Audit: Philly Firefighters Often Late to the Fire

fire department

Updated with comment from Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer.

City Controller Alan Butkovitz’s farewell present to outgoing Mayor Michael Nutter? A reminder of the ugly early years of Nutter’s administration, when recession-driven belt-tightening forced unwanted — and unpopular — choices.

One of those choices? The “brownout” policy, implemented in 2010, that cut the Philadelphia Fire Department budget by shutting down three fire companies per shift per day, and rotating firefighters away from their usual stations to fill in at other locations. It was only in 2014 that the administration began to back away from the policyRead more »

Trump Fires Back, Calls Nutter “Crude Dope” “Who Is Doing a Terrible Job”

Donald Trump | a katz / Michael Nutter | Jeff Fusco

Donald Trump | a katz / Michael Nutter | Jeff Fusco

Yesterday, Mayor Michael Nutter had a few choice words for Donald Trump during a news conference concerning the desecration of the Al-Aqsa Islamic Center mosque in South Kensington.

They included “asshole,” “madman” and “danger to society.”

Seems that word of the mayor’s remarks reached Trump via one of his followers on Twitter, a fellow named Jeff Schick who posts as @mysteriousLoser. He sent this message to The Donald: Read more »

Mayor Nutter: Trump Is an “Asshole,” a “Madman” and a “Danger to Society”

nutter mosque attack

[Updated with news of hate crimes reward announcement.]

On Tuesday afternoon, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and Mayor-elect Jim Kenney as well as other officials and local religious leaders gathered at City Hall to respond to the pig head left at a North Philadelphia mosque on Sunday night.

Nutter also used it as an opportunity to deliver a blistering tirade against Donald Trump, who this week suggested closing the borders to Muslim immigrants entirely. Read more »

Mayor: I Wish I Could Ban Donald Trump from Philly

No Trumps Allowed

Photo Illustration | Dan McQuade

Mayor Michael Nutter doesn’t like Donald Trump. And after Trump’s Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., he had some strong words for the businessman/mogul/frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

“If I had the power,” Nutter said, “the only banning that would be done is that I would ban him from Philadelphia. We don’t have any room for that kind of stupidity here.” Nutter also called Trump’s comments “flat-out ignorant.” Read more »

On Pope Visit Costs, Mayor Nutter Insults Our Intelligence One Last Time


So this is how Mayor Nutter is going out: By insulting Philadelphia’s intelligence.

We were going to have a sour taste in our mouths anyway after discovering in today’s Inky that taxpayers will pay $8 million in costs associated with the September visit of Pope Francis to the city. Most of us had understood that the costs of the visit would be borne by the World Meeting of Families.

Turns out there were some caveats. Read more »

Michael Nutter Looks Back

Clockwise from top left: Winning the election in January 2008 (photo: AP); November 2015 (photo: Adam Jones); during the September 2008 financial collapse (photo: AP); meeting President Obama in October 2010 (photo: AP); after the June 2013 building collapse at 22nd and Market (photo: Matt Rourke/AP/Corbis).

Clockwise from top left: Winning the election in January 2008 (photo: AP); November 2015 (photo: Adam Jones); during the September 2008 financial collapse (photo: AP); meeting President Obama in October 2010 (photo: AP); after the June 2013 building collapse at 22nd and Market (photo: Matt Rourke/AP/Corbis).

On January 4th, Mayor Michael Nutter’s eight-year run as Philadelphia’s 98th mayor will end. He’ll be replaced by Jim Kenney, an old friend and schoolmate of Nutter’s who in more recent years developed into an on-again, off-again antagonist. Nutter has no shortage of those. The political class has been eagerly awaiting his departure for years. And while he’s more popular with voters than are many mayors, Philadelphia never fell for Nutter the way it did for Ed Rendell. Yet Nutter leaves Philadelphia safer, more populous, better educated—at the collegiate level, anyway—more ethical and more financially stable than he found it. That’s in spite of a Great Recession that knocked his administration to the ground his very first year in office. Read more »

WATCH: Mayor Nutter Joins Inky Staff for Air Guitar Video

Here’s the Inquirer staff — joined by an incredibly game Mayor Nutter — playing air guitar to a classic ZZ Top song.

The video is part of the Rock Out Brain Tumors Challenge to raise money and awareness for brain tumors. You can make donations to the National Brain Tumor Society here. The Daily News started the wave of air guitar videos last week, when it made its own to honor Gar Joseph, the paper’s city editor who is being treated for such tumors. Read more »

Mayor-Elect Kenney Picks Finance, Commerce Bosses

Jim Kenney | Photo by Jeff Fusco

Jim Kenney | Photo by Jeff Fusco

Mayor-elect Jim Kenney revealed on Monday the members of his administration who will be in charge of finance and commerce.

He named Rob Dubow, the current finance director for Mayor Michael Nutter, the city’s chief financial officer. It’s an interesting pick, given how much Kenney’s former colleagues on Council have grilled Dubow during past budget hearings. Then again, Kenney has praised Nutter for keeping the city afloat during the Great Recession, and Dubow was a huge part of that.

Kenney chose another Nutter official, budget director Rebecca Rhyhart, to be his chief administration officer, a new cabinet-level position that will “focus on improving the way the city allocates resources, acquires goods and services, and the way it hires, trains and compensates employees,” according to a press release from Kenney’s team. Read more »

Nutter, Kenney Back Wolf’s Welcome of Syrian Refugees

Jim Kenney and Mayor Nutter. | City Council Flickr

Jim Kenney and Mayor Nutter. | City Council Flickr

The cause of Syrian refugees has become controversial in the wake of last weekend’s terrorist attacks in Paris, but Philadelphia’s incoming and outgoing mayors both say they would welcome such refugees to the city.

Mayor Nutter joins Gov. Wolf in supporting the relocation of refugees from Syria to Pennsylvania and Philadelphia,” spokesman Mark McDonald said today in response to a Philadelphia inquiry.

Lauren Hitt, a spokesman for Mayor-Elect Jim Kenney, noted that Kenney had offered a statement supporting Wolf early in the week.  Read more »

Gender Neutral Bathroom Bill Signing at Fergie’s Pub a Major Crossroads

Fergie's Pub

When a bill is signed into law, most ceremonies are invitation only and take place in government buildings. That’s why today’s signing of Philadelphia’s gender neutral bathroom bill is such an interesting twist. The ceremony is taking place at Fergie’s Pub, a location that isn’t necessarily the first to come to mind when thinking about the transgender community, despite it being located pretty much in the Gayborhood.  Read more »

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