Mazzoni Center Announces Nancy Brisbon As Medical Director

Dr. Nancy Brisbon

Following the resignation of former medical director Dr. Robert Winn in April, Mazzoni Center has announced that the nonprofit’s new medical director will be Nancy Brisbon, a current employee at the organization. The Gayborhood nonprofit says that Brisbon was offered the position “after a thorough interview and vetting process conducted by a search committee and the Board of Directors.”
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Mazzoni Center Staff Vote to Unionize

Mazzoni Center staff and union organizers immediately after unionization vote results.

After weeks of internal turmoil over the decision to consider unionization, Mazzoni Center front-line staff voted 51-34 on Wednesday evening in favor of a petition to organize filed by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The vote follows months of management woes and staff protests at the controversial Gayborhood nonprofit and recent concerns over the organization’s hiring of an alt-right, anti-union consulting firm.

“It happened, it really happened,” a staff member said as a group of them rejoiced outside of Mazzoni Center headquarters at Broad and Bainbridge. “Change is really coming.” Read more »

Mazzoni Center Responds to Community Criticism Over Interim Executive Director

Mazzoni Center Washington Square West Location | Courtesy of Mazzoni Center

Criticism has emerged following last week’s announcement that Stephen Glassman would be Mazzoni Center’s interim executive director after a recent slew of resignations at the nonprofit. Some LGBTQ community members have complained on social media that Glassman, a cis-gender white gay male, does not represent the diversity they were expecting, while others working at Mazzoni said they feel the decision “came out of nowhere.” Read more »

Mazzoni Center Announces Stephen Glassman As Interim Executive Director

Stephen Glassman | Photo courtesy of the Mazzoni Center

Following the resignations of its CEO/executive director Nurit Shein and board president Dr. Jimmy Ruiz in April, the board of the Mazzoni Center announced on Monday that the nonprofit’s interim executive director will be Stephen Glassman, former executive director of the ACLU of Connecticut and former chairperson of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. The organization says that Glassman “will focus on operations, finances, programming, development and other day-to-day issues during this critical transition period, until a permanent leader for Mazzoni is identified.” He will also be reporting directly to the board of directors.
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OPINION: Brian Sims, Stop Chasing the National Spotlight and Focus on the Gayborhood

State Rep. Brian Sims

State Rep. Brian Sims

If you frequent the Gayborhood, by now you’re aware of the ongoing conversations surrounding racial discrimination in the community. You’re most likely also familiar with the recent turmoil at the community’s leading LGBTQ nonprofit, Mazzoni Center. Regardless of your personal thoughts on these issues, you can’t ignore the impact both have had on the Gayborhood.

But oddly enough, it doesn’t appear as though our only openly gay state legislator finds these issues worthy of urgent concern. State Rep. Brian Sims, whose legislative district encompasses the Gayborhood, has been curiously hands-off when it comes to engaging in these public disputes in his own backyard. Read more »

Meet the Activist Who Protested Mazzoni With an HIV Meds Strike

Abdul-Aliy Muhammad. Photography by Louie Ortiz-Fonseca.

Abdul-Aliy Muhammad. Photography by Louie Ortiz-Fonseca.

Last Friday afternoon, after Mazzoni Center’s board of directors publicly reaffirmed its support of CEO/executive director Nurit Shein following a walkout by half of the nonprofit’s 138 full-time staffer members over concerns with her leadership, former Mazzoni employee and patient Abdul-Aliy Muhammad publicly vowed to refuse their HIV medication until she stepped down.

Just three days later, on Monday morning, Mazzoni announced a huge leadership shakeup — both Shein and board president Dr. Jimmy Ruiz had resigned. The organization has not commented on the reasons behind the board’s decision, but it would be hard to believe that Muhammad’s stance — which had already begun to gain national attention — had no part to play in the outcome. Read more »

More Than 60 Mazzoni Staffers Walk Out, Call on CEO Nurit Shein to Resign

Mazzoni Center staff members during a walkout. Photo by Ernest Owens

Mazzoni Center staff members during a walkout. Photo by Ernest Owens

A week after Dr. Robert Winn resigned as Mazzoni Center’s medical director following reports that he was the subject of an investigation, more than 60 full-time staffers of the nonprofit are now calling for executive director/CEO Nurit Shein to step down.

“Nurit Shein, resign!” said Anthony Leon, a youth education manager at Mazzoni, at the conclusion of a PCHR-mandated organization-wide training session on racial bias on Thursday morning. Staff members began to confront Shein over what they claimed was her lack of transparency surrounding the allegations against Dr. Winn and other internal issues. Former Mazzoni staff members were also present during the confrontation. Read more »

Robert Winn Resigns as Mazzoni Center’s Medical Director

Robert Winn | Image via Mazzoni Center's website.

Robert Winn | Image via Mazzoni Center’s website.

After a week of speculation and public outcry from community members over the suspension of Mazzoni Center medical director Dr. Robert Winn pending the outcome of an investigation, the nonprofit’s board confirmed his resignation on Friday morning. The announcement follows a private Mazzoni executive session board meeting held on Thursday night. Read more »

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