Mike Tyson Gifts Bradley Cooper One of His World Champion Heavyweight Belts



Bradley Cooper just received a special gift from his Hangover co-star and champion boxer Mike Tyson. And no, it wasn’t a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear.

Yesterday on Live with Kelly and Michael, Tyson explained that he gifted the Jenkintown star one of the belts he won when he was crowned World Boxing Council (WBC)’s heavyweight world champion in the ’80s. According to Tyson, he had his daughter take it to Cooper when she attended a recent performance of The Elephant Man, which Cooper was starring in on Broadway.

Tyson said he wanted to give Cooper the memento, “because he deserves it … Look at what he’s accomplished since The Hangover. Look at how far he’s come … ”

Tyson held his WBC heavyweight world champion title from 1986 to 1990, when he lost it to Buster Douglas. He turned around and won it again in 1996.

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Dan Aykroyd Will Donate to Family of Fallen Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III

Actor and comedian Dan Aykroyd is at the Philadelphia Flower Show today to promote his Crystal Head Vodka company. According to CBS 3, earlier in the day he got up to make an announcement that he and the company would donate to the family of Officer Robert Wilson III, the eight-year police veteran who was killed in a shooting yesterday evening at GameStop.


5 Best New Movies On Netflix Instant Streaming

Still trying to figure out whether you’ll need to wear hiking boots, snow shoes, or Wellingtons before venturing outside? Weather is for suckers! Stay inside and fire up the TV for some home entertainment instead. Here are some of our picks for the best and most interesting offerings from Netflix streaming this month.

Finding Neverland (2004)
Before he became a weird, self-conscious parody of himself, Johnny Depp was a spry, sublimely talented actor who would seek out roles that were genuinely interesting to him. Playing Scottish author J.M. Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan, was just such an opportunity. The film posits Barrie’s first meeting the Davies family, four children and a stunning widow (played by Kate Winslet), whom he would go on to befriend. Later, of course, he would be inspired by them to write his seminal children’s novel about a group of kids who don’t want to have to grow up. The performances are rich and nuanced and Marc Forster’s direction is steady and sound. It might not be a homerun, but it’s a solid base hit.

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It Should Have Been Eminem: 3 Tips On How Neill Blomkamp Can Make Chappie Good

chappie movie

You and I both know it should have been Eminem.

The protagonist of director Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium, a strung-out, broken-down factory worker on the fringe of an on-the-edge society, was played by Matt Damon. We were supposed to believe that Matt Damon, who has mostly made a name for himself playing the winsome and flawless hero, would be savior to a planet of have-nots? Neill, it looked so wrong: Damon can’t ever fully shake the Harvard tinge. It was my beef with him in Good Will Hunting, and it would probably be my beef with him in We Bought A Zoo if I’d seen it.

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Out In Theaters: The Not-So-Fresh Prince of Focus

Will Smith out of focus, much like the whole film.

Will Smith out of focus, much like the whole film.

Hometown hero (and long rumored homosexual—sorry, Jada) Will Smith returns to the big screen as a con man with a plan in Focus. The new film from writing/directing duo Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, responsible for the mildly amusing gay comedy I Love You Phillip Morris and the delightful Crazy, Stupid Love, mostly leaves comedy behind in favor of a muddled … romantic dramedy thriller? Regardless of the film’s lack of foc … cohesion, it is definitely a fun ride, at least for the first-half.

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Bradley Cooper, Kevin Hart Nominated For MTV Movie Awards

cooper hart

Just when you thought awards season was over, MTV is building hype all over again by releasing the nominees for next month’s MTV Movie Awards. A couple Philly folks scored some nods:

Not surprisingly, Best Actor Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper is nominated for Best Male Performance for his role as Chris Kyle in American Sniper, but MTV has also recognized him for his hilarious turn as a back-talking raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy. He and Vin Diesel are both nominated, actually, for Best Duo for their teamup in the film as Rocket and Groot.

Guardians of the Galaxy is tied with Fault In Our Stars and Neighbors as most-nominated film this year, with seven nods.

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5 Best Movies to Stream Right Now On Amazon Prime

With a multitude of streaming options at your fingertips, the most difficult decision becomes what you should watch first. Here are our picks for the best stuff you can check out on Amazon Prime right now.

Bottle Rocket (1996)

Back before Wes Anderson became known for his twee, adorable cinema as identifiable in its branding as West Elm or Cadillac, he was a fresh-faced kid out of Texas who made a short with his college buddy Owen Wilson that caught the eye of James Caan, who helped get his first feature financed. The result is this proto-Anderson delight: Wilson, playing alongside brothers Luke and Andrew, is the unforgettable Dignan, a sweet-minded innocent with big, caper-film inspired dreams of planning elaborate bank heists and utilizing the big con. Luke is an old friend recently released from mental institution, whose friendship to Dignan requires him to play along with his misguided schemes. Funny and incessantly charming, you can see many of the hallmarks of what would come to be Anderson’s signature style, but slightly less sure of themselves: An auspicious and thoroughly entertaining debut.

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Our Chat With Super Cute Out Actor/Director Michael Urie

Michael Urie

Michael Urie had just graduated Juilliard when he was offered a starring role in Brian Sloan‘s new play, WTC View, which chronicled the life of a young gay man named Eric living in New York City in the weeks after the 9/11 attacks. It was 2003, only two years after the towers fell. To say the play was a risk is an understatement. Yet, Urie not only took on the part in the play, but also in the 2005 movie adaptation of Sloan’s work.

“It was interesting,” Urie told me as we chatted about his role in the play-turned-film. “It was a beautiful way to revisit those weeks after 9/11 because the play is a microcosm of New York in late-September 2001. The city became very much a city of familiarity. Normally, in New York, people don’t talk to strangers, and, if you have to, you deal with people, but people aren’t outgoing or friendly without a need to be. But in those weeks after 9/11, people became protective of each other. In New York specifically, everyone was talking about the same thing. We became a closer-knit group.” Read more »

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