This Is the New Cool-Girl Manicure to Get Now

Yesterday we told you all about the elaborate nail art that took over some runways at New York Fashion Week. It was bold, dangly, in-your-face stuff. Perfect for a fashion show, less wearable in real life.

The best nail trend we’re seeing now is the minimalist manicure. It’s the perfect foil to an over-the-top outfit, and it also is the ideal complement to more monochromatic looks. Here, 10 so-chic minimalist manis that we’re dying to try. The best of the best.

Market Report: 14 Insane Nail Art Looks That Stole the Show at Fashion Week

crazynailart 2

Images via CND Nails for Huffington Post.

  • These 14 nail art looks from New York Fashion Week are insane — and so, so much fun to look at. [Huffington Post]
  • Jessica Chastain wore H&M to Vanity Fair’s Oscar party. [WhoWhatWear]
  • And Rita Ora basically went naked. [Elle]

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The World Cup Mani You Need to Get Before Tomorrow’s Game


Images via Lacquer Lounge.

If you’ve perused in the last few weeks, you know there’s been some extensive World Cup coverage. While we at Shoppist have had, well, zilch. So we decided to jump on the bandwagon and have our hand (pun intended) at soccer reportage—Shoppist-style. We present you: World Cup nail art. Two reasons it’s amazing: 1) It counts as fan garb, so you don’t need to wear an ill-fitting borrowed soccer jersey unless you’re an über-fan; 2) You can get it at Lacquer Lounge right in the city.

Keep reading for pictures!

6 Questions For: Lacquer Lounge Owner Lisa McElhone


Photography by Sean Murray.

For this week’s installment of Conversations of Style, Shoppist met with Lacquer Lounge owner Lisa McElhone at her wonderfully girly, recently opened Rittenhouse location. We picked the beauty’s brains about her biggest splurge (Ed. note: We can vouch that it was totally worth it), who she’s inspired by and the ever-important: nail art or basic mani? (It’s the “boxers or briefs?” equivalent for nail mavens.)

Answers ahead!