5 New Films You Should Stream Right Now on Netflix: Killing Them Softly, An Officer and a Gentleman, Girlfight and More

Finally through the slog of (actually a pretty damn nice) summer and onto bigger and better things. If we can rip our attention away from the gridiron and Chip Kelly’s miraculous offense and those endless back-to-school sales, we can settle in for some pretty engaging stay-at-home entertainments.

All Is LostA well-to-do solo yachtsman tries to survive after the hull of his boat is pierced on the Indian Ocean. A nearly wordless film has Robert Redford struggling to keep body and soul together after a series of setbacks put him on the edge of survival. Filmmaker J.C. Chandor (whose previous film, the under-appreciated Margin Call, was anything but wordless) finds a way to tell his story in deceptively simple and deeply affecting tones. In a season of bombast and melodrama, this flick plays like a Zen koan dropped into a bath of brine.

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7 Clues Netflix Doesn’t Know a Comedy From a Hole in the Ground

"I swear Netflix said this was supposed to be funny."

“I swear Netflix said this was supposed to be funny.”

Recently I was looking for a way to pass a rainy day and turned, as I often do, to Netflix. It then came to my attention that its “Comedy” section includes some questionable choices. You won’t laugh if you select any of these movies, but the fact that Netflix dubs them all comedies is kind of a joke in itself.

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5 New Films You Should Stream Right Now on Netflix: Entire “Rocky” Catalog Available in August

So it has come to this, would-be blockbuster summer: You’ve spent all your big shells, the heavy casings. X-Men: Days of Future Past, Sex Tape, Godzilla, 22 Jump Street all lie spent and useless at your feet. With one last gasp (Guardians of the Galaxy, which is actually a whole bunch of fun) or two, we’ll be done with you at last and can look forward to movies actually intended for adults. But for now, here’s some good stuff you can go ahead and watch at home to tide you over.

Nymphomaniac: Volume 1: A young woman retells her story of a lifetime of intense sexual gratification to a man who rescues her from the street. Lars von Trier is the kind of director you either enjoy being challenged by or dismiss as a pretentious, sadistic boor. This film, which stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stacy Martin, Shia LaBeouf, and Stellan Skarsgard, features some of his signature agent provocateur material — a young woman with a serious daddy fetish having indiscriminate sex with a great deal of men in a variety of ways—but cuts it with many intellectual discourses on subjects ranging from fly-casting to obscure religious orders.

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July’s Netflix Pix: 12 Angry Men, City of God, and More

The cast of City of God.

The cast of City of God.

Fittingly enough, July is named after Julius Caesar, another entity that came to a sticky end. The faint, rumbling reverberations of giant, mechanized robots doing damage to one another in inter-galactic battles you hear emanating from the multiplex might steer you clear of the theaters for while — a wise choice. In their stead, here are some home-viewing options that you can take advantage of just whenever you feel the need. Read more »

5 Food Documentaries to Watch on Netflix Now



I love a good Netflix marathon, and I really love a good Netflix documentary marathon. But I hate when I get started on a documentary, only to make it halfway through and realize that it’s the Worst. Documentary. Ever. At that point, I’ve already watched half of it, so I feel like I need to watch the whole thing, and before I know it, I’ve wasted two hours of my life. So to help you avoid this totally frustrating fate, we watched a bunch of healthy-eating documentaries offered on Netflix and summed them up for you here.

We’ve given you each film’s star rating on Netflix (out of five), along with our own personal “preachiness” rating, a 1 being “I kind of felt like this documentary was trying to get me to change” and a 5 being “Oh my God, if I don’t change my eating habits, will they FIND me?” Because in case you haven’t noticed, health-related documentaries tend to a bit a bit preachy. Now, all you’ve got to do is grab some popcorn—butter-free and lightly-salted, obviously—and get your marathon on.

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An Apertif Before Your Orange is the New Black Season 2 Binge-Watching Bonanza

orange is the new black season 2

After what seems like an eternity in isolation, smash Netflix series Orange is the New Black season 2 will be available to stream tomorrow, Friday, June 6th. So what can we expect? Show creator Jenji Kohan offers a few hints on Entertainment Weekly: “We had a theme for season 2. A little darker, a little more fractured. We wanted to explore the groups one at a time. It was getting a little summer-campy, and we wanted to address the realities that this is prison. We needed a little more drama.”

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This Month’s Best New Movies on Netflix Streaming: Annie Hall, Triplets of Belleville, The Art of the Steal and More

Here we are in that glorious sweet spot of the year — finally beyond all that damned ice and snow and right before the execrable heat and humidity of deep summer. The sensible thing to do would be to go outside! Over and over! Soak up all of Philly’s splendid spring before things turn damp and dire. But, failing that, there’s always the option of holing up in your living room and watching movies. Here are our picks for the best new movies on Netflix streaming for the month of June.

11 Best Fashion Movies on Netflix


GOOP does leopard in ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Confession time: I have really bad taste in movies. Like, really bad. I adore rom coms and when I find a movie that I like, I’ll keep it in rotation for months. But what I lack in cinematic eye, I make up for with my ability to pick out the most aesthetically pleasing movies out there. Hey, they might not all be Oscar winners (some are!), but they’re definitely the most fashion-forward movies available on Netflix Instant Watch. Now, go grab some popcorn and veg out; there are about 22 hours of movies to watch here.

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Philly-Based Documentary Where I Am Available on Netflix Instant Streaming

Robert Drake revisits Ireland for the first time since his attack.

Robert Drake revisits Ireland for the first time since his attack.

Where I Am — Pamela Drynan’s 2013 documentary concerning Philadelphia writer Robert Drake — is now available to stream instantly on Netflix. The film catches up with Drake 15 years after he was severely beaten and left for dead by two men he met in a bar in Sligo, Ireland. More from G Philly:

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