Forecasts Say This, Right Now, Is the Peak of Flu Season in Philly

flu graph

Yikes, Philadelphia! You might want to consider donning a face-mask before hopping on SEPTA: The folks over at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health have developed an online flu predictor that tells you exactly when your city will be ravaged by the ever-dreaded influenza virus. And guess what, Philly? Our time is now.

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Local Group Pushes for Meatless Mondays in Philly Public Schools



Remember last fall when the Philadelphia City Council passed a resolution in support of Meatless Mondays in Philly? The group that helped usher the measure through City Hall is now turning its attention to Philadelphia public schools.

The Philly-based animal rights organization, the Humane League, just launched an initiative urging the School District of Philadelphia to take up the Meatless Monday cause in its own cafeterias. The objective: to get public schools to offer an entire menu of vegetarian options—and only vegetarian options—every Monday, every week of the school year.

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Unite Fitness Teams Up With Pure Fare and Agno Grill for Healthy Meal Service

Wasabi Salmon Salad from Pure Fare // Photo via Facebook

Wasabi Salmon Salad from Pure Fare // Photo via Facebook

After a long day at work, going home to put together a healthy meal can feel like, well, more work. If your busy schedule has turned you into a frequent Chipotle dinner customer, with barely enough groceries in your pantry to feed a mouse, then Unite Fitness’ new meal service might be right up your alley.

The Philly-based training studio has teamed up with Center City favorites (and sister restaurants), Pure Fare and Agno Grill, to help you maintain a healthy diet while hardly lifting a finger. There are a few different options to choose from: $29 gets you three meals each week, while $49 gets you five meals. That’s less than $10 for each meal—not a bad deal.

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New Family-Focused Fitness Reality Show Casting in Philly



Local TV production company Nancy Glass Productions is on the hunt for Philly-area families looking to shed weight and get healthy for a new reality show. Center City training studio Unite Fitness is signed on to work with overweight families of four or more, who are willing to work toward a healthier lifestyle.

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PHOTOS: Over 900 Participate in Wildwood’s Polar Bear Plunge

polar plunge lead

On Saturday, over 900 gathered to brave frigid water and air temps for the Wildwood Polar Bear Plunge, benefitting Special Olympics New Jersey. At plunge time, on-land thermometers read just 35 degrees (though, the unencumbered wind certainly made it feel much colder), while the water reading tallied a balmy 37. In all, plungers raised over $188,000 for the cause.

Check out our photos of the madness below. (Note: Crazy costumes are extremely encouraged.) And if you’re feeling inspired, make a date for February 22nd, when the Polar Bear Plunge will remount in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

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Oh, Crap: The Amount of Sugar in Your Favorite Juice Will Shock You

If you packed a “healthy” juice for your mid-afternoon snack, then this video is sure to ruin your day. (Don’t feel too bad, I did it, too.) Sure, juice is packed with healthy vitamins, fiber and tons of other good stuff, but it’s also loaded with sugar. Like, so many cookies worth of sugar. Ack!

But don’t swear off juice quite yet: Local juice spot Pure Sweets is here to save the day!

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