Meet Torro, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

Torro | Photo by Natalie M.

Torro | Photo by Natalie M.

This week’s adoptable running dog is a serious running lover, so if you’re looking for someone to help you stick to your running routine as the weather cools down, Torro’s your man. Learn more about him below.

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Meet Penelope, This Week’s Adoptable Walking Dog



This week’s adoptable Penelope has not had it easy: She was found as a stray, seriously underweight and dehydrated. But being the charmer she is, she made her way into foster care and is now thriving. The Monster Milers aren’t sure how she’ll be as a running partner yet, but she LOVES to walk — so if you’re looking for someone to tackle the Wissackon’s All Trails Challenge with, you just might have found your partner in trail-walking crime.

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Meet Puma, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

puma lead

This week’s adoptable running dog comes by way of Northern Liberties’ Street Tails Animal Rescue. She’s a sweet gal whose running experience with the Monster Milers is limited. But don’t worry: She boasts plenty of cuddling experience and the Milers are confident she could make for a great short-distance running partner once this heat passes.

You can learn more about Puma below.

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Meet Friday, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog 

Friday, this week's adoptable running dog.

Friday, this week’s adoptable running dog.

This week’s adoptable running dog Friday, like his name, is the BEST: He loves to run, can easily match your pace and doesn’t pull on the leash, and he gets along with everyone, from others dogs to cats to kids. You can learn more about him below. Then go make Friday’s Friday and scoop him up from PAWS, why don’t ya?

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Meet Helen, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

helen lead2You may remember this week’s adoptable running dog, Helen. We featured this cute pup back in November. And yep: She’s STILL at Street Tails, eight months later. (Insert all the tear emojis here.) This gal, who happens to be deaf, is all about running, hiking and road-tripping. So if you are an adventurer who needs a escape mate, you can learn more about her below.

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Meet Bingo and Butter, This Week’s Adoptable Walking Dogs 

Bingo and Butter.

Butter (left) and Bingo (right).

This week, we’ve got not one, but TWO adoptable pups for you guys to stare at with hearts in your eyes. These two, Bingo and Butter, come as a pair, and if you’re lacking in motivation to get off the couch and get moving — especially when it feels like a freakin’ sauna outside — these two walking lovers may give you just the extra push you need (in the form of sad puppy eyes) to lace up your sneaks and head out for a walk. Learn more about them below. Read more »

Meet Clementine, This Week’s Super-Sweet Adoptable Running Dog

clementine lead

Clementine takes a running break in the grass.

Here reporting for duty to brighten up Friday: Clementine, a current resident at Northern Liberties’s Street Tails Animal Rescue. This sweet gal is fan of running in the Wissahickon AND snuggling on the couch afterward. In other words, she’s the perfect significant other. Learn more about her below. Read more »

Meet Jackie, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

jackie leadI’m going to go ahead and call this week’s adoptable running dog Jackie the Beyoncé of running dogs. Why’s that you ask? Well, for one, she has a GREAT smile (evidence to the left), and two, she can kind of do it all: She can match your pace while running, run alongside you as you bike, and cheer you up with kisses when you feel like you’re going to keel over mid-run. Learn more about this sweet gal below. Read more »

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