Atlantic City Spent $400K on Miss America

Philadelphia Business Journal reports: “Atlantic City paid a pretty penny to host the Miss America pageant — and much of that went to city workers. The city paid $400,000 in overtime during the pageant and its preliminary events, according to the Press of Atlantic City. Around $250,000 of that was paid to police who logged 3,000 hours of overtime at $78 per hour.”

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No, There Probably Weren’t 200,000 People at the Miss America Parade

The most widely-touted estimate put the size of the crowd at this year’s Miss America Parade–back in A.C, baby!–at 225,000. One Jersey statistician says the city artificially inflated that number. By a lot.

The width of the Boardwalk is also known. It is 60 feet wide from Revel to approximately Bellevue Avenue, where it becomes 40 feet wide down to Albany Avenue. Space in the middle of the Boardwalk, varying from 20 to 30 feet, was set aside for the parade, leaving a much reduced area of approximately 50 percent for folding chairs, parked rolling chairs and standing room.

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