DNC Will House Student Interns at Temple This Summer!

Morgan Hall. Photo | Temple.edu

Morgan Hall. Photo | Temple.edu

If you’re young, hot and wonky, Temple’s main campus will be the place to be this July. The university has announced that Morgan Hall, the swanky new dorm at Broad and Cecil B. Moore (it has, among other amenities, a 30,000-square-foot landscaped courtyard, flat-screen TVs and killer views of the city), will be home to 200 student interns attending the Democratic National Convention. Read more »

Morning Headlines: No, Singer Deniece Williams Does Not Own a Plastic-Wrapped Mansion in Cherry Hill, NJ

cherry hill mansion

Google aerial view

Denise Williams had everyone fooled. The owner of an unfinished mansion that’s now wrapped in plastic and surrounded by a metal fence told pretty much everyone she came into contact with, it seems, that she was Deniece “Let’s Hear It for the Boys” Williams, and for some reason residents and general contractor, among others, seem to have taken it on faith. Why this should have made everyone trust her is unclear unless Deniece Williams has a very good reputation for being an honest dealer. At any rate, Benson seems not to be an honest dealer — or at least, she’s unable to behave so regarding this house.

The mansion is in a state of suspended animation, with no work being done. The general contractor is owed thousands of dollars. But Williams/Benson is paying taxes on the house, and told officials she plans to keep working on it. The Inquirer was unable to locate her, but did discover she had past judgments ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

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First Photos and Review of Temple’s New Morgan Hall

Over at Hidden City, Nathaniel Popkin and Bradley Maule have posted an exclusive first look at Temple’s new residence complex, Mitchell and Hilarie Morgan Hall, which opens on Monday. Popkin, who filled in for Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron while she was in Boston on fellowship, gives the building an extremely favorable first review of the MGA Partners-designed complex:

But a great building, of course, does much more than meet the private needs of the owner. It performs multiple, intricate functions all at once. It endures and grows in our imaginations; it fixes itself as a kind of landmark on the urban landscape. It contributes to wider societal goods and goals. Morgan Hall is indeed such a building.

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