Can We Please Leave Michael Sam Alone?

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Unless you’ve been completely off of Facebook for the last 24 hours, you’ve most likely seen the tabloids reporting that former NFL hopeful Michael Sam and his fiancé Vito Cammisano have called it quits. In all honesty, we need to give these guys some privacy.

If I see one more person update their status with “Hey, Michael, I’m single! (insert random emoticon here),” I’m going to barf. Yes, Sam is, in essence, a public figure, so what he does on and off the football field is somewhat fair game for discussion. However, you’re showing a heck of lot of indignity by digitally throwing yourself at the dude. Read more »

Michael Sam on Coming Out Before the NFL Draft: “If I had it my way, I never would have done it the way I did.”

A preview of the GQ cover featuring Michael Sam.

A preview of the GQ cover featuring Michael Sam.

Out athlete Michael Sam graces the cover of the GQ “Men of the Year” issue, out on newsstands nationwide November 25, where he gives a candid interview about his childhood, his coming out, and all of that horrible locker room reporting. We have a preview of some of the more poignant moments of Sam’s interview with GQ writer Andrew Corsello. Read more »

Rugby Star Neil Francis: Gay People Have No Interest in Sports, But They Do Like Hair-Dressing

Retired rugby star Neil Francis.

Retired rugby star Neil Francis.

Michael Sam’s coming out as a gay man is, indeed, a game changer, but it really shouldn’t be the case.

Billie Jean KingGreg LouganisBrian Boitano.  All three are gay.  All three are athletes.  All three are a mere sampling of the thousands and thousands of gay men and women that have dedicated their lives to mastering the skills, endurance, and talent to excel in sport.

The fact is that the sporting community has always had gay people in it; even locally, Philadelphia is the proud home of athletic organizations that cater directly to local LGBT individuals.  The locally based Philadelphia Gryphons Rugby Football Club and The Fins Aquatic Group are two excellent examples of diverse groups of LGBT athletes who practice and compete for the greater good of sport.

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What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Here’s what the media are saying about the Eagles:

Most of the conversation today surrounds draft prospect Michael Sam, who could very well become the league’s  first openly-gay player. If you missed it, Peter King  pointed to the Eagles specifically as a team that would likely not hesitate to draft the Missouri product.

It could be that a liberal owner and progressive coach like Jeffrey Lurie and Chip Kelly of the Eagles will not care at all, and if he’s there in the fourth or fifth round will grab him.

When asked by Mike Sielski whether Sam’s announcement would affect the franchise’s willingness or unwillingness to draft him, a team spokesman responded, “Why would it change anything?” Read more »