10 Dreadful Entertainment-Themed Halloween Costumes That Shouldn’t Exist

‘Tis the season for those pop-up Halloween stores that open at vacant former mega-bookstores or old, abandoned Circuit City locations: they are warehouses of spooky crap that reminds me why I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in ages. Just the other day, I spotted two recently opened locations: one on Chestnut Street between 15th and 16th and another in Cherry Hill across from the mall.

But even worse than these temporary warehouses of inflatable ghost lawn decorations: the costumes.

People, these things aren’t cute. They aren’t funny. And they look like someone with the social IQ of, like, negative ten came up with the ideas.

Below are ten of the absolute worst entertainment-themed costumes you can find at the earlier mentioned Halloween outlets (these all came from Spirit Halloween). Please, proceed with great caution…




10 Iconic Michael Jackson Live Performances: A Look Back On the Fifth Anniversary of His Death

michael jackson live performances

Today marks the five-year anniversary of the death of pop icon Michael Jackson. Since that day, Jackson’s estate has been rolling in dough, due to booming music royalties, two successful posthumous albums and Cirque Du Soleil’s “Immortal World Tour,” which has logged in over 500 sold-out performances since its launch in 2011. It certainly seems as if Michael never left us.

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Opening Tonight: Varga Bar

After months of delays, the Gayborhood’s newest drinking spot — Varga Bar — officially opens tonight. If you want to read more about the décor (pinup models), the food (serious comfort fare), and the booze (lots of great beers — neighbor Tria, watch out!), check in with our friends at Foobooz, who have more information than any one person needs to know.

Varga Bar, 10th and Spruce streets; 215-627-5200.

Morning Beer, Hen and Aging Rock Star Roundup

Wait! Did you know there’s a big beer thing happening next week? And beer is back? And Michael Jackson is not just a guy who forces his children to wear blankets on their heads, but is also a recently deceased beer expert? And guys like beer and women like wine, sometimes? And Craig LaBan has a list of favorite places to drink beer that resembles just about everyone else’s?

Northeast High finally figures out what to do with those chickens that stormed the building last month: put them to work.

Meanwhile, in Camden, if you don’t behave, the principal will make you eat off of the gymnasium floor. Did you ever notice sharp provolone smells like dirty sweatsocks?

Richie Sambora dined at Morton’s – wonder if he ran into Nutter?

Toast To Michael Jackson

On Sunday September 30th at 9 PM bars across the country will be raising their glasses to the Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson. Jackson passed away on August 30th and as a way to salute the man who probably did more for good beer than any other, bars are organizing this toast and proceeds will benefit the Parkinsons research. Here’s a list of Philadelphia bars participating. If you know of any bars we missed, please add a comment.

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Today’s Metro

In today’s Metro The Bite highlights a toast to the Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson that is set for next Sunday.
It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day and the Grey Lodge is celebrating and Rittenhouse Square has a new sports bar.

Beer Hunter Remembered [Metro Philadelphia]