Tasting Scratch Biscuits with Mitch Prensky


The build-out on Mitch Prensky’s Scratch Biscuits storefront at 1306 Chestnut Street is on schedule, maybe even ahead of schedule. This, Prensky told me as he frantically looked for some wood to knock on, means the Midtown Village biscuit spot will be ready for inspections in about three weeks.

Yesterday, I sat down with Prensky to try a sampling of his breakfast and lunch biscuit sandwiches. Also on the agenda, identifying which sandwich was served on a gluten-free biscuit. I failed.

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Mitch Prensky Finds Storefront for His Biscuits


Scratch Biscuits at Night Market

When did Supper chef Mitch Prensky know that his love of making biscuit sandwiches was worthy of its own bricks-and-mortar location? The first time he sold one. (We agree – and named it one of the five must-try Philly sandwiches.

You’ve probably seen his Scratch Biscuits tent popped-up at festivals, Phish shows, farmer’s markets and Night Markets (at the one Night Market he sold a whopping 1,100 biscuits in less than three hours). Now, he’s signed a lease at 1306 Chestnut Street for an actual location.

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Gastronaut: Getting the Band Back Together

Illustration by Kagan McLeod

Illustration by Kagan McLeod

Back in the day, when I was still cooking dinner for strangers rather than writing about it, there was a kind of running joke that went through all the kitchens I worked in. At the end of particularly long nights, the crew and I would look around and say, “Shit, for a rock band, we’re not a bad kitchen crew.”

The first half of that bon mot would change occasionally, place to place: Shit, for a web-design company … For an artists’ colony … For an architecture firm … The joke was funny because back then, almost no one came to a kitchen as a first choice. Most of us had done something before, failed at it (often spectacularly), then discovered kitchens as places of no-questions-asked reinvention.

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New Menu At Supper

47_Supper_Mike Arrison

The menu at Supper has never been a set-in-stone kind of thing. Chef Mitch Prensky changes things up regularly, often depending on what he can get out of the ground at Blue Elephant Farm (which grows all of his produce). But now he’s put the entire board through a change and has expanded his repertoire considerably.

The menu is now broken down into five distinct sections: Snacks, Garden, Larder, Mill, and Market. The biggest change comes in the Mill section, which will feature grains as the core of several dishes, making the whole thing kind of like an American version of a pasta menu. Only without any actual pasta.

There’ll be more veggies in the Garden section (all from Blue Elephant) and all the classics (the burger, duck n’ waffles) will be in the Market section, along with some new stuff like skate frites (wordplay!) and roasted chicken with biscuits.

Anyway, it’s a lot of changes and you can check it all out when you look at the full menu after the jump.

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Mitch Prensky Hosting Scratch Biscuits Pop-Up at Supper

Mitch Prensky is hosting a pop-up of his Scratch Biscuits concept on Monday, September 17th. The pop-up will take place at Supper from 6 to 9 p.m. Diners will be able to choose from four types of southern-style biscuits, sides like braised colards, barbecue and pork rinds. Homemade lemonade and sweet tea will also be on the menu.

Prensky experimented with the Scratch Biscuits over the summer at Night Market and the pop-up at the restaurant marks the return of Monday hours for the South Street restaurant. No reservations will be accepted for the pop-up.

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Mitch Prensky Out At Lemon Hill

So there was this rumor kicking around this afternoon that Mitch Prensky–chef-owner of Supper and the man behind the menu at Lemon Hill–was gone from the new(ish) Fairmount eatery which he helped open, along with the Franklin Mortgage crew. And after a few phone calls, we came to find that, this time, the rumors were true.


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Food and Sex: Fifty Shades of Grey Dinner at Supper

Like so many other women across the world, Mitch Prensky’s wife Jennifer has apparently fallen under the spell of the girly-porn 50 Shades of Grey series. In particular, she was moved (if that’s the word) by the masked ball sequence in Fifty Shades Darker and has insisted that Mitch recreate that meal for a one-night-only pop-up at their restaurant, Supper.

Thus, on Wednesday June 27th, at 7:30 pm, Supper will be doing a four-course dinner based on the scene from the book. And in keeping with the spirit of the thing, there will also be a pop-up store from high-end lingerie and toy store Coeur in Rittenhouse Square. I’m betting you can guess what they’ll be bringing to the party.

Menu and details after the jump

Lemon Hill Upgrades the Corner Pub

Adam Erace enjoys the precise cooking of Mitch Prensky at Lemon Hill but he also has praise for another hand in the kitchen of the Fairmount bar.

But I don’t want to take too much away from Justin Relkin, the pastry chef for Supper and Prensky’s catering arm, Global Dish. He bakes all the bread for Lemon Hill, from the wonderful rye baguette that’s toasted and served with sprightly mixed pickles to the ethereal popovers filled with blue cheese and floated in a comforting bowl of smoked tomato soup. The pie-centric dessert menu is his, as well. There’s only one variety available now, a cran-apple that toed the line between sweet and tart, along with the best chocolate-chip pound cake I’ve had. They’re served a la mode if you wish, and why wouldn’t you with flavors like elegant buttermilk and smooth, sticky peanut butter?

Fresh Squeezed [City Paper]
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How Does Supper Stay Farm-to-Table in the Winter?

Chef-owner Mitch Prensky shares his secrets.

“I get asked that all the time, you know?” says Mitch Prensky, chef-owner of Supper and partner (along with the Franklin Mortgage crew) at the new Lemon Hill in Fairmount. “People come up to me in the restaurant and ask, ‘What do you serve during the winter? How can you grow things during the winter?’ And I tell them, we do just fine. … ”

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