Peter McAndrews Talks Closing Modo Mio, Horse Meat, and Why Parc Ain’t So Great

Behind the Line is our new weekly interview series with the people who make up Philly’s dynamic restaurant and bar scene. For last week’s interview with Standard Tap and Johnny Brenda’s owner William Reed, go here.

When we heard that chef Peter McAndrews had closed two Paesano’s and that his beloved BYOB Modo Mio was next on the list, we got him on the phone to learn more. And he didn’t hold back.

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Six Pack: Sunday Tasting Menus


There’s the glitz and the glam, and then there’s the humble and the honest-to-goodness, the unaffected and the unassuming. To each his own, but I prefer the latter.

I get a kick out of the quirky buildings’ awkward seating arrangements and tiny menus—menus that need not say much, and food that says all too much; the chef-driven and food-focused holes, often orienting themselves in such a way that the preparer and prepared are shown off, experienced only through an intimate three-part channel between the chef, his food, and his guest. When done well, the following few weeks (or longer) will pale in comparison. That’s why the tasting menu is so important; it’s a facilitation of exchange between the hand of the cook and the consumed palate it feeds.

Some tasting menus you’ll find in places that don’t deserve them, and others are just a second menu to the main. Some are only available on weekdays, but there are those you can only take part in on a single day: Sunday, perhaps.

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Tonight: To Restaurant Week Or Not

If you’re feeling Restaurant Week check out Supper. Freshly added to the menu is the pastrami fried chicken. If it’s anything like the pastrami chicken wings he devised for Lemon Hill it is a must have.

Avoiding Restaurant Week like the plague? Then consider the Turista Menu at Modo Mio. The $32, four-course dinner might be the best deal in the city.

Around the Web: Pies, Fare, El Rey Lunch and Local Cheese Plates

Adam Erace demands we immediately eat the pie at Cafe Estelle. Sounds like a plan to us. [Meal Ticket]

Mac & Cheese checks out the new Fare on Fairmount Avenue where vegetables certainly don’t take a back seat. [Mac & Cheese]

We agree with Midtown Lunch, the $10 express lunch at El Rey is a deal worth partaking in. [Midtown Lunch]

Philly Phoodie rolls out to Trenton to check out De Lorenzo’s tomato pie and it looks out of this world. [Philly Phoodie]

Two Eat Philly’s food crush on Peter McAndrews only grows as they check out the $34 Turista menu at Modo Mio. [Two Eat Philly]

Ashley Primis tips us off to the fresh and local cheese plates available at the Fair Food Farmstand in the Reading Terminal Market. A plate for 10 will set you back $50. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Living on the Vedge makes sure to get to Horizons one last time before it closes this Saturday. The Crunchy Korean Seitan Tacos sure look good. [Living on the Vedge]

Around the Web: Family Business, Weird Combos and Gluten-Free Adventures

It’s like father, like son at Haddonfield’s Fuji. Craig LaBan discovers that Jesse Ito is following in his father’s impressive footsteps. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Meal Ticket tells us that we should try the avocado chocolate chips at Pure Fare. OK, we’re game. [Meal Ticket]

Midtown Lunch tries out and is impressed by the Sriracha and Earl Grey ice cream made by Little Baby’s Ice Cream. [Midtown Lunch]

Gluten-free can be adventurous and tasty at Modo Mio. [Gluten Free Philly]

Two Eat Philly returns to Supper and calls it a gem. [Two Eat Philly]

Amis & Paesano’s Do Industry Night

Our eyes must have popped half-way out of our heads when we read that Amis’ industry night partner on Monday, November 1st was going to be Paesano’s. The thought of Paesano’s sandwiches sharing space with Brad Spence and his own sandwiches had us slobbering like Pavlov’s dog. We even caught ourselves feeling sorry for those poor piggies for a second but we quickly put that thought out of our heads.

Chef Peter McAndrews of Paesano’s and Modo Mio will be showcasing his Paesano, slow roasted brisket with fried egg, sharp provolone, roasted tomatoes, pepperincini and horseradish mayo. Also to be served is a chicken liver conservate with sun-dried cherry mostarda, gorgonzola dolce and long hots.

Amis chef Brad Spence will be making three signature sandwiches. The Jersey Cannonball is house made pork roll, fried egg, sharp provolone, pickled peppers, and served on home made bialy. The second sandwich will be sliced veal breast, young pecorino, vegetable fritto misto and served on sesame focaccia bread. Finally there will be mint cholcolate chip semi freddo sandwiches for dessert.

The bar will be serving up Stoudt’s Pils, Amis punch and house made spiked cream soda.

Same deal as previous months, the food is free and the drinks will be specially priced. Just bring your industry pay stub for admission to the feast. The fun starts at 10pm.

Amis/Paesano’s Industry Night [Facebook]
Amis [Official Site]
Paesano’s [Official Site]

Can You Live on Bread Alone?


It’s free, it’s overlooked but it often sets the tone to the meal, we’re talking bread. The Bite salutes the bread service that we could live on, Chifa, Fork, Modo Mio and Parc to name a few.

What other bread is worth filling up on?

In Praise of Bread Baskets [Metro Philadelphia]

Around The Web: Some Favorites Edition

Messy and Picky go to Foobooz fave Southwark and Picky gets the best plate he’s had all year, the barbequed smoked pork belly served with baked beans, wilted collards, and Birchrun blue cheese sauce. [Messy & Picky]

Derek Lee has his anniversary dinner in the kitchen at Talula’s Table. [The Best Food Blog Ever]

CE Phood experiences the Little Fish Sunday prix fixe. [CE Phood]

Maria Valetta breaks down the Whiskey King experience at Village Whiskey. [Sips, Bites and Sites]

Veggicurious finally makes it to Modo Mio and finds it a “delicious steal.” [Veggicurious]

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