The Brief: Pay by Phone Parking Coming to Philly Really Soon


1. Parking kiosk down again? No problem.

The gist: PlanPhilly reports that the Philadelphia Parking Authority has picked a company — Pango USA — to provide a pay by phone parking service. The cost to the consumer is one cent per transaction, PlanPhilly reports. The system could be ready to go within 60 days, but will be piloted between 4th and 20th Streets and Arch and Locust Streets first. Read more »

City Council Votes to Make Permanent the Office of LGBT Affairs

helen fitzpatrick

Director of the Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs Helen FItzpatrick at this week’s IBA LGBT Business Leaders Luncheon. | Photo courtesy of JPG Photography

This afternoon, Philadelphia City Council passed a bill to make permanent the Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs, which is currently headed by Director Helen Fitzpatrick.

But the move isn’t completely official yet. In order to pass, the bill requires a change to the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, which must be signed by the  Mayor and voted on by the public in the November general election. The ballot measure will read:

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Philadelphia Sick Leave Law Starts Wednesday

city hall sick leave

Believe it or not, Philadelphia’s sick leave law goes into effect Wednesday.

Why would that be so hard to believe? Consider: Mayor Nutter vetoed sick leave legislation twice in recent years before undergoing a conversion on the issue. And opposition to such worker-friendly requirements is so intense that Republicans tried to block Philly’s bill in the Pennsylvania Legislature. (They’ve only passed the Senate with their bill; even if they get the House, they’d have to do so in sufficient numbers to override a likely veto from Gov. Tom Wolf.)

Now, according to some estimates, 200,000 Philadelphia workers stand to benefit. Read more »

Michael Nutter’s Top 9 Profane Moments

Photos | Top row, Jeff Fusco. Bottom row, from left, Matt Rourke/AP, Meet the Press, Matt Rourke/AP

Mayor Michael Nutter might not be swearing in these images — but the odds are decent. Photos | Top row, Jeff Fusco. Bottom row, from left, Matt Rourke/AP, Meet the Press, Matt Rourke/AP

When Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter leaves office, we’ll miss his potty mouth.

Since he was sworn in seven years ago, he has called an assortment of criminals “real assholes,” “complete assholes” and “little assholes.” He’s dubbed a proposal by the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre “a completely dumb-ass idea.” He’s said of negligent city workers, “I would kick their ass myself.”

Usually, Nutter swears in reaction to the city’s gun violence. It often comes across as genuine, like someone who is truly frustrated by the senselessness of it all. Just last week, he said a shooter was an “asshole” after wounding an 8-year-old. The downside is that Nutter’s name-calling sometimes undercuts the seriousness of a situation — is the person responsible for a child’s shooting really just an “asshole”?

Regardless, there is a political benefit to cussing: Nutter looks like a regular Joe when he lets a bad word slip. He also nearly always gets local media attention, and occasionally even wins national coverage. We’re not ashamed to add to that mountain of reports. For your profane pleasure, here are nine of Nutter’s most high-profile cusses in chronological order:

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City Hall Wants to Delay Parking App


The Philadelphia Parking Authority wants to offer a new smartphone app that would nearly automate the process of paying for on-street parking, but it has run into opposition from the Nutter Administration. Turns out the city that gave the world Parking Wars depends on some friction in the process.

Otherwise, officials say, it’ll be hard to raise money for Philadelphia public schools. KYW reports: Read more »

Nutter Resists Calls to Reduce Enforcement of Low-Level Crimes

Last week we told you about the 36,000 black men “missing” in Philadelphia, gone from the city either because they’re in prison or dead at a young age. Some experts believe overincarceration is a problem, but Mayor Michael Nutter isn’t buying it.

On CNN’s State of the Union with Michael Smerconish on Sunday, Nutter rejected the idea he should reduce enforcement of low-level crimes in order to reduce high levels of incarceration: Read more »

(Update) Nutter Offers $20K Reward in Hit-and-Run


[Update 12:35 p.m.] Police have released video from the incident. It does not show the precise moment of impact, but be warned it may still be difficult to watch:

To submit a tip, call 215.686.TIPS (8477) or send a text to PPD TIP or 773847.

[Original] Mayor Nutter is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a driver whose SUV struck and killed a 4-year-old boy Monday night in Southwest Philly. Read more »

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