What Lies Beneath: Double Knot Reviewed

In the basement of Double Knot | Photo via Double Knot

In the basement of Double Knot | Photo via Double Knot

Breakfast, 9:30 a.m. // Like Garfield and 10,000 novelty t-shirts, I don’t do mornings. Particularly not ones that haven’t snuck up on me accidentally—the sun rising while I’m still out doing whatever it is that insomniac food editors do—and caught me still in last night’s clothes.

One of the reasons I became a writer was so I’d never have to get up before noon. Sadly, somewhere in my youth I missed an important distinction. Some writers get to sleep the mornings away, sure. They’re generally the ones who own more than zero berets and have strong opinions about pencils. And then there are the ones who actually have to make a living.

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We Found the Cutest New Collection of Kid’s Toys and Gear in Philly

Rikumo Kids

So stinkin’ cute, right? | Photos courtesy Rikumo.

Even before their move from Callowhill to Midtown Village back in January, Rikumo (the flagship store under the Philly-based Japanese import company Morihata) has been steadily improving our lives with Binchotan charcoal soaps, cotton towels, Hinoki essential oil and high-quality ocha. Now, they are also catering to their tinier customers with a just-launched collection of baby gear and kid’s toys called Rikumo Kid.

Our first impression? Adorable. In fact, we think many of these artful objects could easily double as gifts for adults still young at heart .(I mean, those miniature wooden animal figurines are way too cute to pass up). Read more »

More Brunch In Midtown Village

tredici facade 940

I reviewed Tredici a couple weeks back and loved the hell out of it. The energy, the light, the food–all of it came together into a place that was better than the sum of its parts. But I do remember thinking that there were a couple things that could be done to improve the experience.

1) Free cocktails for food writers

2) Brunch

Well, one of those things has just been added to the program.

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Midtown Village Is Getting a New Yoga Studio

Tremblay and a fellow teacher outside of Sanctuary Yoga & Mindfulness

Tremblay and a fellow instructor outside of Sanctuary Yoga & Mindfulness

Kilkenny Tremblay, owner of Midtown Village’s soon-to-open Sanctuary Yoga & Mindfulness, started doing yoga with her mother when she was five. “This was in the ’70s, when everyone was sitting around in bellbottoms,” she says. Now, after decades of doing yoga and teaching at studios both around Philly and in other cities, Tremblay is opening up her own studio where she’ll offer her own style of yoga — the style is delightfully named Floetry — which she describes as a “true triadic approach of body, heart and mind.” Read more »

Modern Condo In A Historic Midtown Village Building

The kitchen of the condominium on sale at 1213-15 Locust St Unit #C, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

The kitchen of the condominium on sale at 1213-15 Locust St. Unit #C, Philadelphia, PA 19107 | Photos by Matthew Satullo via Bruno Pouget unless otherwise noted

It’s not every day that a space like this hits the market. Legendary Philadelphia architect Frank Miles Day built this building in 1892, and its second-floor condominium is now on sale 124 years later.

The building was constructed in the Italianate style that was popular throughout the United States in the latter half of the 19th century. This look was inspired by Italian homes and is characterized by flat roofs and ornately designed exteriors. Read more »

Tiki Coming to Midtown Village

tiki google maps 940

Tiki is the next concept for this Midtown Village corner | Photo via Google Maps

Jason Evenchik, owner of Vintage, Time, Bar, Garage and Heritage is opening a tiki bar at 102 South 13th (the former Corner and APO) in Midtown Village. Evenchik, who is partnering with Time general manager Tim Heuisler, is going with a single word name, naming the “surf tiki bar,” Tiki.

Tiki will be a drink focused, casual bar offering both classic tiki drinks and Heuisler’s take on “new tiki.” A small Pacific Rim-inspired food menu will accompany the boozy drinks. Expect noodles, dumplings and meat on sticks. The vibe will helped along by a large tiki-inspired mural and a mix of surf rock and hip-hop.

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A Small World After All: Tredici Enoteca Reviewed

Tredici | Photo by Emily Teel

Tredici | Photo by Emily Teel

From the outside, the light spilling from Tredici’s windows was cool and white, and the glass appeared to be sweating. We could see the crowd—at the bar, clustering around the host’s stand, jamming all the tables. Inside, it was a wall of noise, like stepping into the middle of a party that’s been going on without you for a good long time. To speak to the hostess working the stand, I had to lean over and talk almost directly in her ear.

We were lucky. We snagged the only open table on the floor—an odd corner spot that was all banquette, past the curve where the front room’s bar ends and the counter seating and seats in front of the raw bar begin. The two of us could sprawl across room enough for three. Spread out. Get comfortable.

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Opa Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Spanakopita: spinach, kefalotiri & feta cheese, house made filo

Spanakopita: spinach, kefalotiri and feta cheese, house made filo

Owners George and Vasiliki Tsiouris and chef Bobby Saritsoglou are celebrating the fifth anniversary of Midtown Village’s Opa today with a special menu of $5 bites and drinks all day.

The menu includes favorites like hummus with yellow fava bean puree, slow cook roast pork and spanakopita stuffed with spinach, kefalotiri and feta cheese.

Drink deals are also available including:

  • Xinouli – a Greek-style margarita
  • Gai’a Notios Red Wine
  • Trace Ouzo – a Greek Spirit

The specials are available all day as is the rest of Opa’s menu of Greek dishes.

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Drink This Now: the Double Knot at Double Knot

The Double Knot: A twist on the Manhattan at Double Knot

The Double Knot: A twist on the Manhattan at Double Knot

In addition to all of that coffee upstairs, sake down and of course wide selections of beer and wine, Double Knot beverage manager Zachary Davis has created a cocktail list that must be explored.

The list is anchored by the Double Knot, a riff on the Manhattan mad by doubling up all of the ingredients. That means two whiskeys, two vermouths, and two kinds of bitters.

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Report: Brickstone Planning Two Towers at 12th and Sansom

The garage at 12th and Sansom | Google Street View

The garage at 12th and Sansom | Google Street View

It seems like every other week we’re bringing you some news about a brand new development coming to Midtown Village. Well, buckle up, folks. It’s that time of the week again.

Brickstone Cos., the developer whose wrapping up a major apartment/Target project at 1112-1128 Chestnut Street and also working on restoring the Hale Building into offices, is planning their next big project: a large mixed-use development featuring two towers at 12th and Sansom.

The site is currently a lifeless parking garage, but Jacob Adelman of the Inquirer reports that Brickstone wants to bring at least one residential tower and a separate office tower with a hotel to the busy corner. As with their other projects, Brickstone is also planning on adding ground floor retail to bring some life to the street.

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