Why the Eagles Should Draft Michael Sam

Instead of presenting a long list of reasons the Eagles should draft Michael Sam, the Mizzou offensive lineman who came out of the closet on Sunday and stands to be the first openly gay player in the NFL, let me present two words:

Michael Vick.

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Arcadia Student to Open Up About Being Bullied on USA Network Documentary

Arcadia University sophomore Joey Kemmerling talks with New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz about being bullied in middle school tonight on USA Network's TK.

Arcadia University sophomore Joey Kemmerling talks with New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz about being bullied in middle school on USA Network documentary “NFL Characters Unite.”

Set your DVRs. Arcadia University sophomore and Bucks County native Joey Kemmerling will share his experience being bullied for being gay tonight on the USA Network documentary NFL Characters Unite. The show couples National Football League players with young victims of bullying so that they can share their story of overcoming discrimination. Kemmerling will be paired with New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz.

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Chris Christie Partied with Jerry Jones at the Cowboys/Giants Game Last Night

What are they doing up there? You never know what they’re doing up there. Gov. Chris Christie joined Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in his private box for yesterday’s Cowboys/Giants game, as captured on Twitter.

Looks like admitting you’re a Cowboys fan on NFL Network will get you pretty far these days…  if you’re a governor. Especially if you’re a potential 2016 presidential candidate. Judging from the below photo, though, things were a little tense—Christie, after all, is a Giants fan, too.

But, hey, accusing the other team of faking injuries will create that kind of an atmosphere, I guess. Such is the curse of dual-fandom:

That guy in the top center, by the way, is Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Anyone wanna change their bet about seeing Christie on the GOP ticket in 2016? [Fansided]

Study Confirms NFL Fans Eat the Pain Away After Losses

A recent study from the INSTEAD business school confirms it: NFL fans eat worse the day following a loss than a win, meaning that we collectively drown our competitive sorrows in carbs and trans fats. As per the study:

“One day after a defeat, Americans eat 16 percent more saturated fat, and 10 percent more calories. But on the day after a victory of their favorite team, then it’s the opposite. They eat more healthily. They eat 9 percent less saturated fat, and 5 percent fewer calories. There was no effect in cities without a team or with a team that didn’t play.”

So, basically, we either use food as a security blankie or a punishment for poor performance or some combination thereof. The good news is, though, now we can measure how poorly the Eagles are playing by the number of cheesesteaks we eat in a given season.

After all, as a Philly sports fan, you learn to look for the silver lining. Or, you know, a tip for the delivery guy. [CBS]

NFL, Concussed Players Reach $765 Million Settlement in Concussions Case

Following US District Judge Anita Brody’s order for NFL players and officials to enter mediation talks in the ongoing concussions case early last month, a settlement has officially been reached—to the tune of $765 million.

Though tentative, officials disclosed the settlement today in a court filing, with Brody writing that the money will go towards “concussion-related compensation,” legal fees and medical research. More than 4,200 former players will be compensated, which works out to about $18,000 a person to pay for medical and legal fees, along with research.

News of the settlement comes just about a week before the NFL is set to start off their season opener. An abrupt end, however, was welcome in this case, with NFL officials expecting the case to overtake the $9-billion-a-year organization.

Now, who’s ready for some football? [Philly.com]

UPDATE: Turns out Philly is all over this case, with lead attorney Gene Locks, founder of the local Locks Law Firm, representing the plaintiffs. Locks, a Princeton grad, filled the quarterback position for a number of seasons in the late ’50s—so, as he says, he knows “what it’s like to get your bell rung.” He just didn’t get $18,000 for putting up with it. [Business Week]

Philly Judge Orders NFL, Concussed Players to Play Nice

US District Judge Anita Brody ordered the NFL and some 5,000 players to enter mediation talks to reach a settlement in the ongoing NFL concussions case. Intitially, Judge Brody, based out of Philly, expected to make a ruling on dismissing the case on July 22, but with mediation now a distinct course in the negotiations, a decision will not be reached until September 3 at the very least—when mediator US District Judge Layn Phillips reports back about the talks. Should the players and the NFL not play nice, the case could be thrown out, moved to arbitration, or force the NFL to open its science files regarding the longterm effects of concussions. The power of good sportsmanship, after all, can only do so much—especially in the presence of brain damage. [NFL]

Yes, Donovan McNabb Did, in Fact, Vomit at Super Bowl XXXIX

It’s been debated about for years now, with all the he-said, she-said constantly contradicting any clear story, but we finally have a definitive answer to one of Philadelphia sports’ most pressing questions: Donovan McNabb did, in fact, vomit at Super Bowl XXXIX. The answer came from Eagles cornerback Lito Sheppard in an interview with 94WIP. The simple confirmation? “Yes, he did.” Welp, that solves that one. Now, why he barfed—that’s another story all together. [NBC]

Switchblade Enthusiast and Giants Linebacker Dan Connor Arrested at PHL

Leave it to a New York Giant to bring a knife to a city of gun fights. Giants linebacker Dan Connor, a Penn State grad and recent signee to the team, was arrested at Philadelphia International on Saturday after TSA officers found a switchblade in his luggage. Connor, 27, was charged with possession of an offensive weapon and has since been released, making him the 30th arrest of an active NFL player since the Super Bowl, proving once again that millionaire wannabe thugs will be millionaire wannabe thugs. Or, you know, just dumb. [NYDN]

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