Presenting “Son of Romney: Will A Romney Runs for Office Again?”

Heeeeeeeere’s Romney! Not the one you’re so sick of, but the one you’re gonna be sick of: Taggggg! Massachusetts has an open Senate seat, vacated by new SOS John Kerry, and Republicans literally have no one viable in the pipeline to run, after Scott Brown and former Gov. Bill Weld said no thanks. Which means they’re calling on 42 year-old Romney fils Tagg, who famously wanted to sock it to Barack Obama. Tagg, according to the Boston Herald, is considering it. Plus he just tweeted a cute pic of his sons–suspiciously, his first tweet in more than a month! [Boston Herald]

Mitt Romney Got Marginally More Philly Votes Than We Thought

When it was reported last month that Mitt Romney received zero votes in 59 Philadelphia voting precincts, liberals chortled and conservatives cried voter fraud. No evidence of that, but it turns out the Dems’ victory dance was way premature. Counting absentee and provisional ballots, Romney came up empty in only 50 districts. Ninety-nine districts, for what it’s worth, cast one vote for the vanquished GOP nominee. As the Post’s Tim Haas had a little fun a few weeks ago at the expense of Republicans who refused to believe the news, I’d like to consider this post an apology. []

After Lunch, President Obama Should Steal Mitt’s Ideas

President Obama and Mitt Romney had lunch together on Thursday, and let’s be honest: The whole thing was for show. That’s OK! Some shows are necessary, and in America, the post-election show of unity is a fairly honorable tradition—signaling both to the world and ourselves that democracy still works, that we’re not yet to the point of spilling blood in the streets because of our disagreements.

But the show usually ends at lunch. Oh sure, there was talk about maybe Mitt contributing to the Obama Administration in some fashion during the next four years, but that probably won’t happen: The two men are ready to be done with each other. Read more »

Three Ways Republicans Can Suck Less

So, Republicans, you lost to President Obama. How are you going to win the next election?

Yes, two weeks have passed since the election, and yes, Mitt Romney appears to have begun his post-election shame spiral. (Look away, kids, look away.) And yes, all kinds of liberal commentators are out there giving you free advice about how to improve Republican prospects in the next election—especially among the non-white-dude voters who provided much of Obama’s coalition—most of which boils down to “be more liberal.”

Me, I’m liberal, but I think the GOP can expand its appeal by being true to its own beliefs and core philosophies. And I think three big efforts will go a long way toward expanding the party’s appeal.

• Pass The DREAM Act. You hate being called racist. Hate it. But look at the poll numbers again—Mitt Romney got the support of the white dudes and President Obama got everybody else. Those non-white-dude voters think you’re not on their side. You can gripe about the unfairness of it all, or you can resolve to win elections and address this.

And the easiest way to start is by passing The DREAM Act, which paves a pathway to citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants who grew up in the United States, by requiring them to serve in the military or get a college degree. A big concern among anti-immigration conservatives is that the recent wave of Hispanic immigrants isn’t assimilating like previous generations did. That concern is way overblown, but the truth is that the kids covered by The Dream Act already have assimilated to a large degree—they’re Americans, they just don’t have the paperwork. You can continue to punish them for the sins of their parents (and perpetuate the idea that you just don’t like brown people) or you help them build better lives through service to the country.

Is this actually conservative? Well, The Dream Act originated with Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican. So I’ll say it can be conservative, if conservatives want it to be.

• Be pro-free markets, not pro-big business. Republicans spent a lot of the recent election cycle accusing Democrats of “crony capitalism,” cozying up to favored businesses and industries and helping them with the power of government. But the attack never caught on—even though it was sometimes fair—because everybody knows that the GOP is just as guilty of this particular sin.

Being pro-market means being against banks being “too big to fail.” Being pro-market means keeping banks small enough that the failure of one won’t upend the entire economic system—which means government can allow it to fail. Being pro-market means fixing copyright law so that it benefits more idea-makers and entrepreneurs instead of just protecting the revenue streams of giant corporations. Being pro-market means that if you really hate crony capitalism, you immediately weed out the system of corporate welfare before you ever again complain about the 47 percent of Americans supposedly looking for handouts.

Americans are fair-minded. They’re not prone to class jealousy, even when they maybe should be. Convince them you’re for a real level playing field, Republicans, and you might win their hearts back.

• Stop being crazy. Stop hanging out with Donald Trump. Stop hanging out with members of congress who believe President Obama has secret mind-control powers. Stop giving your approval to members of the Georgia Legislature who believe the U.N. is undermining American freedom with “Agenda 21.” Stop letting your followers rest easy in the idea that President Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim. Stop with the secession talk. Stop doing a million other things. Just stop.

This might be the hardest one to pull off, because it appears from the outside that the GOP identity is so closely tied to the most outlandish beliefs of its base. But the rest of the country looks at those beliefs and flees. But there’s no reason that “limited government” means “insane.”  There’s no reason that favoring a strong military means believing boogety-boogety-boogety. If you want the power and responsibility to govern again, then for the love of God stop hanging out with your weird friends.

If conservatism is what it says it is—colorblind, pro-market, pro-limited government—then these fixes shouldn’t be too hard. There’s no reason that Republicans can’t win elections again. They just have to be true to their best selves.

Twitter Republicans Desperate to Prove Romney Lost Slightly Less Badly

After a week of stunned, grieving silence, the Tea Party has begun boiling anew over yesterday’s news that Mitt Romney failed to garner even one vote in 59 Philadelphia election precincts:

Mitt Romney Didn’t Get a Single Vote in 59 Philadelphia Voting Divisions

Need proof that Philadelphia really, really, really a Democratic town? How about this: In 59 of the city’s voting divisions last week—mostly in West and North Philadelphia—GOP presidential nominee didn’t receive a single vote. The final score in those divisions? President Obama: 19,605, Romney, 0. That’s triggered the expected conspiracy theorizing, but it even surprised more sober analysts. “Not a single vote for Romney or even an error?” said Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia. “That’s worth looking into.” There may not be much to find: As the Inquirer points out this morning, some divisions contain only a few registered Republicans—and those folks may have moved away. It’s easier, instead, if we assume that one Black Panther guy  frightened potential Romney voters across the entire city. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

The Top 10 Lessons of the 2012 Presidential Election

10. The Tea Party? Not much of a party.

If there’s one thing 2012 proved conclusively, it’s that the Republican Party needs to be more and not less inclusive. That means shedding itself of associations to the “wackadoodles” who cost the GOP a couple of Senate seats. When even Lindsay Graham says, “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term,” change is in the air. Too bad, Tea Party Tom Smith. Read more »

Secret Service for Mitt Romney’s Giant Family Would’ve Cost A LOT

President Obama’s re-election has saved the taxpayers a lot of money. Why? Because the Secret Service only has to pay to protect the four immediate members of the president’s family—all of whom live together—and not the 29 members of the fecund family of Mitt Romney. Ben Jacobs notes: “The cost of protecting 29 different Romneys scattered across the country would have be huge. Of course, considering the size of the U.S. budget deficit, it would just be a drop in the bucket. But, every little bit counts and, who knows, the savings might just be enough to allow taxpayers to continue funding Big Bird.” [Daily Download]

I Was Wrong When I Said Romney Would Win

I was wrong. I admit it. I was in good company, too. Not just from partisans on my side. Pollsters, pundits and analysts of many stripes didn’t think an Obama win was probable, even possible in some cases. And even you Obama supporters must admit, you were scared it could happen, too. Read more »

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