Six Pack: Macarons In Philly


It’s not just the extra “o” that separates the two desserts. Macarons and macaroons are both sweet desserts that use egg whites and sugar as a meringue base and get their names from the Italian word for “meringue”—but it’s pretty much apples and oranges from there.

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Foodzy: Food Guilt For The Information Age

Puh-lease. We needed another consumer gaming site as much as we needed someone else to yak at us about eating better. And now, thanks to a new site called Foodzy, we have BOTH–all rolled up into one fat tootsie roll of post-Michelle Obama guilt.

Foodzy is a website that rewards you with badges for eating healthy foods. When you sign up, you input your age, weight, height, country of residence and other vitals. Every time you eat something (say, Village Whiskey’s duck fat french fries with Sly Fox cheddar sauce), you report it to the site, which then spits out information like nutritional content and how it’s contributing to your weight loss or gain. You know, just like your annoying cousin Rhonda who’s perpetually relying on Weight Watchers to help her vanquish her ass fat.

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Deal Dump

Build your own Restaurant Week with Grub Street’s prix fixe picks for every day of the week. [Grub Street]

Snackbar has added a special food and drink menu between 5 and 7 with all items between $5 and$7.

Derek’s is celebrating 18 years in Manayunk with a 3-course meal for just $18. The bargain has been extended through August. [The Latest Dish]

Illadelph does its own deal dump just on $1 oysters. Oyster House, Union Trust and Pub & Kitchen are all offering bargain bivalves. [The Illadelph]

With a name like Miel Patisserie, you might not expect a great deal. But that’s just what you’ll get at the 17th Street spot. $5.35 for a sandwich, water and dessert bar. [Meal Ticket]

The $24 “Appetite Stimulus” lunch at Lacroix features 3-courses including a Gouda burger with double-smoked bacon plus fries topped with truffle oil, Parmesan and shallots. [Restaurant Club]

Want to try new Liberties Walk restaurant Sonata? Hit up any store on the walk for a 10% off coupon. [Meal Ticket]

There are lobster specials at Bridget Foy’s through mid-August including a $29 lobster boil featuring a 1 1/4 pound lobster, chorizo, mussels, corn and potatoes. [Meal Ticket]