33 Things to Do This Weekend

Nobunny plays PhilaMOCA on Friday.


Shark Tank: The Final Episode @ PHIT
Extended for two more shows. A parody of the popular TV show about inventors seeking funding from rich people. Includes a large cast and video elements. Created by Max Sittenfield and Sean Keegan-Landis. Friday and Saturday.

Back to Back to Black: A Tribute to Amy Winehouse @ Ardmore Music Hall
Remember Jones and his 15-piece orchestra pay tribute to the singer who gave us “Rehab” and “You Know I’m No Good.” They perform her album Back to Black in its entirety. Read more »

14 Things to Do in Books, Comedy, Art, Movies, Storytelling, Tattoos and more

Let Me Make You a Martyr starring Marilyn Manson screens at PhilaMOCA on Thursday.

Mystery-Author Panel @ The Rosenbach | Wednesday, July 19
Philly-area crime/mystery writers Dennis Tafoya, Merry Jones and Jon McGoran will participate in a panel discussion about writing, local crimes that have inspired them and more.

Tell Me A Story @ Shot Tower Coffee | Wednesday, July 19
Hillary Rea hosts this storytelling night with the theme “Make a Splash.” Speakers include Cecily Alexandria, Max Barth, Anna Goldfarb, Ted Passon, Rina Patel, Caroline Rhoads and me, Pat Rapa. Read more »

37 Things to Do This Weekend

Cayetana plays Union Transfer with Waxahatchee tonight. (Emily Dubin)


Philadelphia Podcast Festival
Live recordings of some 55 podcasts including The Black Tribbles, Call Your Girlfriend, Black Girls Laughing, Lulu & Pop, Micheaux Mission, Never Forget Radio and so many more. Check out my post about the festival from yesterday. Runs July 14-23.

Waxahatchee / Cayetana @ Union Transfer
Two beloved Philly rock bands totally in their prime. Katie Crutchfield’s stellar songwriting really shines on Waxahatchee’s dreamy, powerful new record, Out in the Storm. Louder and punkier, Cayatena crushes it on their latest, New Kind of Normal. Read more »

Five Philly-Based Podcasts You Should Check Out

The Micheaux Mission podcast discussed Spike Lee’s School Daze in a recent episode.

This year’s edition of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival promises live recordings of some 55 shows, July 14-23. Some, like Black Tribbles (“Too cool to be geeks, too cute to be nerds”) and Call Your Girlfriend (“For long-distance besties everywhere”), you’ve probably heard of before. But a lot of these shows fly below the radar. So I decided to pick five podcasts based on their names, pick five episodes by their titles, and start listening.

Black Girls Laughing
“Covering pop culture, social justice, self-care and success”
Hosts: Bee & Britney Read more »

10 Things To Do in Movies, Comedy, Dance and More

They Live screens at Lightbox Film Center on Thursday.

They Live @ Lightbox Film Center | Thursday, July 13
No matter the political environment, somebody’s gonna tell you it’s like They Live out there. All you need are some special sunglasses to show you the monsters in our midst, be they Trump-voters, gun lobbyists, racists, whatever. If you don’t get the reference, consider this free screening of the 1988 John Carpenter action/horror classic starry Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Perfect Blue @ Christ Church Neighborhood House | July 14-23
Tiny Dynamite presents this play set in 2038, on the eve of a great extinction. Perfect Blue features two actors — one in Philly and the other in London via live video projection. Stars Emma Gibson and Harry Smith. Directed by David O’Connor. Designed by Jorge Cousineau. Read more »

OPINION: What We Can Learn From the Violence of “Wonder Woman”

Photo: Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman has been out for a month, and chances are you’ve read a critique or 20 of its feminism. Yes, Steven Trevor is a patriarchal figment that Diana unwaveringly obeys at first. Yes, Diana fights in a metal corset (instead of a sweaty sports bra/T-shirt combo). Yes, the Lasso of Truth does not correspond to bondage because Diana does not use it consensually.

What I haven’t seen challenged is that Diana’s violence renders her strong and worthy. While I would label her violence an inevitable outcome of 1917 London’s dominator culture persisting in a just war, it’s nuanced. Read more »

5 Questions: Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon on “The Big Sick”

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival

Right from the start, Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, the married couple who wrote The Big Sick — loosely based on their own courtship experience — feel the need to explain a few things. While some of it is from their actual lives – Emily really did get very sick and go into a coma for a while, and Kumail’s traditional Pakistani parents did very much want him to have a traditional arranged wedding – most of the film’s biggest moments were dramatic license.

The comedy, which earned big buzz coming out of Sundance, stars Kumail as, mostly, himself, a young Pakistani American not wanting to follow his parents’ strict doctrine but afraid to step out and risk losing his family in the process. When he meets Emily (in the film played by Zoe Kazan), they initially fall hard for one another, before he finally admits he is expected to marry a fellow Pakistani. They break up, but when Emily suddenly falls into a coma, Kumail is the one to stick by her in the hospital, meeting Emily’s furious mother (Holly Hunter) and morose father (Ray Ramano) in the process. The couple, now married a decade, met with us in a swank hotel suite and talked about the trickiness of writing about your own life, rom-com etiquette, and the one thing Emily’s parents want to make clear. Read more »

33 Things to Do This Weekend

Japanese Breakfast plays Union Transfer on Saturday. (Ebru Yildiz)


James Baldwin: God’s Revolutionary Voice @ Church of the Advocate
A free celebration of the life and work of famous author, poet, playwright and American icon. Features an impressive list of speakers and artists including Ursula Rucker, Dr. Pamela Lightsey, Pastor Rene McKenzie, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Richard Watson, Lamont Steptoe and more. Runs July 7-9.

Charlie Wilson @ The Mann
The sultry, soulful R&B singer has an impressive catalog thanks to years of performing solo and with his brothers in The Gap Band — not to mention a slew of collaborations with the likes of Kanye, Snoop and R. Kelly. Read more »

9 Things To Do in Comedy, Movies, Books, Celebricats, Queer Kickball and more.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 plays the Keswick in the not-too-distant future, this Friday A.D. (Netflix)

Kevin Hart Day & Mural Dedication @ Max’s Cheese Steaks | Thursday, July 6
Why Kevin Hart Day? Why not? And because it’s his birthday. The comedian/actor will be on hand for the dedication of the new mural painted in his likeness and honor on the side of Max’s Steaks, just a block from where Hart grew up.

215 Festival Presents: The Broken River Revue @ Johnny Brenda’s | Thursday, July 6
Author J. Robert Lennon celebrates the release of his latest novel, Broken River. Also on reading and performing will be authors Andrew Ervin and Elizabeth Scanlon, and bands I Think Like Midnight and Joey Sweeney & The Neon Grease. Read more »

Let’s All Go to the Movies This Week

“Can I go home now, E.T.?” “No, Elliott. First I need to share my sickness with you.”

E.T. @ FringeArts | Wednesday, June 28
A child hides an invasive biological specimen from the authorities, putting himself and the entire community at risk and wasting a rare research opportunity.

High Teen Boogie @ PhilaMOCA | Wednesday, June 28
Hey, last time I spoke with PhilaMOCA’s Eric Bresler he was in Japan, and now he’s displaying his awesome collection of Japanese movie posters from the ’50s to the present. Cool. The posters will hang through July. The kickoff party on Wednesday includes a screening of 1982 Grease-inspired romp called High Teen Boogie. Read more »

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