Lemon Hill Has An Opening Date

No, not this Lemon Hill.

Remember back a couple weeks ago when we first heard about the new project going into the former (not so) Lucky 7 space in Fairmount? Back when we thought (oh-so-briefly…) that the new concept moving in was going to be called Biddle?

Yeah, well shortly after that we discovered that someone had been premature with the naming and that the place was not, in fact, going to be saddled with that too-cutesy moniker. We were hoping it would be called Welsh & Prensky’s Chicken ‘n Whiskey after partners Mike Welsh (of Franklin Mortgage) and Mitch Prensky (of Supper), but that didn’t fly either. The official name–Lemon Hill–was revealed a few days later, but now we have a few more details, including an opening date.

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