WHYY CEO Bill Marrazzo’s Pay Last Year: $842,832

Back in 2007, WHYY CEO Bill Marrazzo’s pay was called “excessive and inappropriate” by his employees. An Inquirer columnist demanded a boycott of the public radio station over it. An anonymous group of WHYY workers urged him to resign in large part because of it.

At the time, he was making about $430,000 a year. What’s the reaction going to be after his latest pay jump? Read more »

What $500K Will Buy You in Media

154 Longview Circle, Media, Pa. 19063 | Image via Zillow

154 Longview Circle, Media, Pa. 19063 | Image via Zillow

Media is one of those community-revitalization success stories: over a span of about three decades, the once-dowdy Delaware County seat transformed itself into an attractive and lively small community whose Main Street, State Street, has become a regional draw for dining, theater and neighborhood shopping (even as the regional mall outside it was heading in the opposite direction).

“Everybody’s Hometown,” it turns out, remains a very affordable place even with the change. We went looking for a house for sale for $500,000 within the borough’s borders and couldn’t find one. The most expensive home of the handful currently on the market within the borough cost only $395,000.

But if you expand your search to include the surrounding area within Media’s ZIP code (19063), you can find some pretty nice homes priced around $500,000. Most of them are in Upper Providence Township, which all but surrounds the wedge-shaped borough, and that’s where our three picks are also located: Read more »

Out-of-Town Journalists Can’t Stop Complaining About Philly

Media services tent photo — several chairs are overturned

The media services desk at the Democratic National Convention, possibly after being ransacked by angry out-of-town journalists | Photo: Dan McQuade

Journalists are saying mean things about Philadelphia. Now a Philadelphia publication is writing about it. Stop the presses!

To recap: On Monday, journalists apparently realized the convention was located about four miles south of Center City, at the Wells Fargo Center. Even though every Philadelphia reporter I knew had an uneventful, quick ride home on the Broad Street Subway, out-of-towners who drove or took Uber waited a long time to get out of the arena. They complained about it on Twitter, and I wrote about it.

Philadelphians on Twitter responded to whining journalists on Twitter like they always do: With a righteous indignation that rivals that of Bernie Sanders supporters. Like Bernie-or-Busters, they care deeply about what they believe in and they do not like being mocked for their beliefs. They also have some pretty great lines. “Journalists love to fancy themselves as savvy and street-smart until they’re slightly inconvenienced,” tweeted @ArkansasFred. Read more »

A Q&A with Don Russell, New Editor-in-Chief of Philly Weekly

Don Russell - Joe Sixpack - photo of him holding a beer

Photo via joesixpack.net

Earlier this week, Broad Street Media announced it had been purchased by Donnelly Distribution, an advertising and circular company in New Jersey. Donnelly’s purchased gave them a chain of community newspapers in Philadelphia and the suburbs, including the Northeast Times, the South Philly Review and the Fishtown Star. It also bought Philadelphia Weekly, the remaining alt-weekly in town.

At the time of the announcement, Donnelly Distribution also announced it had installed a new editor-in-chief of all its publications: Don Russell. Best known as beer columnist Joe Sixpack, he recently announced he’d be taking his column away from the Daily News and to the Weekly and its sister publications. Before taking a buyout at the DN in 2005, he was a longtime reporter for the tabloid pub.

Philadelphia magazine chatted with Russell about the future of PW and the other papers. This interview has been lightly edited for style and condensed. Read more »

Philly Weekly, Northeast Times Sold to N.J. Circular Company

Joe Sixpack - PW

Don Russell (aka Joe Sixpack) is the new editor-in-chief of a group of publications that includes Philadelphia Weekly, the Northeast Times and the South Philly Review.

A company that drops circulars on Philadelphia-area doorsteps just got a bit bigger.

Donnelly Distribution, a Pennsauken-based circular distribution company that was previously a minority owner of the newspaper group, announced today it had acquired Broad Street Media from former CEO Darwin Oordt and other owners. Broad Street Media owns Philadelphia Weekly, the Northeast Times, South Philly Review as well as other smaller newspapers.

Don Russell, the longtime Daily News scribe who worked at the paper for years and penned the Joe Sixpack beer column, has been named the editor-in-chief of Broad Street Media. Russell announced he was moving the column to the Broad Street Media papers earlier this month.

“I’m a true believer in the value of community newspapers, and it’s my aim to support journalistic excellence at all of these publications,” Donnelly Distribution president Richard Donnelly said. “We have already developed exciting plans for their future.” Read more »

Meet the Philly Student Magazine That Just Got Credentialed to Cover the DNC

The Motivos teams at Taller Puertorriqueño's Meet the Author series. Courtesy of Jenée Chizick-Agüero

The Motivos teams at Taller Puertorriqueño’s Meet the Author series. Courtesy of Jenée Chizick-Agüero

If this freaky electoral season has given us anything to be certain about, it is that diversity and inclusion are still quite an issue in our country.

From Donald Trump’s exclusion of Mexicans and Muslims from the “we” that is supposed to describe America, to Hillary Clinton’s inability to convince young Bernie voters that the mainstream Democratic Party is inclusive enough to welcome them and their core issues — the United States is going through what amounts to an identity crisis.

And, for better or worse, that identity crisis — at least the Democratic side of it — will be in evidence at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

But it won’t manifest in the media coverage. Or at least not in all of the media coverage. Motivos — a bilingual magazine staffed and produced by college and graduating high school-age journalists and headquartered West Poplar Community Center in Fairmount — just received notice of preliminary credentialing to cover the Democratic National Convention.

Unexpected. And unexpectedly inclusive.  Read more »

Inquirer, Daily News Hiking Newsstand Prices to $1.50

inquirer daily news newspapers

Philadelphia Media Network — the parent company of the Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com — will be raising the price of weekday single issues of both papers from $1.00 to $1.50 beginning May 23rd.

“Our pricing reflects the value associated with our products,” said a PMN spokeswoman in statement.  Read more »

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