Barbuzzo Is Hosting a Rosé Happy Hour

Upstairs at Barbuzzo: Yes, there's an upstairs and it's downright roomy

Upstairs at Barbuzzo: Yes, there’s an upstairs and it’s downright roomy

It’s a Rosé happy hour tonight, Friday, August 12th upstairs at Barbuzzo. The cash only event runs from 5 pm to 9 pm and will feature $10 rosé wines from France, Germany and Spain. Barbuzzo’s kitchen will also be offering bar snacks like papas fritas, marinated sirloin kabobs,  Lolita sliders and more.

DJ Jersey Dan will be spinning hip-hop, soul and disco to keep the in-the-pink revelers partying.

Downstairs at Barbuzzo, the Mediterranean restaurant has turned its whole wine list over to rosé wines. There are 26 rosé wines representing five countries and 36 grape varietals. Elsewhere on 13th Street, Bud & Marilyn’s is serving up slushy Frosé fun all night.

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Endless Summer: Tiki Reviewed

Mural at Tiki | All photos by Chelsea Portner

Mural at Tiki | All photos by Chelsea Portner

It’s way too early to be writing this review, and I don’t care at all. Best thing about being a critic? That moment when you find something that’s best only in that moment. That, for whatever reason—despite calendars and schedules and plans and rules—demands to be paid attention to now.

That’s Tiki.

There’s nothing to the place. It’s so stupidly simple that I love it in stupidly simple ways—without thought, just on pure reflex and lust for fried dumplings, acid-tinged surf rock and Bacardi 151.

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Jawdropper of the Week: Lofty Goals in Midtown Village

Living room

105 S. 12th St., Apt. 202, Philadelphia, Pa. 19107 | TREND images via BHHS Fox & Roach

Not trying to make an overstatement here, but we just might have found the loft of your dreams.

This Midtown Village condo is the ultimate home to match your city personality. Statement walls? Talk about statement ceilings: the completely open main floor features brick ceilings rising 23 feet and is flooded with light pouring through sizable double-hung arched windows. Warm hardwood floors, solid core doors and exposed industrial beams add charm and modernize the space. In such an illuminated room, it’s impossible not to look forward to mornings before work. Read more »

Midtown Village’s Tiki in Photos

Mural at Tiki | All photos by Chelsea Portner

Mural at Tiki | All photos by Chelsea Portner

Tiki, the Midtown Village Tiki bar by Jason Evenchik (Vintage, Time, Bar, Garage and Heritage) and his longtime manager at Time, Tim Heuisler, is getting set to open. The bar, which will offer 13 Tiki drinks and a tight menu of Pacific Rim bites (all edible using chopsticks or fingers) is opening to open in a week to ten days. It would be nice if they could make it open in time for National Mai Tai Day on Thursday, but we will see.

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The Revisit: Opa

Fig Dakos at Opa | Photo via Opa

Fig Dakos at Opa | Photo via Opa

When Opa first opened, it was loud, brash, crowded and dull. The kitchen seemed incapable of dependably executing the most basic dishes. The cooks were occasionally flummoxed by the simple interaction of meat and fire and would season things like toddlers given a spice rack to play with. I’d seen dudes in the park fresh off the spike who moved with more purpose than the floor staff on a weeknight, and the crowds that mobbed the place were a weird collection of neighborhood regulars and knots of sports-coated business bros who’d cluster like wolves at the corners of the bar, laugh too loud, and order rounds of Heineken and Amstel Light like they were on the last night of their package tour to Ibiza.

Back in the day (August 2011, to be exact), Trey Popp, Philly Mag’s restaurant critic at the time, gave the joint one-and-a-half stars, which I thought was too many by three. I hated the place pretty much unreservedly, and in the augmented-reality Terminator vision I have while clocking restaurants in this city, I always saw Opa with a big red X through it and the words AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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Chef Matt Zagorski Rolls Out New Menu at Pennsylvania 6

Pennsylvania 6 - Soft Polenta

Soft Polenta with golden beets, tellegio, pinenuts, pecorino cheese, and crispy oregano

A familiar name is now the executive chef at Pennsylvania 6. Mathew Zagorski, who was the main man at Hickory Lane and Rouge also worked at Striped Bass and Lacroix back in the day rolls out his first full menu today at the Midtown Village restaurant.

The menu takes advantage of Zagorski’s experience with classic French technique and applies it to Pennsylvania 6′ American bistro concept. And of course there is a burger on the menu. The menu also includes crudo, shareable dishes like crab cake with Andouille sausage, plates like pasta with lamb shoulder ragout, a selection of steaks and chops plus sandwiches. Prices range from $12 for salads and starters up to $42 for an 18-ounce rack of lamb.

Pennsylvania 6 will also continue its raw bar program, including its buck-a-shuck oysters for happy hour weekdays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
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Midtown Village Shopping: The Stylish Person’s Guide to the Neighborhood

<em>Midtown Village shopping guide: Inside Lapstone &amp; Hammer’s sneaker heaven. | Image via Lapstone &amp; Hammer</em>.

Midtown Village shopping guide: Inside Lapstone & Hammer’s sneaker heaven. | Image via Lapstone & Hammer.

If you’re headed to Midtown Village for the food alone, we won’t blame you (El Vez! Barbuzzo! Opa! Double Knot! Graffiti Bar!) — in fact, we’ll probably be right behind you, on our way to happy hour. However, don’t let all that imbibing cloud your vision — Midtown Village shopping is some of the best in the city, with indie boutiques that boast small-batch beauty products, one-of-a-kind baubles from far, far away, and home stores that will take your place from Ikea to “I can’t believe I live here!” Get to know the neighborhood in a whole new way with the stylish person’s guide to shopping in Midtown Village. Read more »

What Lies Beneath: Double Knot Reviewed

In the basement of Double Knot | Photo via Double Knot

In the basement of Double Knot | Photo via Double Knot

Breakfast, 9:30 a.m. // Like Garfield and 10,000 novelty t-shirts, I don’t do mornings. Particularly not ones that haven’t snuck up on me accidentally—the sun rising while I’m still out doing whatever it is that insomniac food editors do—and caught me still in last night’s clothes.

One of the reasons I became a writer was so I’d never have to get up before noon. Sadly, somewhere in my youth I missed an important distinction. Some writers get to sleep the mornings away, sure. They’re generally the ones who own more than zero berets and have strong opinions about pencils. And then there are the ones who actually have to make a living.

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We Found the Cutest New Collection of Kid’s Toys and Gear in Philly

Rikumo Kids

So stinkin’ cute, right? | Photos courtesy Rikumo.

Even before their move from Callowhill to Midtown Village back in January, Rikumo (the flagship store under the Philly-based Japanese import company Morihata) has been steadily improving our lives with Binchotan charcoal soaps, cotton towels, Hinoki essential oil and high-quality ocha. Now, they are also catering to their tinier customers with a just-launched collection of baby gear and kid’s toys called Rikumo Kid.

Our first impression? Adorable. In fact, we think many of these artful objects could easily double as gifts for adults still young at heart .(I mean, those miniature wooden animal figurines are way too cute to pass up). Read more »

More Brunch In Midtown Village

tredici facade 940

I reviewed Tredici a couple weeks back and loved the hell out of it. The energy, the light, the food–all of it came together into a place that was better than the sum of its parts. But I do remember thinking that there were a couple things that could be done to improve the experience.

1) Free cocktails for food writers

2) Brunch

Well, one of those things has just been added to the program.

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