LISTEN: Bill Cosby’s Interview With Michael Smerconish on Sirius Radio

Left: Michael Smerconish (via Twitter). Right: Bill Cosby (via Wikimedia Commons)

Bill Cosby doesn’t give interviews every day. In fact, he almost never gives an interview these days thanks to the litany of sexual assault allegations against him. Well, with his Montgomery County criminal trial rapidly approaching, Cosby decided to grant an interview … to Philly’s own Michael Smerconish. Read more »

Michael Smerconish Sues Main Line Art Gallery for Fraud

A cropped version of "Exhibit B" in Michael Smerconish's lawsuit against Walter Graham Arader III. Smerconish (inset).

A cropped version of “Exhibit B” in Michael Smerconish’s lawsuit against Walter Graham Arader III. Smerconish (inset).

Even if you’ve never opened a history book, you’ve no doubt laid eyes on Yousuf Karsh‘s famous 1941 photograph of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The photo was taken in the middle of World War II and it has become the most iconic image of Churchill from that time period. So, when self-described Winston Churchill aficionado Michael Smerconish saw the photograph in a local gallery, signed by Churchill himself, he decided to add it to his collection. But now, Smerconish claims that he was duped. Read more »

Michael Smerconish Novel Optioned for TV Show


Michael Smerconish’s debut novel Talk has been optioned for a television show. The hour-long drama is expected to debut sometime before the 2016 election.

“Like anyone who’s ever written a novel, as I wrote it I envisioned it on the screen. Of course in most cases that doesn’t come to pass and now this looks like it will, and I couldn’t be more excited,” Smerconish told Politico. “I think the story lends itself to TV beautifully. In the world of House of Cards and Alpha House, I can definitely see Talk on a television screen.”

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Smerconish’s Death Penalty Lament

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 8.21.37 PM

Poor Michael Smerconish. Pennsylvania still isn’t killing people as fast as he’d like.

So the radio host/CNN talking head took to the most prominent op-ed space in Philly — the Sunday paper, right next to the editorials — and sounded off on an old hobby horse: Pennsylvania justice isn’t working correctly because the state too rarely carries out an execution.

“Today, no matter how heinous the murder, no killer could have a well-founded fear of actually being executed in Pennsylvania,” he lamented. And he’s right. Pennsylvania hasn’t carried out an execution that was opposed by the defendant since 1962.

One thing that Smerconish fails to properly consider, though, is how that empty death chamber might actually be serving the interests of justice.

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Michael Smerconish Writes Novel, Has Pillows with His Own Silhouette On Them

The Washington Post returns to the main line in Friday’s paper with a profile of Michael Smerconish.

Smerconish was once seen as a rising star in conservative radio; George W. Bush even called in to Smerconish’s show on election night in 2000. But as Bush’s popularity plummeted in his second term and right-wing talk radio lurched rightward in the mid-2000s, Smerconish’s more-nuanced takes fell a bit out of favor. He says he was pressured to get more right-wing — but wanted to continue to be a conservative moderate. Smerconish also, notably, says refused to take ads for gold-selling businesses, a recent staple of conservative radio.

Now he’s on satellite radio, and says he has “put [his] livelihood on the line” to show that moderate punditry does have an audience and … why am I bothering to recap these things, let’s talk about his pillows:

“I’m the referendum, aren’t I?” he says on the patio of his spacious home in swanky Villanova, Pa., his arm draped across a pillow bearing the outline of his signature bald head.

Do you think the Smerconish bald head logo was originally created by doing a silhouette cutout using a flashlight and his shadow? I hope so.

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