Meritage Is Doing A Flower Show Tasting Menu


The Philadelphia Flower Show is in town from March 1-9, and Meritage is getting in on the action with a new, flower-based tasting menu that’ll be running from Saturday to Saturday, March 1 through March 8.

Chive blossoms, pansies, lavender, apples, elderflower and squash blossoms, all going in your food-hole. And all for just $39 per person which, if you checked out this morning’s post on the prices of prix fixe menus around the city, you’ll understand is a killer bargain.

Check out the menu after the jump.

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Post-Holiday-Shopping Game Tasting Menu At Meritage


Just in time to help you recover from whatever holiday buying exertions you’re putting yourself through in this run-up to the holidays, Meritage is launching a game tasting menu that they’re hoping will be a draw for exhausted shoppers all across the city. It’s 5 courses, $39 per person (which is a steal), and the kitchen will be running it from Wednesday, December 11 through Saturday, December 14.

Oh, and of course we have the menu…

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Meritage Logo Throwdown

Meritage is offering a $29 “staff meal” tomorrow through Saturday, November 2nd. But the big story is Meritage has changed its logo and that means the return of the Logo Throwdown.

Which logo do you like better, the old or the new?

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Susanna Foo Tribute Dinner At Meritage


Anne Coll, chef at Meritage, has worked with a lot of big names (Georges Perrier, for example). But she learned a lot of her best tricks from Susanna Foo while working at her mentor’s eponymous Susanna Foo Chinese Cuisine on Walnut Street.

Now, in honor of that time, she’s putting together a Susanna Foo Tribute Menu at Meritage. It’ll be available from Wednesday, Oct 9 through Saturday, Oct 12, and features versions of “her mentor’s famous dishes from Susanna Foo Chinese Cuisine.” The menu is four courses (plus an amuse), and is going prix fixe at just $39 per person. Reservations, of course, are strongly recommended.

Check out the full menu after the jump.

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A Farm To Table Tasting Menu At Meritage


Yeah, yeah… Everyone is doing farm-to-table these days (except for those who aren’t), and sometimes it’s hard to get excited about yet another menu touting its connections to the local zip code.

But here’s the thing about farm-to-table menus. Every once in a while, one comes along that just feels…inspired. Like the chef really did what chefs are supposed to do when faced with one of these events–looked at the bounty at hand and used both the availability and the scarcity to inspire them in the creation of truly interesting, seasonal plates.

It might help here that Anne Coll was sourcing partly from her own garden. It might help that Meritage is running this thing during one of the true boom-months for Philadelphia-area growers. But it really is a beautiful, poetic board. So take a look and, if the flavors move you, there’s a link at the bottom of the page for making reservations.

Show me the menu

New Happy Hour at Meritage Begins Tonight


The Meritage  will break out a new happy hour menu starting today, May 17. The specials will be available every Tuesday through Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Graduate Hospital restaurant and wine bar. A bucket of pony Corona’s for $10 and a Korean pork taco for $5 highlight the new menu. And if you want more than just a drink and some snacks, Meritage is still offering its spring tasting menu with seared scallops, roasted lamb loin, and a flourless chocolate torte at just $35 for the rest of the month.

The entire happy hour menu »

Korean Tasting Menu At Meritage



Korea is a hot topic right now, and it’d be really weird of me to try to connect any Philadelphia food-related news to the politically unstable, war-torn region of North and South Korea. I really shouldn’t.

But speaking of Korea…

Meritage’s Anne Coll has innocuously created a Korean inspired menu, because Korean food is off the hook, and because we shouldn’t let whatever is happening out there take away from what’s happening over here. It’s available through Friday, March 15, so you should go eat there right now because it’ll be awesome. And also because if you don’t, they win.

How’s that for motivation?

The Menu

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