5 Best New Films on Netflix Instant Streaming: Barton Fink, Gattaca, Chinatown and More

Having survived the long, cold winter scowl, April brings us the beginnings of renewal and rebirth, you know, all that crap. But that doesn’t mean you should drop your home film and TV binging, no sir, not on our watch. Behold some of the glory newly available to you from your Netflix streaming account.

Looking to see something good in theaters? The Philadelphia Film Society just announced its upcoming mini spring film festival. Find more details and a screening schedule here.

NETFLIX PIX: Your March Guide to Instant Streaming

Every month Philly film critic Piers Marchant shares his picks for the best recent releases on Netflix Instant streaming. 

instant streaming

March is in like a lion and hopefully out like a lamb (or, as the great John Belushi said it once on SNL, it comes “in like an emu and out like a taper, and they don’t even know what that means!”) Here are our picks for five of the most worthy spots on your streaming queue for March.

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5 Best New Movies on Netflix Instant Streaming

Every month Philly film critic Piers Marchant shares his picks for the best new releases on Netflix Instant streaming. 

5 best new movies on netflix instant

Okay, sure, our shortest month is almost over, but it still has eight more days of chilly, ghoulish wintry mix to rain down on our heads. Why not stay inside where it’s warm and the glow of your TV streaming an entirely beguiling movie or two will help take the edge off? Here are our picks for five of the most worthy spots on your streaming queue.

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11 Great Streaming Video Essentials for Your Snow Day(s)

Here we are: snowstorm No. 9 (10? 11?) and we have another snow day to contend with. To help you while away your cozy day at home, I asked Philly Mag staffers to help me come up with a list of flicks and TV shows you can stream instantly.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly — Joel Mathis

Three reasons to watch The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: 1. It just arrived on Netflix, and you never know how long you’ll get a great classic movie like this available before it disappears again. 2. It’s three hours long, so it’ll fill up most of your snow afternoon. 3. It has one of the greatest scores in all of cinema history, highlighted by a wailing theme you’ll never forget. It’s almost too much awesome for a snow day.

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House of Cards Renewed for Third Season

house of cards renewed third season

The AV Club reports:

Netflix has renewed House Of Cards for a third season ahead of its Feb. 14 return. The Kevin Spacey-starring series has garnered plenty of prestige for the streaming service ever since it was picked up for its initial, 26-episode run, winning Emmys, a Golden Globe and, most recently, a Writers Guild award. So it’s no surprise that Netflix would want to keep it around—a faithful steed it will ride proudly until the war is over, when it won’t hesitate to send it to the glue factory, because that’s the way the game of power is played, etc. Anyway, fair warning that this announcement spoils House Of Cards’ second season by revealing that America’s government will survive, at least for another year.


New LGBT Movies You Can Stream Right Now on Netflix

bridgeoom documentary

Drop everything and watch Bridegroom right now.

The biggie on this month’s list of new films to appear on Netflix Instant is the much-much-recommended Bridegroom, an emotional documentary that tells the story of a gay couple whose time together was cut short by tragedy. It’s an eye-opening must-watch for anyone — gay or straight — but it will speak loudest to those LGBTers dealing with intolerant families. (Quick tip: View with a full box of Kleenex.)

Another tear-jerker, Any Day Now, starring the marvelous Alan Cumming, also made its way from DVD to instant streaming. For those who don’t mind waiting, I’ve also included a list of DVD-only rentals Behind the Candelabra and Petunia, and some that should be coming down the pipe any day now. Check below for more info and trailers.

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New Gay Movies You Can Stream Right Now on Netflix

yossi movie gay netflix

Yossi, the sequel to 2002′s steamy Yossi & Jagger is now available on Netflix Instant Streaming.

What better way to kick off LGBT History Month than with a marathon of good gay flicks. But before you say, “I’ve already seen them all!,” consider some of these fresh additions to Netflix’s DVD rental and instant-streaming lineups.

Newbies include Stephen Cone’s The Wise Kids, an engaging drama about three teens coming of age in a tight-knit Baptist community; Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean, a fan favorite at last year’s QFest that takes a peek at a very gay moment in the Hollywood heartthrob’s too-short life; and Yossi, the sequel to 2002′s über-provocative Yossi & Jagger.

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