Nicole Kidman’s Grace Kelly Biopic Going Straight to Lifetime

nicole kidman grace kelly

Olivier Dahan’s Grace Kelly biopic, Grace Of Monaco, is going straight to TV after opening to such sour reviews at the Cannes Film Festival last May.

The film stars Nicole Kidman as the Philadelphia-born-and-raised Grace. It’s set in 1962—six years after she was married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco—when princess life starts to dull and she’s hankering to to be a movie star again. Kidman stars alongside Frank Langella, Parker Posey, Paz Vega and Tim Roth, who plays Rainier III.

You can catch it on Monday, May 25th, when it airs on Lifetime at 8 pm. Check out the trailer below, but be warned: The royal family of Monaco panned that, too, saying it “appears to be a farce and confirms the totally fictional nature of this film.”

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That Moment You Realize Fast and Furious Is Your Favorite Modern Movie Series

fast and furious

It’s a special kind of terror that sits on your shoulders when, after doing your best to keep your nose in the air and parse out rational, cutting movie critique, you realize that your favorite modern movie series is Fast and Furious.

It may be one of those special-circumstance-of-young-adulthood things, like going shopping for healthy groceries and coming home with a loaf of bread, Dr. Pepper, and five boxes of Gushers; or trying to re-learn how to dunk, even though your brain keeps telling you that your knee will fall apart like the chassis of a 1990 Corolla dropping out at 60 MPH on the thruway. It’s one of those quixotic, silly, confounding moments that help you realize that, in spite of all the trappings of professionalism and governmental subservience, you are still a kid, and sentimental. And that you like when cars go boom.

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10 Best Lesbian Movies on Netflix Streaming

We rounded up some of our favorite lesbian movies on Netflix Instant Streaming, adding in each of their Rotten Tomatoes scores to back up our claims. We’ve included some well-known films, like the much-talked-about Blue is the Warmest Color and the Meryl Streep-starring The Hours to some under-the-radar picks that we think you might enjoy. Lesbian aliens, anyone?

A Marine Story: “A decorated Marine officer unexpectedly returns home from the war and is quickly recruited to help a troubled teen prepare for boot camp.” While working with the teenager, the Marine officer struggles with accepting herself.” Rotten Tomatoes Score: 60%

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5 Movies to Watch if You Love It Follows

The lo-fi indie horror genre has gotten a tremendous boost from the festival circuit over the last couple years. In 2014, we had the spooky, unleashed id of Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook, which premiered at Sundance a year ago; now we have David Robert Mitchell’s psycho-sexual predatory nightmare It Follows to savor after commanding runs at TIFF, Sundance, and Cannes (and the upcoming The Witch from this year’s Sundance lineup).

It Follows revolves around a simple yet terrifying idea: One night a young woman has sex with a relative stranger in his car and in the process, like a form of particularly virulent VD, a horrific phantom gets transmitted to her from her apologetic partner. This phantom can take any form—a friend, a family member, a complete stranger—and it moves very slowly and deliberately, but there is no escaping it. Once attached, it will track you down and kill you most gruesomely, unless you can pass it on by having sex with someone else. The phantom goes in order, so as long as enough other people end up between you and it, you can survive.

Very often if you see one film you really enjoy, you can find other films that echo some of the things you really loved about the original. Here, we round up five movies you should dig if you like It Follows.

It Follows opens March 27th at the PFS at the Roxy Theater (2023 Sansom Street).

Piers Marchant is a film critic and writer based in Philly. Find more confounding amusements and diversions at his blog, Sweet Smell of Success, or read his further 142-character rants and ravings at @kafkaesque83.

Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival Kicks Off Spring Film Series

TK's The Kindergarten Teacher plays TK.

Nadav Lapid’s poignant The Kindergarten Teacher plays April 20th at Ritz East as part of the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival’s CineMondays series.

March 23rd marks the kickoff of Gershman Y‘s Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival (PJFF)’s CineMondays.PJFF director Olivia Antsis explains that the festival showcases six Philadelphia premieres that examine various aspects of the Jewish experience. “This past fall, we presented our best festival ever, with an increase in attendance, ticket sales, sponsorships,and audience ratings. … We look forward to serving the community with more exciting and thought-provoking films and programs this spring.”

Catch this year’s picks starting tonight, March 23rd and running every Monday through May 4th. Tickets are available here. We’ve got the full schedule—with IMDB descriptions when applicable—below:

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Disney Channel is Developing a Movie About Mo’ne Davis

Mo'ne Davis

Deadline reports that the Disney Channel is in the process of developing a film based on Philadelphia Taney Dragons star pitcher Mo’ne Davis. Throw Like Mo will portray Davis’s rise to fame following the Little League World series last summer, covering some of her biggest accomplishments, like becoming the first Little League player to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated.

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Focus May Signal the Career Downfall of Will Smith

Will Smith and Margot Robbie in Focus.

Will Smith and Margot Robbie in Focus.

The best part of my experience with Focus was going to get Dairy Queen before it started.

That is to say, there’s not that much to say about Focus itself. It’s a middling, corporate con-movie that suffers from a painfully self-confident script and reliance on the interplay between main Will Smith and sidekick/lover/protege Margot Robbie. It has no real antagonist—well, I mean, Rodrigo Santoro, kinda—and lurches from plot point to plot point as though it were a series of first-season TV episodes crammed into a movie.

Ultimately, there’s more wrong than right with the movie (real quick: the criminal psychologist from Law and Order: SVU engages in a Ken Jeong-style portrayal of a Chinese high roller; Gerald McRaney delivers what will go down in history as one of the most terribly pitched monologues ever; and a hugely important plot point takes place at the ugliest, fakest movie faux-Super Bowl ever—brought to you by Mercedes-Benz and Bud Light.)

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New Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell Comedy Gets Awkward Premiere at SXSW

get hard movie kevin hart

As reported by Amy Kaufman in the L.A. Times, Kevin Hart’s newest comedy, Get Hard, co-starring Will Farrell, made its world-premiere Monday night at Austin’s Paramount Theater for SXSW. Despite the goodwill the actors built up before the screening (both were on stage, making yuk-yuks with the crowd), the reaction to the film, which posits Farrell as a rich, white dude busted for a bunch of financial crimes and sentenced to hard time. He hires Hart’s character—whom he naturally assumes has spent time in the joint—to prepare him for his oncoming ordeal.

Apparently, even though it got major laughs throughout the screening, the post-screening Q&A with first-time director Etan Cohen started to go seriously downhill after one patron called the film “offensive.”

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Kevin Hart’s Get Hard Is a “Two-Hour Joke That Gay Rape is Hilarious”

kevin hart get hard

On Monday night, Philly-bred comedian Kevin Hart was at SXSW to premiere his latest film Get Hard. The buddy comedy co-stars Will Ferrell as a man who’s about to go to prison, so he solicits the help of Hart’s character to get him prepared for all the typical things we hear happen when you’re behind bars. Unfortunately, a lot of tasteless jokes are made at the expense of race and gay sex. Variety even goes so far as to call it “the most high-profile comedy ever made about the subject of prison rape.” But instead of being eye-opening, it turns out to be rather cringe-worthy and downright offensive.

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