Main Line Monday: A French Fantasy in Merion Station

247 Winding Way, Merion Station, Pa. 19066 | TREND images via Keller Williams Realty

247 Winding Way, Merion Station, Pa. 19066 | TREND images via Keller Williams Realty

Sometimes, the soul just craves a romanticized French farmhouse rather than a traditional colonial home on the Main Line.

This beautiful Normandy-style stone home, built in the mid-1920s in a style modeled after French provincial country manors, is nestled on dreamily landscaped grounds in Merion Station. From a distance, you can easily spot the home’s most distinctive feature: the round stone tower topped by a cone-shaped roof with a touch of Tudor style decorative timbering. Approach the front doors at your own risk: you may find yourself just about ready to purchase this home from the curb appeal alone, what with its four sets of French doors topped with hand-carved wooden lintels. Read more »

Big Turnout for Merion Meeting to Talk About St. Charles Seminary Redevelopment


At the Merion Tribute House on Wednesday night, Susan Guthrie began by telling her larger than expected audience, “We believe it’s better to be prepared and not needed, than needed and unprepared.” Guthrie is one of the founding members of the recently formed Coalition for Neighborhood Character and Quality (CNCQ), a community group which hopes to minimize the negative impacts as St. Charles Seminary moves ahead with its plan to sell more than half of the 80 acres it currently occupies in Wynnewood.

Earlier this week Property reported that the Pittsburgh-based HHF LP announced
last week that “it has been exclusively retained for the disposition of the St. Charles
Borromeo Seminary Development Site.”

Before the meeting began, CNCQ members had neatly arranged about 50 chairs in the front room of the Tribute House (the room that’s usually used for serving cocktails to wedding and Bar/Bat Mitzvah guests before they’re ushered into “the big room” for dinner and dancing).

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US Open Eating Guide


During US Open week, tens of thousands of golf fans will invade Merion and the Main Line. Here are some suburban suggestions on where to eat (and drink) while remaining chain-free.

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US Golf Open Rental: For Some Portion of $40,000 You’d Better See Beads of Tiger’s Sweat

This five-bedroom, four-bath property in Ardmore is listed at $40,000 a month, and while that is rather on the prohibitive side for many, it has some real merit. First of all, the street name–Golfview Road–inspires confidence. As well it should: the 6,000-square-foot home is right on the 7th hole/8th tee (no idea what that means, but it’s apparently a good thing) with multiple balconies and a patio for clear views.

There’s also a hospitality suite, for those who like to be hospitable, and daily cleaning service. The price is $40,000 per month, but that will surely get amortized depending on length of stay.

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10 Main Line Homes Where Tiger Woods Could Sleep During the U.S. Golf Open

The 2013 USGA Open Championship will be held at the Merion Golf Club this year, and that means many overnight guests will come for at least a week in June and need places to stay–including odds-on favorite Tiger Woods. Savvy Main Line property owners are taking advantage of the influx of moneyed spectators by charging unfathomable (though obviously quite plausible) rental prices, some of them just for a driveway or lawn. As with other large sporting events, the closer the home is to the venue, the higher the price, but with golf, there’s a little wrinkle as its fans like to stay on the venue if possible. So the homes that charge the most are on the golf club grounds.

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For Sale: The Former Home of Albert Barnes, the Man Behind the Barnes Foundation

It took Dr. Michael Toaff and his wife five minutes to decide they were going to buy Albert Barnes’s Merion estate in 1988. That was all the time the owner would allow for them to make up their minds. “She had a watch,” Toaff said. “I ran through the house.” He made an offer for $5,000 more than the asking price on the spot. He also waived mortgage contingencies. At more than 10,000 square feet on two of the four stories alone, that’s quite a dash.
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Answering a Higher Calling at Citron and Rose


David Magerman set out to open a kosher Subway. What he got instead was a whole lot better. Trey Popp reviews Citron and Rose.

I’d lean toward the more rib-sticking fare—n­otably a veal breast roulade and apple/celeriac kugel that rise like volcanic islands over a lake of lava-hued beet jus. That and a Frisco Kid cocktail (rye, fernet, ginger, lime) could inspire a search for Ashkenazi ancestors in your family tree, just to see if they ever knew how to cook like this.

Three Stars – Excellent

Keeping it Kosher at Citron and Rose [Philadelphia Magazine]
Citron and Rose [Official Site]

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