Monday Obsession: The Insane Sock Selection at Ps & Qs



In a sea of black puffers and wool coats, it can be tricky to make a sartorial statement in the winter. To the rescue: Ps & Qs’s crazy-extensive collection of men’s socks. With over 36 pairs ranging from Norse cable knit to American Trench herringbone to heritage-inspired Pendleton picks, there are plenty of ways to punch up the style of your cold-weather boots with a fun print or pop of color. Boring trouser socks, be damned.

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Goorin Bros. Hat Shop to Open on Walnut Street Next Month

Image via Goorin Bros.

Hat aficionados, we’ve got good news: Old-fashioned-in-the-best-way hat shop Goorin Bros. is slated to open in Rittenhouse next month. The family-owned hat-centric shop is known for its impeccably dressed staff, old-school vibes and their overall attention to detail—both with the hats and the shop. You can see why we’re excited.

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Retail News: Totem Brand Opens New South Street Location

Image via Totem Brand.

Image via Totem Brand.

Stylish men, rejoice! Totem Brand has moved into a spiffy new 2,000 square foot space just three doors down from their former location. Owner Phillip Yi says the quiet move (it happened discreetly two weeks ago) was necessary after outgrowing 529 South Street, which is good news for us because they’re rolling out tons of new brands to stock the shop.

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Market Report: Pitbull Addresses His World Cup Mankles

  • Finally. Pitbull has addressed the snug ankle-baring pants he wore during this World Cup performance with Jennifer Lopez. Turns out, he has a sense of humor. [The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon]
  • Just when we thought we saw every incarnation of BB cream, Orly comes out with BB cream for nails. [Huffington Post]
  • Have you ever bought a sold-out limited edition MAC lipstick for triple the price on Ebay? You probably bought it from an eBay makeup reseller. Here’s the scoop on this underground industry. [Refinery 29]

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Market Report: The Shorts Suit is Now a Thing

9 Reasons to Start Using Coal in Your Beauty Routine

  • It’s official: The shorts suit is now a thing. WHYYYY? We blame Pharrell. [Business Insider]
  • Did you know there was an award show for perfume excellence? Neither did we—it’s called the Fragrance Foundation Awards. See if your scent made the cut. [Glamour]
  • Apparently clothing and accessories proudly displaying James Franco’s face is in high demand on Etsy. Here’s a roundup of the best, if not creepiest, picks. [Styleite]

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Bradley Cooper Was Dressed Like a Slob on the Red Carpet


Image via Splash.

Our sister blog Ticket just alerted us to the travesty that is Bradley Cooper’s most recent red carpet look. Rarely do we make a fuss about red carpet looks over at Shoppist—I mean, everyone is just so boring these days—but for this, we had to make an exception. Bradley, sweet, sweet Bradley, where was Suki Waterhouse to give you a little sartorial direction? Or at least a clean shirt?

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I Tried It: My Very First (And Last) Chest Wax


The nipples. The nipples are where I think it all went bad. I can’t remember. It’s all just a foggy, pain-filled memory now.

Or maybe it all went bad before that — like at the precise moment I agreed to have my chest waxed in the first place. Take one look at me and you’ll pretty quickly discern I’m not really the kind of guy who gets a regular wax: I’m chunky, and recently ended a half-decade of freelance writing, so my wardrobe consists mostly of blue jeans and black T-shirts. My hair is generally trim and so are my nails, but I’m not at all fashionable — I don’t live anywhere near the Realm of Metrosexuality. Chest waxes? Those are for guys with extra cash to drop and a bit more style than I’ve ever demonstrated.

Still, when the call went out at Philly Mag for men to test local “manscaping” establishments, I volunteered. Why? A couple of reasons. First: The adventure — part of the fun of journalism is getting, occasionally to do and see things close up that other people either can’t or won’t do. I’ve been in police chases, presidential motorcades, and more. It’s more fun to say “yes” to new experiences than to fear them.

Right? One problem: Some experiences are meant to be feared.

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