Philadelphia School District Publishes List of Employee Salaries

Interested to know what Philadelphia School District superintendent William Hite makes? That one I can answer for you: $270,000 a year. Interested to know what your teacher friend makes? You’ll have to look that up yourself.

This week, the district published a full list of teacher information, complete with salaries, titles, pay rates, and representation. I just looked up a friend I went out for drinks with recently, and I decided I’ll be paying for drinks next time we hang out.

The file is available as a zipped CSV, or comma-separate values, which stores tabular data in plain text format.

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School District Says It Needs $216M to Avert Thousands of Layoffs

The Philadelphia school district is still broke, if you haven’t noticed. Schools superintendent William Hite says the district needs $216 million or it will have to lay off a thousand teachers, KYW 1060′s Pat Loeb reports. Hite adds he doesn’t believe layoffs are a realistic solution, saying the budget is already too tight to cut any more jobs.

At the Inquirer, Kristen Graham has sobering details from the budget.

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There’s a decent chance you’ve never heard of Dave Ramsey, and the reason should be familiar: In an era when our Red State-Blue State bifurcation means we can’t agree about anything, we don’t even have pop culture in common anymore. So maybe the easiest way to introduce Ramsey is explain that he’s the finance guru to the Duck Dynasty set, an evangelical version of Suze Orman.

He is also’s “business columnist” — though really, more of a personal finance advice columnist.

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Some Towns Running Low on Road Salt

With another storm headed for Philadelphia this week, road crews are going to be out salting the roads again in the coming days. And Action News reports some Philadelphia-area towns are running low on road salt. The station says 13 communities in Chester County have salt shortages, while every community in Delco is suffering from shortages.

This is a problem that is getting worse: Last week, the Associated Press reported many municipalities have already borrowed from the state, including Philadelphia.

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Expanding The Lottery Would Be A Sin



Sometimes, I like to play the lottery.

Not often. Usually when the jackpot gets north of, say, $200 million. Like everybody else, I start to think of life with money: Buying a nice house, sending the kid to a fancy college, maybe starting a vanity magazine or website where I hire all my writer friends, maybe even hire a personal trainer. Mostly, though, I refrain: I’ve heard the statistics — the ones about how you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than to win the lottery — and figure I’m probably not going to be the person who beats the odds.

So it’s with a certain level of hypocrisy that I offer the two facts and one suggestion for your consideration:

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