Eagles Win Coin Flip, Will Pick 14th in NFL Draft

Howie Roseman, GM

Eagles GM Howie Roseman celebrates after the team won a coin flip. | Image via Philadelphia Eagles’ coin-flip livestream

The Eagles now know where they’ll be picking in this year’s NFL Draft on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

On Friday, the Eagles won the coin flip that determined the 14th and 15th selections in April’s draft.

The coin flip was between the Colts and the Vikings, but the Eagles got the Vikings’ number-one selection in the Sam Bradford trade last summer. So GM Howie Roseman stood on stage with representatives from the Colts and Vikings before the coin flip. The NFL even hyped up the pick a bit, moving the coin flip back a half hour in order to get fans to come watch it.

“It’s a great result,” Howie Roseman told the Eagles’ website after the coin flip. “We’re excited to be able to pick at 14. We’re excited for the draft in Philly. We know how excited our fans are going to be when we make this 14th pick.” Read more »

NFL Announces Plans for Fan Festival on Parkway During Draft

A grey NFL Draft helmet and a football

The set-up at City Hall before the announcement the 2017 NFL Draft would be held in Philadelphia | Photo: Dan McQuade

The NFL Draft is in Philadelphia this year. Now the NFL has let us know what they’ll have for us to do between picks.

“In 2015 it was the pope,” Mayor Jim Kenney said. “In 2016 it was the DNC. Now it’s the NFL Draft.”

At a press conference held at the Art Museum on Tuesday morning, the NFL unveiled details for a huge, free fan festival along the Parkway during the draft. Read more »

The 2017 NFL Draft Will Be in Philadelphia

A grey NFL Draft helmet and a football

The set-up at City Hall before the announcement the 2017 NFL Draft would be held in Philadelphia | Photo: Dan McQuade

This is Philadelphia sports, and things can’t be easy. So of course it’s happening this way: The NFL Draft is returning to Philadelphia next year for the first time since 1961. The Eagles do not have a first-round pick.

The draft will begin on April 27th and run through the 29th, and will be held on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The NFL said draftees will walk up the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art when they are selected. Just like Rocky!

“How cool is this!” Ron Jaworski said to the assembled media at City Hall today. “About a post-pattern from here, eighty years ago the first NFL Draft was held. And guess what: We’re back, Philadelphia!”

The NFL Draft was held in New York between 1965 and 2014, but a few years ago the NFL decided to make it more of a fan-focused experience. It was held in Chicago’s Grant Park and Auditorium Theatre the past two years. Read more »

It Looks Like the NFL Draft Will Be in Philly Next Year

The NFL draft logo side by side with the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Benjamin Franklin Parkway photo by Spike Brennan (license)

Per several reports, it seems like the NFL Draft will be in Philadelphia in 2017.

In early July, Wendy Ruderman quoted Bob Brady saying it was a done deal to hold the draft at a temporary stage and arena on the Ben Franklin Parkway. Kenney spokeswoman Lauren Hitt said the city hadn’t signed anything, but Brady was insistent: “We are going to showcase the city for the whole country again, and we’ll have thousands of visitors coming in here and all the players, all the sports teams, and all the coaches and managers will all be around. It will be great.” Read more »

Eagles Open Thread: NFL Draft, Day 3

(Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports.)

(Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports.)

UPDATE: The Eagles traded back in the sixth round to pick up an additional seventh-round selection.

Day 3 of the NFL Draft is underway, as the Eagles are expected to be on the clock five times today. Read more »

Philly’s Ibraheim Campbell Is a Real-Deal NFL Prospect at Safety

IBRAHEIM-CAMPBELL-JERRY-LAI-USA-TODAY-SPORTS-940X540It looked like Northwestern was going to lose. Notre Dame led the Wildcats by two scores with just over four minutes to play. But the Fighting Irish had picked up two first downs and looked poised to run out the clock. Then Ibraheim Campbell stepped in.

Or, rather, laid into Notre Dame senior Cam McDaniel, forcing a fumble the Wildcats recovered. It was a devastating turnaround. “The amount of self-hatred I had after the game,” McDaniel — who had fumbled just once in his career previously — said later. “It wrecked me, it really did.” Northwestern drove down the field for a tying field goal, and upset the Fighting Irish on another field goal in OT.

Campbell forced two fumbles in that contest, Northwestern’s first game against ND since a famous upset in 1995. Now, the Wildcats have a winning streak against the Fighting Irish — their first since 1962. “It’s the reason that you play college football, to go into those environments, to get those opportunities,” Campbell said via phone earlier this week. “Those College GameDay moments.”

The Germantown native is hoping to move to a bigger stage soon: Campbell is a top safety prospect in this year’s NFL Draft. At the NFL combine, he has a chance to help (or hurt) his draft prospects with a good performance.

Read more »

Weekend Reading: Draft Edition

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

The draft is just over a month away. We’ll be kicking our coverage into high gear beginning this week. Let’s start with a look at who the draftniks are linking to the Eagles: Read more »

Cosell On Receiver Fits For Chip

Odell Beckham

Whether DeSean Jackson is on the roster or not, chances are the Eagles will be tempted to pull the trigger on a number of quality wideouts throughout the draft.

“I think we’re going to be sitting there in every round and there’s going to be a receiver we  like,” said Howie Roseman at the combine. “It’s just going to happen that way…Guys will be pushed back because of the quality and the depth of the class.”

Add NFL Films Senior Producer Greg Cosell to the long list of analysts and executives that are calling this the best receiver crop in recent memory. Out of this group, which are the best fits for Chip Kelly and the Eagles offense? We asked Cosell for his take, and he offered four names to consider.
Read more »

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