New Hope’s $1.5 Million Painted Lady

It’s rare to find a painted lady so far afield from the usual local spots like Cape May and Lansdowne. Rarer still to find one sitting solitarily on such an enormous plot of land. And this one doesn’t disappoint: the interior is exactly as festooned as the exterior.

The home is situated on five acres of land and is accessed via a long, tree-lined drive. The curb appeal (in this case the tree-lined drive appeal) is instantly apparent to fans of Victorian architecture. Details are reproductions but they include lots of gingerbread embellishments, wrap-around porches, turrets and dormers. Inside, there are leaded glass transoms and millwork galore. For real Victorian fans, there is also a series of ornate wallpaper selections and plenty of brocade. Upstairs rooms are somewhat less bed-and-breakfasty. Bedrooms are large and feature views of the pristine landscaping.

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A Swoon-Worthy Garden and Patio in New Hope

Photo by Laura Kicey.

Photo by Laura Kicey.

At first, Sally Weisman did not want to move. She’d been living in Princeton, New Jersey for 13 years in a beautiful home. She was reluctant to downsize because she loves to have friends and family over. But she was ready for a smaller space. She considered going back to New York. Then she found a townhouse in New Hope. The clincher was the available lot next door.

Her interior designer, Helen Walton, first suggested that Weisman buy the available lot. When her builder agreed that it was a great idea, things started to take shape. Weisman moved in November and the garden was finished last month.

“I really couldn’t live without a garden or some outside space,” Weisman said.

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New Hope Estate Includes A Guest Suite with Three Bedrooms

2103 Street Road, New Hope, PA.

2103 Street Road, New Hope, PA.

As per the photo, interior stone walls, exposed beamed ceilings, and reclaimed hardwood floors in chestnut and walnut are just few of the eye-catching details in this Bucks County residence.

Others features deserving mention are its theater room, custom-built bar, original and remastered Mercer tile stack, and barn doors dating back 300 years. The main house also has a limestone-floored kitchen, which opens into the family room and is equipped with high-end appliances and farmhouse sink.

The listing also mentions the home having “original materials from ‘The Bleak House’ (c.1850),” a reference Google Search indicates (What? The agent didn’t pick up! ) may be referring to a building that served as setting inspiration for Charles Dickens’ Bleak House.

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New Hope’s Exquisite Gateshead Farm Is an $8 Million BucksCo Fantasy

Workaday life is full of other people: crowded elevators and lines at Wawa and traffic jams and SEPTA buses. So it’s perfectly normal to dream of strolling over a bridge on rolling green hills, passing by friendly horses, stopping at a springhouse, and turning rocks over in a sunlit stream. All of which is possible for the owner of New Hope’s Gateshead Farm.

First, the main residence. The 19th century stone farmhouse offers more than 8,000 square feet for six bedrooms and six full bathrooms. The updated interior manages to blend cozy details like stone walls, fireplaces and exposed beams with modern amenities and finishes. The home evokes the sense that you could take a nap on a window bench and wake up convinced you were at Pemberley.

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Modern Bucks Retreat With Stream (and Bidet) of One’s Own


New Hope is itself a great respite from the city and some of its more densely populated suburbs. This beautiful modern home is a respite even from New Hope. The three-bedroom home is situated on 12 acres at the end of a winding driveway that spans your very own stream. Lush landscaping conveys the sense of a private escape even though New Hope’s bars and restaurants are a five-minute drive away.

The home’s architecture is spare enough to be modern but still retains warmth – both figurative and literal. A stone fireplace on the first floor towers into the lofted second story before hitting the roof. The master suite is on the ground floor and two additional bedrooms are upstairs. Bonus: the master bath features a bidet, if you’re into that kind of thing. The kitchen has been updated with a Viking stove and a Sub Zero refrigerator.

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This New Hope Home Has a Bar With Blue Velvet Banquettes

Velvet bench seating, enough said.

Custom-built and recently renovated, this New Hope home appears to be trying to balance family and fun. For one thing, entertainment areas can be found both in and outside the house.

In addition to the more traditional first-floor rooms (living, dining, kitchen, study), there is a bar room with behind-the-counter recessed lighting, fireplace, and velvet bench seating. The party can be taken outside to a second bar on a bluestone patio, which has a built-in grill and refrigerator, and then to the swimming pool and its small waterfall.
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Splendiferous Interiors: Creative Decor Refreshes 18th Century Longwood Estate

2660 n sugan rd

As if the exterior of this property weren’t enough — lush wooded grounds with an uncommonly beautiful pool — the interior of the home is rather fabulous as well. It’s not just the structure of the house, which is unique, that stands out — it’s the decor too. These listings photos are a welcome change from blandly staged rooms devoid of personality.

The creative juxtapositions include Shaker-style chairs in the dining room with contemporary lighting above the table; a reclaimed-wood-style island against smooth, dark floors in the kitchen; an old oil painting above a fireplace in a room with mid-century modern chairs; and a brass chandelier with delicate fabric lampshades in a sleek white bathroom.

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New Hope Home Calls Itself “Subtle,” May Not Understand Definition of That Word

104 Wynfield Lane, New Hope, PA

104 Wynfield Lane, New Hope, PA

“This all brick home exudes a subtle elegance,” says the listing for this home. But take a look at the gallery and you’ll see there little that’s subtle about this lavish New Hope residence. Granted, the elaborate décor may have something to do with the three-story mansion’s grandiose appearance.

Floors range from tile to carpet to wood to marble. A mini waterfall can be seen from the entrance hall. There are three fireplaces, a butler’s pantry, and arched pocket doors. There’s a walnut library and palatial bathrooms, one with a bidet.

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New Hope’s Famously Haunted Logan Inn Is on the Market for $6.7M

logan inn

Photo by Laura Kicey

Talk about historic properties. The Logan Inn was once built as a humble tavern, but became an inn around 1727. It’s the oldest running inn in Bucks County, and the fifth oldest in the U.S., one manager said. But the more important fact? Its vaunted paranormal reputation.

The New Hope building has regular visits from ghost-hunting believers and skeptics alike. It’s part of the New Hope Ghost Hunting tour, and has been featured in innumerable media accounts of haunted properties. There are at least eight ghosts rumored to roam the halls, but sometimes people simply hear boot steps on the floors or see furniture move. Video evidence is, shall we say, debatable, but word of mouth (and book and TV) keeps people coming back. Take this example from this Yahoo! travel post:

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Newly Listed: Skater Oksana Baiul’s New Hope Colonial

Remember delicate little dove-like Oksana Baiul? She earned the adoration of the world during the 1994 Winter Olympics, at which she won the Gold Medal in figure skating for Ukraine. She’s had her ups and downs since then, but as the Wall Street Journal ‘s Developments blog said yesterday in profiling the sale of her New Hope home, she’s also become a real estate investor.

In this case, Baiul bought the four-bedroom/three-and-a-half bath house a little more than a year ago for $580,000 and is now asking $875,000.

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