Mini Trini To Start Hosting Pop-Ups

The Mini Trini

Mini Trini, the Trinidadian food truck is hosting a series of pop-up dinners starting this Wednesday and following weekly. The dinners will start at just $11 and include some of the same dishes you can get from the truck.

On the menu for the first pop-up dinner at Calypso (7122 Germantown Avenue) is curried shrimp, rice, curried cabbage and dahl. All for just! $11. Pick-up starts at 6 p.m. Text 610-348-5401 to place your order and they will confirm.

Mini Trini [Facebook]

Olympic Specials

London 2012 mascots on new Olympic Stadium track

Just in case you haven’t seen enough Olympics-themed everything in the past month we at Foobooz are delighted to bring you a round up of Olympic-themed activities and food and drink specials starting this weekend (all in the colors of the Olympic rings). You are very welcome.

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East Passyunk Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

Today we get news from Michael Klein that Pumpkin’s Christopher Kearse is getting his own place on Passyunk Avenue. Kearse is aiming to open a progressive French BYOB at 1911 East Passyunk Avenue by August. Next door to Kearse’s place is going to be Noir. Noir will replace Sticks and Stones and you’ll be able to get your first taste of the French-American concept at Flavors of the Avenue on Saturday, April 28th.

Also slated to be at Flavors is GarageJason Evenchik’s (Vintage, Time and Bar) new concept that will invite a rotating cast of food trucks inside to feed its customers. At Monday’s Flavors media preview, Evenchik had MiniTrini show up in front.

And then tonight next Wednesday the East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association will be hearing an information only presentation from Table 31 co-owner Stephen Olitsky for a new restaurant with liquor license that would take over the Artisan Boulanger space at the corner of 12th and Morris Streets (Artisan Boulanger is moving to 1218 Mifflin Street.)

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About Last Night: A Food Truck Pop-Up At Cook (With Pictures!)

There are three things that need to be said right up front about last night’s Foobooz Neighborhood Pop-Up at Cook.

Thing 1: We should do a food truck pop-up every month because, apparently, working entirely from a truck that could be quickly overturned by an angry mob turned insane by bland tacos or bad cupcakes makes a person into a fast cook, a skillful talker and a person who cooks cheeseburgers or roti like their lives depended on it.

Thing 2: Speaking of roti, I could eat the Trinidadian roti from Mini Trini at every meal, every day for a month and not feel like I was missing out on anything at all. As a matter of fact, I would feel bad for the rest of you chumps who only got to eat caviar, lobster tails and pie all day.

Thing 3: Next time I have to leave one of these events early, I’m making the guy doing dessert go first.

Oh, and one more. Apparently, if you can steal borrow a good enough bottle of vodka from under the counter, virtually any drink you mix will cause a group of strangers to think that you are a gifted bartender–even when, if fact, you are just a food writer who happened to tend a little bar at swingers parties in the basement of a Chinese restaurant a hundred years ago. But I digress…

Show me some pictures

Mini Trini Standing Out at Love Park

Brian Freedman is a big fan of  Mini Trini, the Caribbean food truck that usually parks at Love Park.

It’s clear, from first bite, that this is a labor of love. Mini Trini delivers fabulous, compulsively delicious riffs on the flavors of what is one of the great culinary heritages of the Caribbean, its combination of Indian, African, European and countless other influences somehow both crystal-clear and well-integrated into each dish on the limited yet well-executed menu.

Double Down at Trinidadian Truck Mini Trini [Philadelphia Weekly]
Mini Trini