Sweet Deal Alert: Get Half-Price Groceries at MOM’s Organic Market

MOM’s Organic Market Center City | Photo by Sarah Madaus

Yesterday, an ad for a spectacular Groupon deal for MOM’s Organic Market in Center City found me on the internet, because the internet (creepily) knows all, including where I like to grocery shop. And it would be plain ol’ selfish of me not to share the knowledge of this deal with you, loyal Be Well Philly readers.

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8 Things to Know Before You Shop Center City’s New MOM’s Organic Market

One of the many bulk areas in the store | Photo credit: Sarah Madaus

For some, grocery shopping is akin to going to the dentist or cleaning the shower: An unpleasant but necessary task. (Less necessary now that you can outsource to services like Instacart, though.) I am not one of those people. Roaming a shiny new grocery store is my version of relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine in my hand and a charcoal mask on my face. If I don’t get my grocery shopping fix on the weekend, I get cranky. The love is real.

So this Friday, after work, instead of heading home to put on a face mask and crack open a bottle of wine like a normal person, I headed to the newly opened MOM’s Organic Market at 34 South 11th Street in Center City — their first Philly-area location that’s not in the ‘burbs — and spent nearly two hours slow-walking the aisles. Despite the nightmare it may sound like to some, it was lovely, and I soaked up quite a few shopping pointers for the next time I go, which I figured I’d share with those of you who prefer to spend as little time as possible confined in aisles filled with almond milk and non-BPA-lined canned beans. Below, eight things to know before you shop the new Center City MOM’s Organic Market.

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