Jaw Dropper of the Week: Retro Oasis Tucked Away in South Jersey

TREND images via Coldwell Banker Preferred

TREND images via Coldwell Banker Preferred

Designing a home to meet your particular vision must be kind of fun, don’t you think? In the case of this South Jersey residence, it seems whoever had a say in its look was at least partially influenced by the modern aesthetics of the seventies (indeed, agent Kathleen McNamara tells us it was built circa 1978) and the light-friendly appeal of hotel suites.

Oh, did we mention it has swimming pool and deck with lounge space?

Located on a one-acre lot in Cherry Hill’s Wilderness Acres neighborhood, the John J. Olivieri-designed home features oak flooring, two functioning fireplaces (one gas; one wood), and walls of windows throughout. A two-story foyer awaits near the entrance and the kitchen, festooned with cherry cabinets and granite counters, opens to a two-story dining area with windows overlooking the pool area.

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Chris Christie Announces Presidential Run

Christie 2016 campaign video


Speaking at his high school alma mater in Livingston, New Jersey, Chris Christie officially announced his bid for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination today.

“This country needs to work together, not against each other,” he said. “We must tell each other the truth about the problems we have and the difficulty of the solution.… Truth and hard decisions today will lead to growth and opportunity tomorrow for every American in this country.… We are going to tell it like it is today so we can create a better opportunity for every American tomorrow. The truth will set us free, everybody.”

Christie didn’t really expand on what those truths are, but added that “our government isn’t working any more for us… and it’s the fault of our bickering leaders.” Christie leaned heavily on his six years as governor of New Jersey in his announcement, singling out the overhaul of teacher tenure. “Not only can you govern this state, you can lead it to a better day,” he said.

So what kind of campaign is Christie going to run? He said the usual: He’d be an honest, blunt campaigner. He said he wouldn’t be focus-grouping his answers, and would not rely on political consultants to give him his answers to questions. He said the country was anxious, adding “that anxiety can be swept away by strong leadership.” He tried to strike a bipartisan, anti-Washington tone, talking (in vague terms) about the failures of both Republicans and Democrats.

Christie joins a crowded field. There are currently 14 Republican candidates for the presidency, another declaring next month and a few others expected to join the field. His popularity has slid since 2012, and he appears to have no real path to the presidency. Read more »

New Jersey Man Charged in Bank-Robbing Spree



A new Jersey man was charged in bank robberies in a yearlong spree throughout central and southeastern Pennsylvania.

Patch.com reported on Monday that the FBI caught and charged 41-year-old Francis Simmons of Warren, New Jersey, with 16 counts of robbery, stretching from incidents in Hellertown, Fogelsville and Allentown in the northeastern part of the region all the way to Wyomissing, Lancaster and even further to Lewisburg, near I-80 north of Harrisburg. He also allegedly raided banks and businesses in New York, New Jersey, Maryland and North Carolina. Read more »

N.J. Man Arrested on Child Porn Charges


A 41-year-old man from Burlington City, New Jersey was arrested Wednesday on charges of accessing and distributing child porn. He is a master sergeant in the Air Force, stationed at the McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Joint Base in New Jersey.

The exact charges are for endangering the welfare of children, and the three counts are of second- and third-degree nature (distribution and possession, respectively). Gerard Cameron is being held in Burlington County Jail on $100,000 bail — and if he chooses to post bail, he would be forbidden from accessing the Internet and coming into contact with minors. Read more »

NJ’s Economic Growth Near Worst; PA Just Average

GDP chartNew data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis finds that New Jersey had poor economic growth in 2014. Compared to other states, New Jersey ranked 46th, with its gross domestic product growing just 0.4 percent over the course of the year.

Pennsylvania saw about average growth with a 1.8 percent uptick, while Delaware was at 1.2 percent. Read more »

Sixers Spat With Wells Fargo Could Prelude a Move to Camden

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

I don’t really know what to think of the Wells Fargo Center. For example, the original first sentence of this story was, “The Wells Fargo Center sucks.”

So I guess I’m leaning that way. I don’t hate it though. I’ve attended hundreds of events there. Mostly the Sixers — but also the Flyers, concerts, WWE wrestling, arena football, the Harlem Globetrotters, summer merchandise clearance sales, sneaker conventions, plus a summer interning at Comcast SportsNet’s website (where, one night at work, I watched a Britney Spears concert from the hockey press box).

There’s just nothing it does great. I’ve been attempting to come up with my favorite thing about it and the best one I can think of is, “The concourses are wider than they were at the Spectrum.” This narrowly beat out “the roast beef sandwich at the old brewpub, if they still serve them.” It doesn’t have a sense of place. It’s been named for four different banks. It’s kind of bland. It’s just at the top of a parking lot hill surrounded by fence and a highway.

The Sixers don’t like the Wells Fargo Center either, maybe for some of the same reasons I don’t. The main problem the Sixers have, though, is they don’t own the arena. Comcast Spectacor does. That means less income for the owners, which means the team is less valuable. The Sixers, then, don’t get any money from the Wells Fargo Center naming rights. As such, the Sixers have stopped referring to the Wells Fargo Center as the Wells Fargo Center.

CEO Scott O’Neil called it the arena that we play in on Twitter. “The particular bank referenced is currently not a sponsor of the Philadelphia 76ers,” a Sixers spokesperson told Biz Philly yesterday. Read more »

Chris Christie: Actually Not Bad at Softball, All Things Considered

Chris Christie batting at the True Blue softball game

Chris Christie bats in the True Blue charity softball game last night at Yankee Stadium. (Associated Press Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Chris Christie played baseball as a kid. He is actually a member of the Little League Baseball Hall of Fame (more due to his notoriety, though his dad said he did hit more than 15 homers in Little League). He was the starting catcher on the Livingston High School baseball team until a transfer student came in and took his spot. (Christie’s family considered legal action but decided against it; Livingston won the state title.)

Last night, Christie played in the True Blue charity softball game at Yankee Stadium, a benefit for three recently slain New York police officers: Brian Moore, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

It is great that baseball is the national pastime, because it means politicians occasionally dress up in baseball uniforms. Baseball players kind of look silly in baseball uniforms, and non-athletes look even sillier. Read more »

Here Is the New Jersey Bill That Would Criminalize Lying to Get Sex

Last December, New Jersey Assemblyman Troy Singleton introduced a bill that raised eyebrows: It would create the crime of sexual assault by fraud. Lying for the purposes of getting sex would now be against the law.

The bill attracted attention (of the negative variety) across the political spectrum. “His law is so vague and wide-reaching that it’s easy to see how pretty much everyone could be considered a rapist,” Amanda Marcotte wrote at Slate,” because, as any quick perusing of OkCupid can tell you, representing yourself as someone you are not is a universal behavior.” Reason‘s Elizabeth Nolan Brown agreed: “But giving the state broad discretion to adjudicate lies between lovers would yield a hotbed of unintended consequences, not to mention the (obviously intended, yet despicable) consequence of furthering the creep of law enforcement into all areas of our lives.”

Last week, the Daily News profiled the New Jersey woman who inspired the bill, Mischele Lewis. She met a man on a dating site in 2013 who claimed to be Liam Allen, a secret agent for the U.K. government. In reality, he was William Allen Jordan, a convicted bigamist. Lewis had forked over $5,000 to him for a fake security clearance. Read more »

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