Meet Bleek, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

Photo Credit: Anastasia M.

Photo Credit: Anastasia M.

Meet Bleek, this week’s adoptable running dog (and brother to our recent adoptable running dog, Champ.) This happy-go-lucky guy was adopted, but it turns out the family can’t keep him (his new sibling would much rather live alone). Now he’s on the hunt for a forever family, so he doesn’t have to head back to ACCT. Shouldn’t be too hard to find one — his smile is pretty much irresistible. Learn more about him below. Read more »

Meet Milkshakes, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

Leah Milito

Leah Milito

Meet Milkshakes, this week’s adoptable running pup, currently being housed at ACCT. (The Monster Milers are hoping to get him into their Adopt a Running Buddy program, but they are low on fosters at the moment; you can learn how to become a foster here.) He’s super sweet and affectionate, and would make for the perfect running pal or Netflix-marathon partner. So start your weekend off right and go spring this guy from ACCT. But first, learn more about him below.  Read more »

Meet Cy, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

Photo credit: Megan Murphy

Photo credit: Megan Murphy

This week’s pup is a big ball of love, and he makes for a great running pal, to boot. And just look at those ears! Learn more about him below.

Name: Cy

Location: The Monster Milers Adopt A Running Buddy Foster Program. (The success of the Monster Milers’ rescue program — which pairs bright, enthusiastic and loving dogs from our city’s open-intake shelter, ACCT Philly, with active and dedicated foster families until they find their perfect adoptive match — depends on you! If you are interested in fostering, make sure to contact them!)  Read more »

Meet Clovis, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

Clovis lead

Photo credit: Kate M, The Monster Milers.

Up this week is Clovis who comes courtesy of the Monster Milers’ Adopt a Running Buddy program. (You can learn more about the program and check out some of their super-cute success stories here.) He is small, but no less fast, making him the perfect companion for city digs and city runs. Plus, that FACE, you guys. Learn more about him below.

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