Look Out, Abington: the Red Light Cameras Are Coming

Red light cameras: not just for the city anymore. We all have Abington Township , the first municipality outside of Philly to install the cameras, in Montco to thank for that. The township could see up to three cameras go up before the year’s close.

PennDOT approval is still pending, but the township has already signed a deal with a Massachusetts-based company to install the lights at several high-traffic points around town:

If PennDOT gives the final green light to the project, cameras could be functioning by year’s end at Old York Road and Susquehanna Road, Old York Road and Old Welsh Road, and Moreland Road and Fitzwatertown Road.

Philly is the only municipality in Pennsylvania with red light cameras currently, but nationally, more than 500 communities across 24 states utilize the technology. The possibility for cameras in the ‘burbs only opened up last year, when legislation passed to allow their installation. [CBS]

Those Invalid Montco Gay Marriage Licenses? Still Valid

Homosexuals, like 12-year-olds, cannot marry, which makes the licenses issued to them in Montgomery county invalid—or so goes the word from the Tom Corbett Gang. Judge Dante Pellegrini even backed him up, ruling last week that the Montco register of wills must stop issuing licenses. And therein, for attorney Dan Clifford, lies the rub:

A Norristown attorney says yesterday’s decision by a Pennsylvania Commonwealth judge may have stopped any more licenses from being issued to same-sex couples in Montgomery County, but those that have been issued cannot be taken back.

That’s right: married gay people are still legally married, even if some people say they aren’t. Na-na na-na boo-boo.

Couples who made license applications but didn’t yet receive licenses, unfortunately, are still out in the cold, but Clifford’s look at Pellegrini’s ruling could help them in the long-run, too. Gotta love those legal loopholes.

Soon, hopefully, we won’t need them, though: A federal panel will begin reviewing Whitewood v. Corbett suit next month, a direct challenge to Pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Act. [CBS]

Pennsylvanians Don’t Support Montgomery County’s Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

According to a new Franklin and Marshall College poll, Pennsylvanians support gay marriage, but not in the way it’s been handled by the rogue matrimony-makers out in Montgomery County. Terry Maddona breaks it down for CBS:

“Seventy-six percent find that practice unacceptable, even though 54 percent of Pennsylvanians support gay marriage,” Madonna said. “So the issue here is not support of gay marriage, but the way in which some officials in this state believe it ought to be accomplished.”

This news, of course, comes less than a week before a state judge will see the gay marriage issue argued in court. Regarding that case, Tom Corbett’s attorneys say that gay couples licensed by the state cannot be married, just like “12-year-olds.” Should the judge rule in favor of Gov. Corbett, the licenses already handed out will be invalid. [CBS]

Lower Merion’s Hymie’s Deli Closed After Pickup Truck Slams Into Storefront

Montgomery County’s sandwich wars are taking a brief intermission today, with the beloved Hymie’s Deli out of commission after a serious accident. At around 5:50 this morning, the driver of a red pickup slammed their vehicle into the sandwich shop, destroying the storefront and sending furniture flying. No customers were inside Hymie’s at the time of the accident, and only the driver was transported to a hospital for treatment.

Hymie’s, of course, will rebuild. The shop’s Bala Cynwyd sworn arch-nemesis, Murray’s, however, remains open for business. Curious.

Look, we all know us Philly-area people love a good sandwich. We defend our choices to the death, signing over our allegiances and burning culinary bridges over better toppings, more meat, fluffier bread—any detail contentious enough to acknowledge, we fight over. And, sometimes, it goes too far.

But, Murray’s fans, I warn you: if it was one of you who struck down Hymie’s now, they will become more powerful than ever. [CBS]

Mark Your Calendars: Montco vs. Tom Corbett in Early September

You may have heard that Montgomery County has been thumbing its nose at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, issuing same-sex marriage licenses in defiance of state law. (Invaluable explainer here.) You may also have heard that Tom Corbett and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania wasn’t too happy with that, and sued the county, demanding that they stop issuing said licenses. All this drama will come to a head on September 4th in Harrisburg, where Commonwealth Court will hear arguments. Stay tuned for the inevitable decision-followed by appeal-followed by state Supreme Court decision. [AP]

4 Burning Questions About Montgomery County’s Gay Marriages

Since July 24, Montgomery County has issued more than 35 marriage licenses to gay couples, in open defiance of a state law that forbids same-sex marriage. Several of those new couples have already held ceremonies, and seem to consider themselves lawfully wedded. Yesterday, the state sued Montco Register of Wills D. Bruce Hanes, the guy giving out the licenses, demanding that he stop. Until the courts rule on the matter, here are a few nagging questions:

Let’s start with: Um, are these people actually legally married?
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Missing Montco College Student Mysteriously Found in North Carolina

21-year-old Schwenkvsville native Matthew Royer went missing one week ago, after texting his mother that he was on his way back from college in Rhode Island. Now, he’s reportedly surfaced, alive, in North Carolina. It’s still unclear why he was there, and the family ain’t talking. And just in case you’re skeptical–there have been some false alarms–NBC 10 confirms: “Missing Student Definitely Found.” [NBC 10]

Kobe Bryant Countersues to Keep High School Jerseys

Last week, we learned that Kobe Bryant’s mom was trying to sell off her son’s old Lower Merion jerseys, among other memorabilia, in the hopes of cashing out and moving to Nevada. Upon learning that his old stuff was being put on the block (“Mom! That’s my stuff!“), Bryant filed a cease-and-desist letter, prompting the guy trying to sell the stuff on behalf of Bryant, West Berlin, NJ-based auctioneer Ken Goldin, to file a lawsuit.

Now, Kobe’s counter-suing, claiming his mother knows very well that the jerseys aren’t hers to sell.

On the day the suit was filed, Kobe Bryant says in his response, he received a call from his mother.

“I confronted her about her false statement that I had given my memorabilia to her,” he wrote.

“I said to her, ‘Mom, you know I never told you that you could have the memorabilia.’

“Her response was, ‘Yes, but you never said you wanted it either.’ Of course, this is untrue, since my wife and I requested that she return my memorabilia several years earlier.”

Also revealed in the court filing: Kobe owns a Teen Choice Award Surfboard and he wants to keep that too. [Inquirer]

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