Montco Grand Jury Issues Recommendations to Curb County’s Opioid Epidemic

Photo illustration by Joe Trinacria.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele has released the findings of a comprehensive report authored by a 23-person grand jury tasked with investigating what he calls one of the most pressing public safety issues of our time: the opioid epidemic.

The report, made public on Wednesday, includes six recommendations – or “solutions [that] come from all sides of the political spectrum, because this issue knows no politics,” according to the DA’s office. The grand jury reviewed evidence and testimony pertaining to the epidemic over a 13-month period starting in April 2016. Read more »

Cops Investigating KKK Flyers Found in Montco Suburbs

Photo by Jeffrey Ollis | via Facebook

Upper Dublin Township Police are investigating after several flyers containing hate speech promoting the Ku Klux Klan were discovered on Monday in Maple Glen.

Police said the flyers were left on the driveways of several homes early in the morning. In a statement issued yesterday, authorities called the flyers “acts of hate” that “will not be tolerated.”  Read more »

6 Montco Correctional Officers Charged With Assaulting Prisoners

Clockwise from top left: Darrin Collins, Alfred Gregory, Jr., Jason Marshall, Edwin Negron, Anthony Saxby and Randall Sims. (Photos via the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office)

Six correctional officers at a Montgomery County jail have been charged in two alleged assaults that investigators say took place in February.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele said an investigation by the Detective Bureau’s Major Crimes Unit found that the six officers assaulted two inmates – Derrick Houlihan, who wears a prosthetic leg, and Matthew Ruffings – on the morning of February 14th at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.  Read more »

Montco Senior Citizen Smuggled Booze to Pay for Prostitutes



A 70-something Montco man has lost his spot at an assisted living facility after a prostitute was discovered under his bed, The Intelligencer reports via the Morning Call.

That discovery led authorities to realize the man — unidentified in news reports — had been making “booze runs” for his fellow, less-mobile residents of the home, selling liquor to them at a profit. As for the profits… Read more »

Montco Teen Sets New Rubik’s Cube World Record

A teen from Harleysville is the new world record holder for the fastest person to figure out a scrambled Rubik’s Cube.

At the World Cube Association (WCA)’s Doylestown Spring 2015 Competition on Saturday, Collin Burns solved the Rubik’s Cube in 5.25 seconds. The whole thing was caught on video (above), which catches the students going insane when he correctly lines up all the colors.

According to The Intelligencer, The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes several categories of Rubik’s Cube competitions—from those who can do it with one hand to contests involving larger-than-your-average Cubes. Burns set the record for figuring out the conventional three-by-three cube, which, according to WCA Delegate Tim Reynolds, is the premier record to hold.

Reynolds goes on to say that, while no one from the Guinness Book of World Records was in attendance at Saturday’s competition, Burns’s name will likely appear in the next edition. “I believe in last year’s book they recognized all of (the WCA’s) records and published all of ours.”

Burns, who was named U.S. National Champion last summer, is the first U.S. citizen to hold this particular record since 2006, when someone figured out the Rubik’s cube in a looooong 10.48 seconds.

Check out his winning moment above.

Questlove Sends Instagram Love to Bullied MontCo Youth

TK | Photo from Instagram

Dominic Zaffino | Photo from Instagram

Yesterday afternoon, after being bullied at school for months for being too short, 10-year-old Hatfield youth Dominic Zaffino decided to take to Instagram to respond to his name-callers. He posted a message explaining that his growth was stunted because he had gone through 3-and-a-half years of chemo at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to fight—and defeat—cancer. His heartbreaking rebuttal to his bullies read as follows:

Read more »

Suspect in Custody in Montco Firehouse Hostage Situation

An officer walks out of the LaMott Fire Company after police escorted a man away, Tuesday, March 31, 2015, in Elkins Park, Pa. Authorities say a former volunteer firefighter held four firefighters hostage at the Philadelphia-area firehouse before surrendering to police. No injuries were reported.

An officer walks out of the LaMott Fire Company after police escorted a man away, Tuesday, March 31, 2015, in Elkins Park, Pa. Authorities say a former volunteer firefighter held four firefighters hostage at the Philadelphia-area firehouse before surrendering to police. No injuries were reported.

Reports of a hostage standoff in Montgomery County started coming in a little before 11 this morning.

Now NBC 10 is reporting that a former volunteer firefighter, approximately 30 years old, is in custody after taking four firefighters hostage at the LaMott Fire House in Elkins Park this morning. According to Cheltenham Township police chief John Norris, the as-yet-unidentified suspect had been in a dispute with the fire company that had led to his dismissal. He’d reportedly taken four hostages initially, though one was let go fairly quickly.

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Morning Headlines: Move to Narberth If You’re Tired of Rising Property Taxes

Photo credit: Julia Rowe via Flickr.

Photo credit: Julia Rowe via Flickr.

Next time you hear someone complaining about a property tax hike, point them to Narberth. The Main Line Times’ Cheryl Allison reports the Montgomery County Borough has—for the fifth year in a row—kept its no-tax increase rate.

A 6-0 vote by Borough Council in late December ended in favor of keeping the 8.777 mills real estate tax rate, which Allison says it’s had since 2011.

For a moment there, though, it didn’t seem like it would happen. In November, borough manager Bill Martin estimated that a “tax rate increase of .399 mills, to 9.194 mills” might be needed.

According to Allison, avoiding the rate hike was made possible thanks to an interest rate on a short-term loan that was going to cover removal costs of the former Rockland Avenue Bridge in 2013, as well as the proceeds from the project. Another factor keeping the rate in line was a “per-ton cost for solid waste disposal.” This cost is set to keep waste fees at bay this year.

No property tax increase in Narberth Borough for fifth year [Main Line Times]

In other news…

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