Cool New Way to Get (and Give Away) Free Stuff: The Buy Nothing Project



If one of your New Year’s goals is to finally get rid of all that clutter in your basement, don’t start posting ads on Craigslist just yet. Consider a new option: the Buy Nothing Project, a new Facebook group that just cropped up with the aim of connecting neighbors who have freebies just waiting for a new home.

The international Buy Nothing Project, headquartered in Bainbridge Island, Washington, has been around for about a year and a half. But it wasn’t until last month that local PR gal Paige Wolf got a whiff of the idea and, looking to connect with a local Philly chapter, found that, well, there weren’t any to join—yet.

So she launched Philly’s first Buy Nothing Project Facebook group, which invites members to post listings about free stuff they want to get rid of or things they’re in need of. “It’s like going back to our roots of borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor,” says Wolf.

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Market Report: 5 Style Resolutions For Your Chicest Year Ever


  • These five simple style resolutions will help you upgrade and polish your look for 2015. And who doesn’t want that? [WhoWhatWear]
  • Because this is just plain fun: Here are the worst looks of 2014. (We’re looking at you, Kim K.) [Go Fug Yourself
  • Consider this your ultimate beauty bucket list: 21 treatments, tricks and products you have to try before you die, including why that $100 hair brush is actually totally worth it. [Refinery29]

Up next: What it’s really like to get eyeliner permanently tattooed on your face.

Why My New Year’s Resolution Is to Laugh More



It’s that time of year when we scramble to develop a New Year’s Resolution before the ball drops at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Statistically speaking, most of us vow to lose weight, save money or become healthier. And research shows that most of us abandon these resolutions well before kickoff at the Super Bowl in February.

Why does this happen? It’s because most resolutions are punitive in nature, the product of self-criticism. It’s like saying to yourself, “You need to lose weight because you’re fat and hideous.” Or, “You need to save money because you’re wasteful.” When we’re mean to ourselves we become depressed, or, worse, we become rebellious and do the opposite behavior.

So after many years of setting unsuccessful New Year’s resolutions, I think I’ve developed a better approach for 2015.

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These Four Letters Could Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution



If you’re anything like me, in the past 24 hours you’ve made declarative statements like, “I’m never eating white flour again!” or “Today will be the day I stop watching so many Law & Order: SVU marathons!” Then you’ve promptly broken said vows with a bowl of cheese-stuffed ravioli in one hand and a remote control in the other—rinse, repeat.

The phrase “talk is cheap” comes to mind here, but next time I set my lofty goals, I might just be able to keep my word, thanks to this nifty trick: The folks over on Science of Us have clued us in to a four-step technique that research has shown helps people to actually achieve what they set out to do. Like, for instance, it helped people who wanted to eat more fruits and vegetables actually eat more fruits and vegetables—instead of, you know, just saying, “I’m going to eat more vegetables!” and eating pasta instead. Impressive.

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6 Style Resolutions For The New Year



Want to have your most fashionable year ever? These are the resolutions I’m making right now. Follow ’em with me for a seriously stylish 2014.

1. Don’t save your “good stuff.”

Really! If you love it, wear it. I constantly hear people say that they basically have two closets: the everyday, ho-hum stuff that doesn’t excite them, and the only-for-special-occasion pieces that they break out every once in a while (I call this ‘Wedding Wear’). Why wait? Wear your favorite cocktail frock to work, but dress it down with a turtleneck underneath or an oversized sweater layered on top. If you’ve got a job with a stricter dress code, then break out your favorite pieces on the weekend. Really: Your fanciest fancy-pants heels look awesome with distressed jeans. Trust me.

Keep reading for my vintage secrets.

#RunPR2014: Why Philly Runners Are Thinking Big in 2014

Sticking to a New Year’s resolution can be tough. I mean, no one is actually holding you accountable, so what does it really matter if you don’t hit the gym today? And who cares if you opt for a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes over steel-cut oats? If you’re worried about your New Year’s resolution flying out the window come the weekend (Because, I mean, brunch.), we’ve got the perfect contest for you.

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Beat the New Year’s Gym Crowds: Use the Forgotten Machines



If you’ve hit the gym in the past seven days, chances are you’ve noticed more than a few new faces. This, right now, is a post-New Year’s world we’re living in, people, and the crowds aren’t due to subside for another month. At least.

The most popular machines? Treadmills, by a long shot. “Everyone gets on the treadmill because everyone knows how to walk,” says Vivian Camphor, a veteran trainer at Philadelphia Sports Clubs in Center City. “It’s easy.” The ellipticals get clogged for the same reason: They’re easy to use and therefore make for a no-brainer workout.

Instead of abandoning your workouts, planting yourself on the couch, and waiting for the resolution tide to recede, try this: Head to the parts of the gym that typically get ignored. You know, the machines that gather dust in the corner while the Resolutioners stand in line for the treadmills. Here, the forgotten machines to leverage during the New Year’s rush—plus tips for how to use them and workouts (H.I.I.T., anyone?) for guidance.

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How to Jump-Start Your Post-Holiday Detox (Without a Juice Cleanse!)



After packing on a few pounds from all the holiday fa-la-la-ing, you can’t help feeling bloated and sluggish. Chances are that right about now, you’re desperately searching for a reboot.

In the past, January always meant signing myself up for a juice cleanse, which required forcing down foul-tasting juice for a week and completely clearing my calendar because I couldn’t handle being around solid food without wanting to punch my friend in the stomach and run off with her pizza.

Sounds like fun, eh? Trust me—it wasn’t.

Sure, by the end of the cleanse I’d fit back into my skinny jeans … but then a few days later, I wouldn’t. In fact, I’d gain all the weight back I lost and then some.

For those who struggle with emotional eating, cleansing can be torture and only guarantees a binge later on. That’s why instead of going on a cleanse, I plan what I call a “detox done right.” It’s an affordable, luxurious week of self-care, pampering and nourishment that doesn’t turn me into hermit or starving psycho. It’s more effective, restorative and a whole heck of a lot more fun than a cleanse.

Here’s an example of five simple things I include in my five-day detox:

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