No, Michael Vick Did Not Break His Legs In a Car Accident

Michael Vick

Monday’s social media stream includes some posts about Eagles quarterback Michael Vick breaking his legs in a car accident. But as much as some dog lovers out there might wish ill will on Vick, who spent time in prison thanks to his unfortunate affinity for dogfighting, Vick did not, in fact, break his legs in a car accident. Read more »

Eagles-Cardinals Injury Report

Earl WolffHere is the Eagles’ injury report for Sunday’s game against Arizona:

Out: S Earl Wolff (knee)

Probable: S Colt Anderson (ankle), CB Bradley Fletcher (pectoral), LB Mychal Kendricks (knee), LB Jake Knott (hamstring).

As you can see, the Eagles exit the bye in pretty good shape. Read more »

Could Vick Be Featured In Sub-Packages?

Mike Vick running with football on sideline

Michael Vick believes he is 100 percent healthy now and is expected to be active against the Cardinals this Sunday. Nick Foles is the starter, but could there still be a role for Vick?

“Yeah, I wouldn’t reveal any schematics for the game in terms of how we’re going to sub the players,” said offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. “But Mike’s preparing himself to play in whatever situation he goes on the field. He’ll do a good job.”

Chip Kelly does not believe in a two-quarterback system. But might he call on Vick in specific situations? Read more »

From Michael Vick’s Perspective

Eagles QB Mike Vick and Nick FolesChip Kelly had a one-on-one with Michael Vick Tuesday to deliver the news that Nick Foles would remain at quarterback moving forward. The meeting was really just a formality, a courtesy. Vick has been around long enough to know when  the writing is on the wall.

“I see things before they happen. You can’t be naive,” said Vick at his locker after practice. “You’ve got to understand the situation, have to see and know that the most important thing for you to do is try to be there and support your team. I didn’t want to make this a hard decision for Coach, I didn’t want to make this a hard decision for anybody, for myself. Can’t be frustrated about it. I just wanted it to be a smooth transition, and it was.

“Coach Kelly, when we sat down, he didn’t even need to say much because we’re always on the same page. And I think you have to be that way with your head coach, especially at my age and the amount of time I have been in this game. It’s only right.” Read more »

Foles On Future: I Just Have To Win

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Oakland RaidersThere was no grand ceremony or drawn-out explanation this morning when Chip Kelly told Nick Foles he would remain the Eagles’ starting quarterback.

Like most things with Kelly, the meeting was short and to the point.

“Chip’s a simple guy,” Foles said. “I just went in there, he told me the situation that I was the one and Mike [Vick] was the two and let’s go.

“I know in movies it’s a big thing, you sit down, there’s tears… I walked in, we talked a little bit about the Oregon-Arizona game… and then he just told me the situation and I was ready to go. Mike’s ready to go. It takes multiple quarterbacks to win in this league. You never know what happens and it’s the same talk he told me – you always gotta be ready.” Read more »

Eagles Healthy Entering Stretch Run

Eagles LB Mychal Kendricks at practice points at cameraThe Eagles are in pretty good shape from a health standpoint as they enter the home stretch.

Mychal Kendricks (knee) and Bradley Fletcher (pec) participated in practice Tuesday after sitting out against Washington. Both are expected to play Sunday against Arizona. Jason Peters (quad, pec) was also a go.

Earl Wolff was the only player sidelined. The rookie safety is still dealing with a knee injury. Chip Kelly does not expect him to be ready for Sunday, and was unsure about his availability beyond that.

“You’ve gotta have all hands on deck, and I think it is a good situation,” said Kelly. “I wish we had Earl [also] but besides that…The guys have done a really good job of taking care of themselves and putting themselves in position, so when we get out there today everybody except Earl will go.” Read more »

Kelly Officially Names Foles the Starter

foles_400_111113Chip Kelly announced today what has been apparent to anyone who’s been paying attention: Nick Foles is the Eagles’ starting quarterback going forward.

“Nick will be our starter, and hopefully we get Mike [Vick] back through a full week of practice to be able to be the No. 2 guy this week,” Kelly said.

The Eagles’ head coach talked to both quarterbacks Tuesday morning and informed them of his decision.

“They were both fine,” he said. “They understand the situation and Mike wants to contribute any way he can. That’s the type of guy he is. He’s a great teammate, great leader. He’s been great for Nick over the games he’s been out in terms of helping him develop and we’ve got a good situation. I think we’ve got two quarterbacks who can win games in the NFL. And I think you need both of them.” Read more »

Michael Vick Vs. Nick Foles Is Not a Black and White Issue

Michael Vick and Nick Foles

Photo | Jeff Fusco

My guilty pleasure is sports talk radio. Professional sports has always been an escape from reality and a way to relieve some of its pressures. Sports talk radio is just a way of extending the escape.

I turned on 97.5, The Fanatic, just in time to hear a discussion about the great debate of the day. Forget, immigration reform and the NSA, Nick Foles versus Michael Vick is topic A. I turned the volume up and got ready for the entertaining rants from Nick from Passyunk and Manayunk Mickey.

The debate ended before it started when talk show host Tony Bruno said, “I’m not going to take a position on who should be the quarterback for this team because apparently that is a controversial topic in this town.” Wait a minute! Isn’t faux-controversy the foundation of sports talk radio’s existence? But Bruno was talking about a real-life controversial topic, not the sports controversy.

Read more »

Howie Roseman Talks Nick Foles

foles_940_100813Nick Foles first popped up on the Eagles’ radar during his junior year at Arizona.

The Wildcats got off to a 7-1 start that season and cracked the top 10 in the national polls. Things went south down the stretch as Arizona dropped its final five games, including a 36-10 loss to Oklahoma State in the Alamo Bowl. That was just the start of the problems. Plagued by injuries and offensive line issues, the Wildcats finished 4-8 Foles’ senior year. Longtime head coach Mike Stoops was fired midway through the season. Foles, though, still managed to throw for over 4,300 yards with 28 touchdowns and 14 interceptions while completing 69 percent of his passes.

“He played on a team that by their own accounts didn’t have great talent on the offensive side of the ball, didn’t have a great line, a young offensive line, and he was knocked around a little bit,” said Howie Roseman in a conversation with Birds 24/7. “You saw him constantly get up. And you went back and you watched him on third downs, and his accuracy and decision-making. And then you try to put a guy like that — where would he be if he was on a really good college football team? What kind of player would we be talking about?” Read more »

How Much Of It Is the System?

chip-kelly-win-in-nfl-marqueeNick Foles currently leads the league with a quarterback rating of 128.0. That’s 10 points higher than Peyton Manning and 20 points higher than Aaron Rodgers. He has 16 touchdowns and zero interceptions. He has started five games, and has been awarded NFC Offensive Player of the Week twice.

Impressive, obviously. How much of the credit goes to the quarterback, and how much goes to the system?

“It’s always about the individual,” said Chip Kelly. “It doesn’t matter what plays are called or scheme that is run, they still have to be executed, and  I think he is executing them and all the credit goes to him. He spends a lot of time, he works extremely hard at it, he’s got a really good grasp of what we’re doing, he’s extremely accurate in his throws. He’s doing a great job of making decisions and not putting the ball in harm’s way.”

It’s hard to ignore, though, the way quarterbacks have routinely excelled under Kelly. Read more »

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