12 Great Places to Catch an Outdoor Movie in Philly This Summer

All summer, organizations across the city are setting up their projectors to host free screenings of American classics, mega blockbusters and even a few Philly premieres. Spray on the bug repellant and lay out under the stars. If you’re looking for a cheep date or an evening activity the whole family can enjoy, here are some options to choose from.

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5 Best New Movies on Netflix Instant Streaming

As our biggest pre-summer TV series have begun to wind down (au revoir, Mad Men; see you soon, Game of Thrones), our attention can now be consumed by some new narratives. Here are some of our picks for the best and most interesting new offerings from Netflix streaming this month.

The High and the Mighty (1954)

I’m hardly what you would call a John Wayne devotee, but William Wellman’s high-altitude thriller is sharp, and well-constructed. Wayne plays a burned-out co-pilot of a trans-Pacific flight who suddenly has to take over the plane and land it safely when his pilot loses it. If the plot sounds vaguely familiar, you have to imagine it was one of the many inspirations for the ZAZ boys when they made the ribald Airplane! a couple decades later.

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Bradley Cooper, Kevin Hart Honored With Stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame

cooper hart

It’s pretty neat to see Bradley Cooper and Kevin Hart, two Philly boys, having their Hollywood heyday at the same time. Over the past few years, their names have been linked to phrases like “top box-office draw,” “No. 1 movie,” and “mega millions.” So it’s no wonder Tinseltown has chosen to immortalize them in concrete and star-shaped plaque form on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

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WATCH: That Time Air Bud Won The Women’s World Cup

Have you been feeling a little warmer recently? It’s not the temperature. You’re suffering from soccer fever, baby!

The Women’s World Cup is in full swing, and on Monday the United States defeated Australia, 3-1, in their first game. Tonight, the USA faces Sweden — expected to be the toughest test for the Americans in the group stage.

There aren’t many films about women’s soccer. Bend It Like Beckham is likely the best one. There’s also these two I’ve never seen. And then there’s Ladybugs, where Rodney Dangerfield cheats and puts a boy on the team.

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Exit Review: Mad Max: Fury Road is the Best Movie of the Year

There’s so much to say about Mad Max: Fury Road. But a lot of it has been said already, coughed out in excited hyperventilations by movie reviewers who needed some Xanax and a change of pants after sitting through what is definitely the best movie of the year so far. I’ve changed my pants, and a week after seeing it am feeling pretty groovy, so here’s the Fury Road exit review, using the classic Grierson and Leitch film review style to make sure my excited ramblings don’t smush together and gum up my thoughts.

 1. I have been mad at Tom Hardy since they cast him as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

Tom Hardy in Mad Max.

Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road.

I mean, it’s not his fault that they cast all five feet of his obviously British ass to convey the most unstoppable, intellectual, and Portuguese foe that Batman has ever faced. But it is his fault that he played it with no fervor, assuming an accent that no one on Earth has, and actor-ing it so hard that the last generation of Bane was completely foreign to comic book fans. He’s got a habit of actor-ing things up, though, unnecessarily and cloyingly. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Lawless. Branson. He put so much sauce on those roles that you could barely taste the meat.

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Here Are the Summer Movies Worth Getting Excited About

Chris Pratt in Jurassic World, hitting theaters TK.

Chris Pratt in Jurassic World, hitting theaters June 12th.

Sure, technically the 2015 Summer Blockbuster season started May 1st, but we figured we’d wait for the dust to clear somewhat before choosing the films being released over the next three months we’re actually interested to see. As always, there’s an enormous amount of glop to wade through, but if you can make your way through the swampland of crappy action movies, burnt buddy pictures, and relentlessly puerile comedies, there could be some real glories standing there on the slightly higher ground.

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5 Best New Movies on Netflix Instant Streaming

We’d love to rhapsodize something sweet and meaningful about spring, one of the all-time best seasons, but frankly, we’re sneezing and coughing so much from the pollen, we simply don’t have the strength. In any event, here are some of our picks for the best and most interesting offerings from Netflix streaming this month—all of which are delightfully allergy free.

The Last Waltz (1978)
Martin Scorsese’s indelible concert film about The Band, performing their last ever show in 1976 is both an engrossing portrait of a group of musicians who worked together for 16 years, and a perfect time capsule of the era of Big Rock. Scorsese’s camera captures the magic of their on-stage performance—one that includes guest spots including everyone from Eric Clapton and Neil Young to Joni Mitchell and Emmylou Harris—but also gathers a sense of the off-stage interaction of the band and what made them tick. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of their music, the film is a fascinating take on the delicate psyche of an artistic group collective—and its inevitable dissolution.

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Prince Theater to Begin Screening Movies This Weekend

Photo by Derek Brad

Photo by Derek Brad

Thanks to Philadelphia Film Society (PFS), the marquee is twinkling at Prince Theater again. The historic structure was bankrupt and all but extinct, when, in March, PFS swept in to save it. Since then, Prince Theater has rolled out some fine local entertainment, including a production by the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus. This weekend, though, it’s gearing up for summer with its promised film programming, which will make it the only movie theater in Center City where you can catch a mainstream flick.

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