Highs and Lows of The Bachelor, Week 5


“Santa Fe really seems like the perfect place to fall in love.”

This is how Week 5 of The Bachelor began. Farmer Chris — who was the one who predicted such great things for Santa Fe — and the contestants spoke of Santa Fe as if they were being paid by a New Mexico tourism board. Let’s get on with this recap.

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Zack Stalberg to Leave Philadelphia for New Mexico

Zack Stalberg is leaving Philadelphia.

Stalberg, the former Daily News editor and head of elections-watchdog group the Committee of 70, announced this morning he’s leaving the organization to move to New Mexico. He had been in charge of the Committee since 2005. Previously, he was editor of the Daily News for 20 years.

“I spent 45 years in two similar high wire acts, which seems like plenty to me,” Stalberg said in the most esoteric of the many quotes sent out in a press release. “As the Redford character says at a point in The Electric Horseman, ‘I have just retired from public life.’” There is no word if Stalberg will travel across the country as Robert Redford’s character did in the 1979 film (on a $12 million electric horse stolen from a cereal company).

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