Awesome Fest Concludes with East Coast Premiere of Deathgasm

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The Awesome Fest’s eight-week summer movie screenings at Liberty Lands Park end this Friday with the East Coast premiere of Deathgasm, a gory, but hilarious, independent horror-comedy film.

The Awesome Fest, created in 2010 by Josh Goldbloom, is “a scrappy DIY community project designed to showcase innovative and cutting edge independent cinema in unique and non-traditional spaces throughout the City of Philadelphia.” Every summer since their debut, The Awesome Fest has held annual outdoor film and music festivals with more than 200 screenings, concerts, stand-up comics and art installations, all free and open to the public.

To conclude this summer’s movie screenings, held at Liberty Lands Park on North 3rd Street between Poplar and Wildey streets, Goldbloom and his team will show what they call “the most insane film we’ve ever screened outdoors.”

Deathgasm first premiered at South by Southwest Film Festival back in March. “It’s a gorefest comedy and it really goes for the jugular,” Goldbloom says. “It’s a ton of fun, its hysterical and the production value is though the roof. Personally it’s one of my favorite films I’ve seen all year.”

The film has been playing at different film festivals all around the world and is going to be released in theaters and on DVD by October. The blood-spattering gore and crazy comedy of Deathgasm can be compared to cult classics such as Evil Dead and Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive.

After the film series ends in Philadelphia this week, Awesome Fest plans to head out to Chicago to work on the Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival. “It’s such a big deal to us to work with horror legend Bruce Campbell,” Goldbloom says.

Deathgasm will screen this Friday, August 14 at 9pm at Liberty Lands Park, and is not appropriate for children. Goldbloom calls it the “craziest outdoor film Philadelphia will ever see.”

Leonardo DiCaprio Cast as Serial Killer Who Was Imprisoned and Executed in Philly

Variety reports that Leonardo DiCaprio will play the role of H.H. Holmes in Martin Scorsese’s upcoming film Devil In the White City. The film, based on the best-selling novel by Erik Larson, tells the story of Holmes, a murderer whose brutal killing spree came to a halt right here in Philadelphia.

Holmes is known as America’s first serial killer. It’s believed, Philly Mag writer Liz Spikol wrote in 2003, that he killed at least 100 people—though “popular estimates at the time placed the toll as high as 200.”

He lived in Philadelphia in the 1880s, where he worked as a keeper at the Norristown Asylum, now Norristown State Hospital. Later he moved to Chicago but came back to Philly and was imprisoned after being suspected of killing his personal assistant Benjamin Pitezel in Philadelphia. Spikol writes about his eventual confession of the murder:

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Kevin Bacon Campaigns for More Male Nudity in the Movies

In a new video filmed by Mashable, Philly’s Kevin Bacon introduces a tongue-in-cheek (but maybe also a little serious) PSA to bring more full-frontal male nudity to the big screen.

“In so many films and TV shows we see gratuitous female nudity. That’s not okay,” he begins. “It’s not fair to actresses and it’s not fair to actors, because we want to be naked, too. Gentlemen, it’s time to free your bacon. And by bacon, of course, I mean your wiener, your balls, your butt.”

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Bradley Cooper 4th On Forbes List of World’s Highest Paid Actors

Via Shutterstock.

Via Shutterstock.

Today, Forbes released its annual list of the world’s highest-paid actors. For the first year, the list includes leading men working in international movie industries. This makes for a broader range of results, showing what film gods are making around the globe—and how their earnings compare to Hollywood’s film stars. You may not recognize many of these names, but rounding out the top 10 are a handful of Bollywood stars like Amitabh BachchanSalman Khan and Akshay Kumar.

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WATCH: “Uptown Funk” Mash-Up Features 280 Movies

Here’s a little weekend viewing for “Uptown Funk” lovers (or those who are film fanatics): A YouTube user has created a mash-up of the song featuring 280 movie clips “singing” the jam.

The video includes just about everything and everyone, from Christopher Walken to Winnie the Pooh to Pee-Wee Herman. YouTuber dondrapersayswhat said it it took three months to create the mash-up.

And now, without further ado, enjoy:

Rebecca Ferguson on That Time She Leapt From a 120-Foot Building With Tom Cruise

Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation.

Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation.

Rebecca Ferguson, the lovely 31-year-old Swiss ingénue who stars alongside Tom Cruise in the latest Mission: Impossible film, Rogue Nation, doesn’t scare easily. On her first full day on set, in location in Vienna, she had to jump off a large building while being wrapped around Mr. Cruise, facing her fear of heights, and her fear of accidentally crushing the ribcage of the most famous movie star in the world. The espionage thriller finds her jetting around on a high-octane motorcycle in Morocco, holding her breath underwater for minutes at a time in order to save Cruise’s character from an underwater centrifugal chamber, and beating the living hell out of a bunch of turned-agent thugs all over the world. In Philly to promote the film, she happily plopped down on a couch in a posh suite at the Ritz Carlton, and held forth on the responsibility she felt toward the franchise, doing her own stunt work while suffering from vertigo, and what it was like to work with the aforementioned Mr. Cruise.

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BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez Gets Its Philly Premiere at BlackStar Film Festival

Sonia Sanchez | Photo from BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez Facebook

Sonia Sanchez | Photo from BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez Facebook

Three local filmmakers will debut their newest documentary, BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez, at the fourth-annual BlackStar Film Festival. Janet Goldwater, Barbara Attie and Sabrina Schmidt -Gordon teamed up nearly five years ago to begin the project on renown wordsmith—and Philly’s first Poet Laureate—Sonia Sanchez. Sanchez, who is now 80 years, has been writing and reciting poems for nearly 50 years.

“She’s a very dynamic character and she just kept giving us more content to use,” says Goldwater, when asked why it took five years to finish the film. Goldwater and Attie teamed up in the early 1990s for their first documentary, Motherless, and have since made eight feature-length broadcast films. They first collaborated with filmmaker Schmidt Gordon in 2009 on Mrs. Goundo’s Daughter, a nitty-gritty documentary about the horrors of female genital mutilation.

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Prince Theater Updates Marquee to Reflect Name and Logo Change

The Prince Music Theater hasn’t been the “Prince Music Theater” since Philadelphia Film Society purchased it in March and changed the name to a simple and straight-forward Prince Theater. The name, they’ve said, better reflects the mission of the theater, which has been hosting much more than music-centric events since its new programming schedule kicked off this spring. Most importantly, though, they want people to recognize it as a movie theater—the only place in Center City where you can catch a mainstream flick, like Disney’s Tomorrowland or, more recently, Inside Out.

It’s been hard to adapt to the name-change, since it’s been called Prince Music Theater for years, but this week, the alteration finally became official with the incorporation of a new logo on its marquee that puts the new name in lights and better exemplifies their further-reaching mission. @ThePrincePFS tweeted out a photo of it this week. Check it out below:

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