Our Chat With Super Cute Out Actor/Director Michael Urie

Michael Urie

Michael Urie had just graduated Juilliard when he was offered a starring role in Brian Sloan‘s new play, WTC View, which chronicled the life of a young gay man named Eric living in New York City in the weeks after the 9/11 attacks. It was 2003, only two years after the towers fell. To say the play was a risk is an understatement. Yet, Urie not only took on the part in the play, but also in the 2005 movie adaptation of Sloan’s work.

“It was interesting,” Urie told me as we chatted about his role in the play-turned-film. “It was a beautiful way to revisit those weeks after 9/11 because the play is a microcosm of New York in late-September 2001. The city became very much a city of familiarity. Normally, in New York, people don’t talk to strangers, and, if you have to, you deal with people, but people aren’t outgoing or friendly without a need to be. But in those weeks after 9/11, people became protective of each other. In New York specifically, everyone was talking about the same thing. We became a closer-knit group.” Read more »

WATCH: Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell Get Hard in New Trailer

Philly comedian Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell are teaming up for Get Hard. The film flips the switch on your typical white-guy-black-guy buddy comedy, finding Ferrell playing a white-collar criminal who hires a black guy (Hart) to prep him for his time in San Quentin prison—a subject Hart’s straight-laced character actually knows nothing about.

The film hits theaters nationwide on March 27th, but gets its world premiere at SXSW on March 16th. Check out the just-released video above.


There’s a New Monica Lewinsky Web Series, and It’s Terrible

Monica Header

You’ll be wishing that you were donning that famous blue dress instead of watching this.

An extremely no low-budget web mini-series, aptly titled Monica, has hit Vimeo, and it’s absolutely dreadful. Based on the torrid love affair between everyone’s favorite beret-wearing intern, Monica Lewinsky, and former President Bill Clinton, the six-part film is written and directed by Doron Max Hagay and stars Lily Marotta as the Gap-wearing protagonist. Read more »

Philly Film Festival Will Host a Pop-Up Film Festival at the Flower Show

Ghostbusters is among the films playing at Philadelphia Film Society's pop-up film festival at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Ghostbusters is among the films playing at Philadelphia Film Society’s pop-up film festival at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

This year’s Philadelphia Flower Show is themed “Celebrate the Movies,” so it’s no wonder they’ve teamed up with the Philadelphia Film Society on a pop-up film festival that will take place in the Grand Hall of the Pennsylvania Convention Center throughout the run of the Flower Show. Among the films being shown are classics, like Ghostbusters, Wizard of Oz and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, all shown on loop during regular show hours. Check out the full schedule below:

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American Sniper On Track to Become Highest-Grossing Film of 2014

Bradley Cooper American Sniper

I’m how rich?!


Only two months after its Christmas Day release, American Sniper, starring Jenkintown’s Bradley Cooper, is on track to become the highest-grossing film of 2014, overtaking the current No. 1 placeholder, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1. Deadline reports that Sniper, whose box office stands at $322.59 million to date, should surpass Mockingjay’s current $336.45 million standing by the second week of March. More:

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Warner Bros. Releases Creed Synopsis, Release Date

Sylvester Stallone and co-star Michael B. Jordan filming Creed at The Victor Cafe in South Philly on February 18th | Photo by HughE Dillon

Sylvester Stallone and co-star Michael B. Jordan filming Creed at The Victor Cafe in South Philly on February 18th | Photo by HughE Dillon

Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures have released the full synopsis for their upcoming Rocky spinoff Creed, which is filming in Philadelphia as I type. Directed by Ryan Coogler, the film is described as a continuation of the Rocky story, starring Sylvester Stallone reprising his role as Rocky and Michael B. Jordan, who plays the son of Rocky’s nemesis Apollo Creed. The synopsis reads as follows:

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2015 Academy Awards Roundup: And The Winner of Most Boring Awards Show Of The Year Goes To…

Neil Patrick header crop

Neil Patrick Harris and Anna Kendrick during the Oscar’s opening number.

Neil Patrick Harris: I love you, but you were just dreadful last evening, despite your brief stint (no pun intended) in your underwear. Patricia Arquette totally rocked out major girl power. Gaga wore strange red gloves and then surprised the hell out of people later when she totally nailed an entire medley from The Sound of Music. People were uncontrollably bored as a whole. That essentially captures the highlights of last evening’s Academy Awards ceremony, which dragged on and on and on and on. The show finally came to life during a rousing performance of “Glory” by John Legend and Common during the last hour of the night, and the aforementioned Gaga number. Here, to save you the trouble of watching the first two and a half hours of the show on your DVR before things got really good, are our picks for the good, the bad, and the ugly of the night. Read more »

PHOTOS: Michael B. Jordan Joins Stallone on the Set of Creed in South Philly

HughE Dillon was camped out in Green Eggs Café this morning taking photos of the cast and crew of the upcoming Rocky spinoff CreedThey were across the street filming scenes at The Victor Café in South Philly, which has been transformed into “Adrian’s” for the film. We shared some of those images from Instagram earlier, but now that HughE’s back from his escapades, he’s sent us a few others showing Stallone and cast mate Michael B. Jordan (who’s playing the grandson of Apollo Creed, Adonis Creed) in the midst of a chilly shooting sesh.

I gleaned a few nuggets of wisdom from Hughe’s experience:

  1. “It was very serious on set.”
  2. “If you look closely, Sly is wearing serious lifts in his shoes.”
  3. They are shooting at The Victor Café until tomorrow night.
  4. The crew evidently screamed at HughE when they saw him taking photos, but they couldn’t do anything about it, because “I was in a private cafe, eating lunch and it wasn’t in their budget to buy the whole thing out.”

DSC_2567 (Large)

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PHOTOS: Sylvester Stallone Filming Creed at Victor Cafe Today

Our own gentleman paparazzo HughE Dillon is in South Philly today on the set of the new Rocky spinoff Creed, which finds Rocky training the grandson of his foe Apollo Creed. The filming is taking place at Victor Cafe, which has been made over once again as Adrian’s, the restaurant that was featured in 2006’s Rocky Balboa.

On the set of #Creed #Rocky #Philly #slystallone #Adrian

A photo posted by Philly ChitChat (@phillychitchat) on

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