What They’re Saying About The Eagles

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Through ten weeks, the Eagles are 4-5 and in third place in one of the worst divisions in the NFL. What’s being written about Chip Kelly‘s team after its latest defeat? We compiled opinions and viewpoints from around the internet to get an idea.

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Open Thread: Eagles vs. Dolphins

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

The Eagles are finally back in a 1:00 Sunday slot, and they’re playing in Philadelphia for the first time in nearly a month as the Dolphins pay a visit to the Linc. We’ll pop in with some updates and thoughts from time to time. Feel free to join the conversation in the comments section below.

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Dear Philly: Battered Women Aren’t Sports Mascots

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy (76) leaves the field following a game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Eagles won 33-27 in overtime. | Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy leaves the field following a game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Eagles won 33-27 in overtime. | Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Philly: Battered women are not your sports mascots.

Like you, I think that Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy is a bad dude. And like you, I’m always going to regard the Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane with a certain amount of wariness. But take away their team affiliations — make them two relatively anonymous guys — and I’d still feel that way.

In Philadelphia, though, we seem to treat the transgressions (alleged and otherwise) of our sports rivals as an opportunity to express our fandom. And that’s kind of gross — a conflating of priorities that, at its worst, serves to further objectify women who’ve already been treated and made to feel worthless. Read more »

Who’s Picking The Eagles: Week 7

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

The Eagles face the Panthers on Sunday night, in search of a winning record. Here’s how an assortment of media think the game will unfold.

NFL.com’s Elliot Harrison picks against the Eagles for the first time this season, predicting a 23-17 Carolina victory.

You might recall that this was the Monday night matchup last year when people were speculating about Cam Newton‘s desire, as the Panthers QB looked lazy on some throws and seemed to lack a sense of urgency. Others wondered how banged up Carolina’s franchise face was. Either way, the loss put the Panthers at 3-6-1 … and they dropped the next two. Then Riverboat Ron’s group went on a serious run, winning five in a row (including a playoff victory) before losing in Seattle.

Carolina has opened up this season with a five-game winning streak, giving them 10 wins in their last 11 contests. It will be interesting to see if Newton has as much success downfield on the Eagles as he did versus the Seahawks last week. Can Fletcher Cox and Connor Barwin repeat their performance from Monday night? No matter what, for Philadelphia to have any chance, Sam Bradford must play better. Those opportunities he had downfield against the Giants will be few and far between versus this Panthers defense.

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Eagles Will Go 11-5, Win the NFC East

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo | Jeff Fusco

If you’ve been following the football writers, bloggers and ex-team executives — who once hated the media but now by the grace of a paycheck find themselves a part of it — the Eagles are somewhere between the moon and Santa Clara, California.

Joe Banner, the former CEO of the Birds, tweeted yesterday that the Eagles would win the 2015 Super Bowl, to be held this year in the sprawling San Francisco suburbs. This on the heels of Adam Schefter, ESPN’s football “Insider” who has the Eagles playing the Ravens for the big title.

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Tom Brady Fights For His Legacy

NFL: Divisional Round-Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots

If reports are true, then Tom Brady might find himself on the losing end of a legal case: The supposed divorce proceedings with his wife, supermodel Giselle Bunchen.

Certainly I don’t see Brady losing in his legal case against the NFL, and I have said that from the jump, even when some of the sports legal experts —uh, Lester Munson, are you listening? — were kowtowing to the NFL and the mastery of the league’s “commissioner powers.”

I am a lawyer – currently non-practicing due to some other current profession that takes up most of my time – who teaches a class in Sports Law to college undergraduates. We spend a lot of time in this class on the subject of professional sports leagues, their collective bargaining agreements, and how they interact with the federal anti-trust laws of this country.

Think of it this way: Most EVERYTHING you see in professional sports – drafts, trades, dress codes, salary caps – on its face and without a collective bargaining agreement – would be violations of anti-trust. Anti-trust laws exist to prevent price fixing and economic monopolies. The theory behind a collective bargaining agreement is that both sides – management and employee – have had a fair chance to agree to certain provisions with arms-length bargaining at the same bargaining table. Fair, right?

Yes it is. Except when some provisions of a collective bargaining agreement go way over the line and they are thus challenged legally. Which brings us to the case of Tom Brady. Read more »

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