Porngate Investigator Steps Down Over Conflict of Interest

In this Sept. 13, 2011, photo, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice J. Michael Eakin poses for photographs with the court's other justices at Philadelphia's historic Old City Hall. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court said Monday, Nov. 2, 2015, it was deferring action on explicit emails involving Eakin to the Judicial Conduct Board, which is currently investigating. The court issued a statement that said it was taking that approach based on the recommendation of a law firm it hired to review the email scandal involving Justice Michael Eakin. The law firm said Eakin sent emails that included one depicting a topless woman and others with "purported jokes and banter that are offensive." (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice J. Michael Eakin. | Photo by Matt Rourke/AP

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know today:

Porngate investigator Robert Graci stepped down after the Daily News revealed that he once campaigned for Supreme Court Justice J. Michael Eakin, a/k/a the guy he was supposed to be investigating.

“Maybe State Attorney General Kathleen Kane was right about that old-boys’ network in Pennsylvania politics,” the Daily News reports. “Apparently, it even reaches into the state Supreme Court. Wednesday, the chief counsel for the state’s Judicial Conduct Board stepped aside from an investigation into a Supreme Court justice’s raunchy emails after the Daily News reported that he was a friend of the justice’s and had played a lead role in his re-election campaign.”

All of the women on City Council are holding District Attorney Seth Williams’ feet to the fire over Porngate.

The women of City Council are joining with the Philadelphia chapter of the National Organization of Women on Thursday to condemn “the demeaning, misogynistic and racist emails” swapped by former state prosecutors who now work for Williams, Philly Mag’s Citified reports. After conducting a review of the email chain this summer, Williams said he wouldn’t fire the prosecutors and would instead only force them to undergo “sensitivity training.” Council members Cindy Bass and Maria Quiñones-Sánchez said this week the prosecutors should be canned. “These people make judgement calls on people’s lives every single day,” said Sánchez. “There’s so much questioning of our judicial system, from the police to the attorney general, and we don’t need to further complicate that with the perception that people making decisions about which cases go to trial think it’s okay to do what they did.” Read more »

PHL17’s All-Mummers Channel Staying on Air Indefinitely


“That is the fourth Macarena of the New Year,” Steve Highsmith said just after we turned on the TV. It was last December. At happy hour, I was talking about the new All-Mummers channel PHL17 had launched that week. When some friends and I returned to my house after happy hour, we turned on the channel and heard Highsmith’s count.

By the time everyone left that evening, we had seen four more Macarena skits in the 1997 parade. The Mummers that year were like the Democrats in 1996: All Macarena, all the time. But I saw more than just that parade. I watched a lot of Mummers during the month of December — more than I’d like to admit. I saw a lot of sequins, feathers and Jerry Blavat. But when the month was over, I expected the all-Mummers Parade channel would be mothballed for another year.

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PHOTOS: The Costumes, People and Parties at the 2015 Mummers Parade

Philly Mummers clubs continued a time-honored New Year’s Day tradition with their annual year-kickstarting parade on Broad Street. This year they flipped the route and actual strutted down Broad Street, starting at the judging stand at 10 a.m. in front of City Hall and finishing at Broad and Washington streets in South Philly. I’m a big fan of the day, enjoying the parade, people-watching, meeting friends on the street at my favorite viewing spots, and attending a few parties. Here, a few photos from my Mummer’s day adventure.

Someone Stole Froggy Carr’s Costumes

With just weeks to go until the Mummers Parade, someone has stolen Froggy Carr’s costumes! (Excellent “Rat steals Frogs costumes” headline, Daily News. The paper also quotes Sixers beat writer Ed Barkowitz, who has marched with the Frogs for 20 years.)

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15 Ways to Ring in the New Year in Philadelphia

Photo by M. Stanley for DRWC, via Visit Philadelphia.

Photo by M. Stanley for DRWC, via Visit Philadelphia.

Whether you want to party all night, spend a quiet evening enjoying the arts, or have some kiddies in tow, there’s something to do in Philly on New Year’s Eve. Why stay in to watch the ball drop when you can celebrate with the rest of the town?

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Philly Drag Queens Will Return to 2015 Mummers Parade

Miss Fancy Brigade pauses near Broad and Washington. Photo courtesy of Wang Newton.

Miss Fancy Brigade pauses near Broad and Washington. Photo courtesy of Wang Newton.

For the third year, Philly drag queens will return to the New Year’s Day Mummer’s Parade. The Mummers LGBT Liaison Committee announced today that the Miss Fancy Brigade, led by Philly drag queen Brittany Lynn, will once again kick-off the parade, leading subsequent brigades along the new route. Instead of beginning in South Philly, the parade will kick off at City Hall, with judging taking place at 15th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard. From there, the brigades will march south along Broad Street to end at Washington Avenue.

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PHL17 Has Started An All-Mummers Channel


PHL17 announced today it has created a sub-channel that will be showing non-stop Mummers parades until January 1st. The station will be airing parades back to 1995.

The channel is 17.4, formerly GeoTraffic, one of the subchannels that became available after the digital television transition. Channel 17.4 can also be found on Comcast channel 253 and Verizon FiOS channel 468.

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DO THIS: Tribe of Fools Presents Gay Take on Romeo and Juliet

Tribe of Fools Header

It’s Romeo and Juliet. But gay. And with Mummers.

If you think this sounds like the plot of an episode of Family Guy, you’re wrong. It’s the show Two Street, the newest brainchild of the Philadelphia-based Tribe of Fools, the physical theater company that has won critics over with its previous Fringe festival hits Heavy Metal Dance Fag and Antihero. The troupe, which consists of Terry Brennan, Zachary Chiero, Tim Popp and Peter Smith, welcomes Peter Andrew, Isa St. Clair, and Karina Balfour to the group for the FringeArts Festival take on Shakespeare’s classic tale, updated for queer contemporary audiences. Read more »

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