These Tweets Show Why Sean Hannity Is Dead Wrong About Election Fraud in Philly

Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity. | Photo by Rick Scuteri/AP

Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity. | Photo by Rick Scuteri/AP

After conservative political commentator Sean Hannity offhandedly suggested on Twitter that something dubious had happened in the 2012 election in Philadelphia because not a single person in 59 voting divisions voted for Mitt Romney, a city elections inspector took it upon himself to publicly lay out all the reasons why Hannity is probably wrong. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Jimmy Fallon Nails Mitt Romney on The Tonight Show

Fallon as Romney

If you need a morning chuckle, this clip from The Tonight Show will surely give you one, even if your laugh is of the fake Mitt Romney type.

Last evening, Jimmy Fallon was joined by former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney for a sketch lovingly called “Mitt in the Mirror.” They joked about Clinton, Obama, and even Zayn Malik leaving One Direction.

Check out the full clip here:

Book: Chris Christie Is Awesome, According to Chris Christie

The NYT reports today on a new book by Dan Balz, a veteran reporter, about the 2012 election. It apparently focuses a bit on Chris Christie’s ultimate decision not to run, but in so doing reveals the New Jersey governor’s, uh, self-regard. “It is hardly unusual for a politician to have an outsized ego,” the Times says in its overview of the book, “but Mr. Christie lacks the masking subtlety possessed by many in his business.”

Like when he endorsed Mitt Romney, for example:

Asked by Mr. Balz if he viewed his ultimate decision to forgo a race as “a gift” to Mr. Romney, Mr. Christie said no, then declared: “The enormous gift was the next week.”

“When I looked puzzled, he reminded me that he had endorsed Romney the following week,” writes Mr. Balz, adding that Mr. Christie said, “I wouldn’t have used the word ‘gift,’ but since you did, it seems to fit, it seems appropriate.”

After Mr. Christie said he did not want any favors or campaign titles in return, Mr. Romney turned to his wife and said, “Wow, Christmas in October.”

Turning back to Mr. Christie, Mr. Romney said, “Governor, you don’t know how important and big this is.”

To which Mr. Christie said, “I do.”

There are other examples. At this point, it feels like Christie is just the political equivalent of one of those professional wrestlers who spends his time in public preening about how beautiful he is. It’s awesome, it’s entertaining, but, you know, God help us all.

New Data Says Pennsylvania Might Be GOP’s Best Hope in 2016

On the eve of the presidential election, Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan used a large rally in Bucks County, among other political ephemera, as evidence that Romney would win. “All the vibrations are right,” she wrote. Back in the reality-based world, however, they may be some substantial data to suggest that the GOP could actually experience some good Pennsylvania vibes in ’16.

Amy Walter, an analyst at the influential Cook Political Report, writes that if the GOP wants to win in ’16 it should ignore recent states that have flipped from red to blue, like Colorado and Nevada; they’re not coming back. Instead, it should focus on states that are trending red. Since 1988, only three blue states have become less blue. They are: Iowa, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. Of those three, Pennsylvania has the most electoral votes, with 20. While the Romney campaign declined to invest heavily in the pricey Philly media market in 2012, whoever’s running in ’16 might want to pony up.

Romney and Obama Will Meet Again Today in Boston for Marathon Service

At 11 a.m. this morning, at the historic Cathedral of the Holy Cross, both Barack Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will attend an interfaith vigil honoring the victims of the Boston Marathon explosions. It’ll be the first time they’ve seen one another since shortly after the election, when they lunched together in the White House. [Boston Globe]

Justin Bieber Collapses on Stage, Extending a Most Terrible Week

Today in Bieber news: As if whining about his circus-themed birthday party, arriving way late for a concert, and preening around idiotically without a shirt weren’t bad enough, Bieber collapsed on stage last night during a show at London’s O2 arena. Before coming out again–Willis Reed-like–to rousing applause. And then ultimately heading to the hospital. As my colleague Janine White put it: “Justin Bieber’s visit to London now officially worse than Mitt Romney’s.”

Here’s some footage of his pre-collapse shortness-of-breath, since we’re getting into the weeds here anyways.


Video: In First Post-Election Interview, Mitt Romney Addresses iPhone Pictures of his Mussed Hair

The twice-felled presidential candidate sat down with Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace yesterday, once with his wife, once solo. This is the first time we’ve seen Romney out of the wilderness since his election, but he wastes no time critiquing Obama for not bringing the country together during this latest fiscal crisis. Highlight occurs durring joint interview when Romney addresses the issue of people taking iPhone pictures of his mussed hair. Also: Ann really, really thought they were going to win. And Mitt really, really, wishes he were president right now.

Political Operatives Mourn as Inventor of Etch-a-Sketch Dies

Yesterday, Andre Cassagnes, the 86-year-old inventor of the Etch-A-Sketch, died in his home outside Paris. Of complications from learning that his invention did not ultimately help Mitt Romney win the presidency. The toy was already inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 1998, and can now rightfully take its place in the Political Toy Hall of Fame for its role in the 2012 presidential election.

Current inductees include: Lincoln Logs (Lincoln; Barack “You Didn’t Built That” Obama), Slinky (John Edwards), Checkers (Richard Nixon), Monopoly (Herbert Hoover), Transformers (Mitt Romney, John Kerry), Bratz Dolls (Michele Bachmann), Troll Dolls (Dennis Kucinich), and Buzz Lightyear (Newt Gingrich). [New York Times]

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