Man Pens Epic 2,300-Word Response to Our “I Hate Bruce Springsteen” Article

Photo by Craig O'Neal via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Craig O’Neal via Wikimedia Commons

I get a fair amount of hate mail here at Philadelphia magazine, especially when it comes to my opinions of American disgrace Bruce Springsteen, which I have shared in the form of two articles: 2012’s “Why I Hate Bruce Springsteen” and a version of that piece that I repackaged for Springsteen’s unfortunate 2014 tour, “Bruce Springsteen Sucks.”

But no pro-Springsteen, anti-Philly Mag hate mail approaches that which I received the other day from New Jersey’s David Meyers. He took the time to write more than 2,300 words in response — more than double the word count of the original piece, nailing me with things like:

  • Now allow me to tell you why you are not only wrong on the Boss, but a terrible human being in general.
  • Maybe to someone who does no research on Bruce before he writes an article on him Ms. Patti is solely in the band because of nepotism, but to someone who recognizes the true nature of the situation, she was in fact a part of the band well before she married Dr. Zoom (Bruce’s original nick name that he actually prefers to the Boss. I assume you knew this since you wrote an article on him published in a major magazine).

  • Now you attack “Streets of Philadelphia” as if that is a legitimate argument. I recognize that you have your own opinion regarding the song and I can’t change that. However, a song that wins a Grammy is certainly not a bad song. If you look at the lyrics you will see just how descriptive and poetic Bruce can be.
  • Did you ever think maybe there is a reason that his fans are so in love with him? Have you considered that maybe his talent and his heart are so extraordinarily huge that people can’t help but be passionate about him, his band, and their music?

  • So maintain your stuck up, arrogant, uninformed opinion about Bruce Springsteen. Because while you sulk in the corner at what he does, millions of us around the world will rejoice that God has blessed our lives with someone as giving and as talented as Bruce.

I found it quite, err, moving in parts and thought I should share. Check out the entire letter below:

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Chris Christie’s Anti-Gay Record Gets Spotlighted—and Applauded—at Iowa Freedom Summit


New Jersey governor Chris Christie was much ballyhooed over the weekend at the Iowa Freedom Summit, with much of his applause generated over his movement to stop same-sex marriage in our neighboring state. More from Time:

At the gathering of Republican leaders, which is regarded as the unofficial start of the presidential primary, Rep. Steve King introduced Christie with a list of the New Jersey governor’s conservative credentials. Among them was his past obstruction of same-sex marriage in the Garden State.

“He vetoed the gay marriage bill in New Jersey,” King said, inremarks reported by Time. “He is pro-life.”

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Unbelievably Glammed Out Jersey Estate Asks $1.35 Million

TREND photos via Lenny, Vermaat, & Leonard, Inc. Realtors

TREND photos via Lenny, Vermaat, & Leonard, Inc. Realtors

Wow, wow, wow, wow. (Just…wow.)

Haddonfield’s Lane of Acres street is kind of a big properties smorgasbord (scour around a bit and you’ll see what I mean), but this one really stood out to us, not least for its massive Tudor-style facade. What struck us especially about the home, though, was its unique interior, which in addition to boasting a 2-story foyer, office, library, and spacious family room with several skylights, has the following:

  • living room with wet bar section (wonder if the carousel horse here is included in the sale too…)
  • eat-in kitchen with breakfast bar and breakfast area
  • master suite with fireplace, exercise room, sitting area, his & her closets, walk-in closet, his & her master baths, Jacuzzi tub area, and –takes a breath– roof deck access
  • Au pair suite with living area, bedroom, full bathroom, sauna and storage room

Click here for the deets and full gallery of the interior.

Christie: Philly Fans Are Worst, but Giants Fans Are OK With My Cowboys Fandom


In a story late Monday night, the New York Times’ Michael Barbaro reported on a conversation “overheard” recently. In it, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that “these Philadelphia fans, they are the worst in America.” This got a lot of play in the media, but I think much of the coverage has missed a wider point.

Barbaro continues in the Times piece:

He recalled that when he took to the field with Mr. Jones at a previous Cowboys game against the New York Giants, who play their home games in New Jersey: “I didn’t get booed. Giant fans waved, said hello, asked for autographs, didn’t give me a hard time.”

“But these guys?” he added of Eagles fans.

Oh, Giants fans. I actually thought better of you.

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Jersey Froyo Mogul Says Offensive Messages Result of Hack

This morning, while we were all snoozing, FanSince09, the same Twitter sleuth who tracked down this summer’s gay-bashing suspects, was in the midst of a Twitter war of sorts with Gino D’Ottavio, owner of Egg Harbor, New Jersey’s Yogo Factory. It all started when FanSince09 noticed an unseemly status update O’ttavio left on Facebook that referenced Leelah Alcorn, the transgender teen who recently committed suicide because her parents refused to allow her to transition from male to female. Those updates have been taken down, but FanSince09 sent me some screen captures.

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Multiple Hepatitis A Cases Tied to N.J. Restaurant

The health department of Hamilton Township, New Jersey, confirmed two additional Hepatitis A cases connected to a restaurant in town. That marks three reported Hep A cases in the town, which is north of Trenton.

The two additional cases happened to patrons who ate at Rosa’s Restaurant and Catering, where another hepatitis case was reported in November. The health department can’t say if any of the cases are related.

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Just Listed: Sun-Soaked Stunner Is Perfect for Holiday Entertaining

All photos by TREND via Zillow

All photos by TREND via Zillow

It’s the holiday season and that means you’ll more than likely be entertaining plenty of loved ones in the coming days. This home in Moorestown, New Jersey has all of the space and panache needs to throw that memorable holiday bash.

Step into the spacious and elegant open kitchen featuring granite countertops and a large, centrally located island that’s just begging for buffet line of crock pots and crudités. The deep, wide-plank wood floors are in beautiful contrast to the gleaming white cabinetry and shine brighter as the abundance of natural light flows through the many windows.

Move the party into the dining room and you’ll find an oversized fireplace. Next, take your egg nog over to the great room, which features another stone fireplace (just perfect for hanging the stockings), rustic exposed beams and a chance to grab some fresh air on the patio. Need even for space for entertaining? The two-car garage has a large second floor space, which the current owners use as a second living room.

The stunner here is the master suite, which has been designed by local Moorestown architect Neil Johnson. You’ll be basking in the loads of natural light that flood the room, thanks to windows on three sides of the room. The room also features a large master bath with his and hers sinks and a large walk-in closet with plenty of room.

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New Jersey May Allow Assisted Suicide

NewsWorks reports that assisted suicide may soon be legal in New Jersey. A new bill would let doctors prescribe life-ending medication to terminally ill patents who want it.

The Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens committee approved the “Death with Dignity Act” Monday. The Assembly passed similar legislation in November amid a heated debate over the issue.

The bill now goes to the full Senate; final approval of the bill would have to take place at a statewide referendum.

Hunters Killed 267 Bears in 6 Days in New Jersey

Hunters killed 267 bears over six days in New Jersey, the state’s Division of Fish & Wildlife reported. The number of bears killed — at 267, that’s about one bear death for every 33,330 New Jersey residents — was more than the state predicted. The hunt began on December 8th and ended Saturday.

The controversial hunt is intended as bear population control. There were an estimated 3,400 bears in New Jersey in 2010; after five years of bear hunts, the bear population had fallen to about 2,500 before this year’s hunt. Protesters have picketed and signed petitions in an attempt to stop the now-annual hunt.

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Poll: Majority of N.J. Residents Don’t Want President Chris Christie

A new poll from Quinnipiac University says that New Jersey residents are less than enthusiastic about a Chris Christie presidency.

Though he’s won two terms as governor with relative ease, 53 percent of Jersey residents think he’d be a bad president. Forty percent think he’d make a good chief executive. Quinnipiac has been asking this question since 2010, when 61 percent of New Jersey residents thought he would not make a good president. (The high for Christie was 44 percent “bad president” and 41 percent “good president” — in March 2013.)

“Even Jersey guys, actually Jersey girls, don’t think the nation will go for a Jersey guy like Gov. Christopher Christie,” Maurice Carroll, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said in a press release. “Shades of Woodrow Wilson. The last Jersey guy who got elected president did not carry the state in his 1916 reelection. And this poll shows we haven’t changed in the last century.”

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