5 Best New Movies To Stream on Netflix in December: Wolf of Wall Street, Almost Famous and Bertolucci at His Absolute Peak

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

December may be the cruelest month for many reasons, but it’s especially hard on VOD options. For one thing, everyone is completely preoccupied with shopping. For another, studios have seen fit to release all their most notable and award-worthy features to a clamoring public, so serious-minded movie lovers willfully return to the multiplex after a summer of underwhelming blockbusters. But for those nights when the weather is too much to bear, we present the best Netflix streaming films of the month.

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21 New Gay Movies On Netflix Instant Streaming: November 2014

gay movies netflix instant

Netflix’s LGBT instant streaming queue continues to grow, with this list of 21 new queer-centric flicks to hit the streaming service over the past couple of months. The timing’s just right, too, considering we’re approaching that time of year when snuggling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, a warm body, and a good gay flick is all you wanna do. No matter what your persuasion, you’ll find a handful of things on this list to keep you nice and toasty over these next few chilly months.

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5 Best New Movies to Stream on Netflix in November: Snowpiercer, Nebraska, and An Elisabeth Moss Rom-Com


November is actually a fine time to make the effort to go to the damn movie theater. This month will see the release of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, Stephen Hawking bio-pic The Theory of Everything, John Du Pont/Dave Schultz drama Foxcatcher, Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, and the second-to-last installment of The Hunger Games. Be that as it may, we still have some pretty good stuff identified for you on Netflix for those lazy nights when you want to stay in.

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5 Best New Films to Stream on Netflix in October: Hoop Dreams, Tombstone, Meryl’s Breakout Role, and More

new netflix streaming october

Even for a company whose business model involves catering to the widest possible range of viewer, Netflix has outdone itself this month with a crazy-quilt panoply of choices, from faulty-but-beloved TV shows (Gilmore Girls) to crappy ’80s comedies (Three Fugitives) to an early film from one of this country’s greatest auteurs, they have you covered. It’s an insanely schizophrenic lineup, but here are some of our choices for the best of the lot.

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5 New Films You Should Stream Right Now on Netflix: Killing Them Softly, An Officer and a Gentleman, Girlfight and More

Finally through the slog of (actually a pretty damn nice) summer and onto bigger and better things. If we can rip our attention away from the gridiron and Chip Kelly’s miraculous offense and those endless back-to-school sales, we can settle in for some pretty engaging stay-at-home entertainments.

All Is LostA well-to-do solo yachtsman tries to survive after the hull of his boat is pierced on the Indian Ocean. A nearly wordless film has Robert Redford struggling to keep body and soul together after a series of setbacks put him on the edge of survival. Filmmaker J.C. Chandor (whose previous film, the under-appreciated Margin Call, was anything but wordless) finds a way to tell his story in deceptively simple and deeply affecting tones. In a season of bombast and melodrama, this flick plays like a Zen koan dropped into a bath of brine.

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7 Clues Netflix Doesn’t Know a Comedy From a Hole in the Ground

"I swear Netflix said this was supposed to be funny."

“I swear Netflix said this was supposed to be funny.”

Recently I was looking for a way to pass a rainy day and turned, as I often do, to Netflix. It then came to my attention that its “Comedy” section includes some questionable choices. You won’t laugh if you select any of these movies, but the fact that Netflix dubs them all comedies is kind of a joke in itself.

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