: Don’t get into trouble by trying to build a team of exceptions.

On Tuesday, Kelly pulled a stunner and sent Nick Foles to the St. Louis Rams in exchange for Sam Bradford. All offseason, it seemed Kelly had a plan. There had to be some reason why he traded LeSean McCoy, didn’t overpay for Jeremy Maclin and brought Mark Sanchez back. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Thoughts On the Bradford Trade

Sam Bradford. Photo courtesy of USA Today.

Sam Bradford. Photo courtesy of USA Today.

For about two hours there — between the time news of the Nick Foles-Sam Bradford trade broke and the accompanying draft pick compensation came to light — it appeared that Chip Kelly was well on his way to executing The Plan.

An inaccurate graphic served as rocket fuel for the thought that the Eagles, by giving away their promising young quarterback for an oft-injured signal caller with a $13 million price tag attached to him, had moved up and secured the No. 10  spot in the upcoming draft. Suddenly, Marcus Mariota was within reach and the vision was starting to take form.

Then reality hit. Not only were the Eagles not getting the Rams’ first-round pick, they were sending out a fourth and a second rounder and getting just a fifth in return. (A conditional pick comes back to the Eagles in ’16 if Bradford is unable to stay on the field.)

What the hell? Read more »

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