Rapid Fire Questions With Bianca Del Rio: America’s Next Drag Superstar On Her New Movie, Being Famous, and Her Favorite Philly Venue

hurricane bianca del rio

What has Bianca Del Rio been up to since being crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar? Besides touring the globe with the rest of her Drag Race counterparts, she and her cute-as-hell bestie Matt Kugelman are partnering up on a film entitled Hurricane Bianca. The sure-to-be-camp-classic tells the story of a queer man who takes revenge on a small town in the South after being fired for being gay. His revenge? Returning as Bianca, a bitchy queen, who, true to form, is ready to read that town to filth.

The film is in crowd-funding stage as we speak. We caught up with Del Rio and Kugelman recently for more details on the project. We also shot Bianca a series of rapid-fire questions, where she reveals all kinds of personal anecdotes, including her thoughts on Voyeur.

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TRAILER: Wilmington’s Aubrey Plaza Eats People in Life After Beth

aubrey plaza life after beth trailer

Wilmington native and Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza goes zombie in her latest project, Jeff Baena’s Life After Beth. The film—due out August 15th—concerns a teenager named Zach (Dane DeHaan), whose girlfriend (Plaza) dies, and then comes back to life when her parents, the Bible-thumping Maury and Geenie (John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon, respectively), use a little magic from the Old Testament.

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Awesome Fest Starting Free Movie Series in Clark Park Tomorrow Night

awesome fest clark park

Tomorrow night, June 26th, Awesome Fest and UCD are teaming up to kick off a new eight-week movie series in Clark Park that features no less than five world premieres. The first of the screenings is Steve Tozzi’s Riot On the Dance Floor. The documentary tells the story of New Jersey club promoter Randy Now and his infamous nightclub City Gardens. The venue hosted an eclectic mix of entertainers — from comedy Henny Youngman to the Nine Inch Hails and Gwar.

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Philly Comedian Kevin Hart’s Think Like a Man Too No. 1 at Weekend Box Office

Philly comedian Kevin Hart in "Think Like a Man Too."

Philly comedian Kevin Hart in “Think Like a Man Too.”

Philly’s Kevin Hart is being touted all over the web as the “year’s breakout star,” after his newest film Think Like a Man Too sailed to No. 1 at the weekend box office. Though, as Entertainment Tonight points out, it didn’t quite hit the mark of some of his previous films:

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Is QVC Keeping Blockbuster Films Out of PA?

TribLive reports that Harrisburg lawmakers are seeking to limit the amount of state TV production credits that West Chester-based QVC can claim in a year — the home-shopping network, they say, is consuming a good chunk of the limited funding that could draw other TV and film productions to the state.

QVC has received $26.4 million from the tax credit program since 2008; last year it posted sales of $9 billion.

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Think Like a Man Too and Jersey Boys Eye Top Spots at the Weekend Box Office

Philly's Kevin Hart in "Think Like a Man Too," and Villanova grad Vincent Piazza in "Jersey Boys." Both films are on their way to earning top spots at the weekend box office.

Philly’s Kevin Hart in “Think Like a Man Too,” and Villanova grad Vincent Piazza in “Jersey Boys.” Both films are on their way to earning top spots at the weekend box office.

Two films with local ties are on their way to earning top spots at the weekend box office: Philly comedian Kevin Hart’s Think Like a Man Too, and Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys, which follows the rise of Franki Valli and the Four Seasons, and stars Villanova grad Vincent Piazza. More from Variety:

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MOVIE-O-METER: Kevin Hart’s Think Like a Man Too is Insufferable + Our Take On Other New Releases

Capsule reviews of the weekend’s new movie releases. Should you see it, wait for DVD, or skit it altogether? We give you the goods (and oh-so-terribles) below. 

Philly comedian Kevin Hart in "Think Like a Man Too."

Philly comedian Kevin Hart in “Think Like a Man Too.”


The Rover: Good early critical buzz from the Sydney Film Festival, where this Aussie production from the talented David Michôd made its debut, has propelled it onto a lot of critic’s must-see lists. The story concerns yet another dystopian future, after a worldwide economic collapse, and a badass former soldier (Guy Pearce) who is forced to track down his stolen car—the poor wretch’s lone possession—with the help of an unwitting innocent (Robert Pattinson). Something about the harsh, largely barren Outback lends itself to these kinds of hard-bitten, rough-edged tales. Rotten Tomatoes Score: 68%

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Bradley Cooper to Star in Wet Hot American Summer Prequel?

wet hot american summer prequel bradley cooper

Last night on Late Night With Seth Meyers, director David Wain confirmed the long-running rumor that there will be a prequel to his 2001 satire Wet Hot American Summer — and if all goes well it will star his original cast. From MTV:

David Wain, who directed the 2001 cult hit — starring the likes of Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper — was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night (June 17), and he casually confirmed the prequel that was rumored in late May.

The very best part? Wain plans on the main cast returning. Think about that: 2014 minus 2001 equals … nearly a decade and a half. And this is a prequel. And they’re playing the same characters. Even Wain gets how hilarious this is.

“Now we’re gonna do a prequel where it’s the same actors who were 30 playing 16-year-olds then, and now they’re gonna be in their mid-40s also still playing 16 and it takes place before the events of the movie,” he said.

It should also be noted that these actors will come with a much heftier price tag these days. Either way, we can’t wait. Check out Wain’s interview below.

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