Market Report: 5 Runway-Inspired Hairstyles for Spring That Are Surprisingly Easy

Sleek is in. | Image via Shutterstock

  • Beat humidity and spring’s other hair snafus with these five runway-inspired hairstyles. Bring on the braids and coiled buns! [Glamour]
  • Christian Louboutin has expanded its selection of nude heels to include more shades. [The Cut]
  • This application technique will make your favorite face mask even more effective (read: the most glowy skin ever). [Byrdie]

How many outfits during Blake Lively wear in a single day?

Market Report: 7 Laundry Hacks You Need to Know Before Washing Your Denim

Keep your jeans looking new. | Image via Shutterstock

  • Maintain your denim’s shape and pigment with these 7 game-changing laundry hacks. (Hint: swap your soap for vinegar.) [She Finds]
  • And while we’re talking denim, here’s how to find the best-fitting pair of jeans for your derriere with tips from the best denim experts in the biz. [Refinery29]
  • Step aside, Kylie Jenner. This easy lipstick layering trick is how Marilyn Monroe scored her full pout. [Town & Country]

The six soothing face mists that are worth purchasing.

These 8 Fashion Formulas Will Make Getting Ready in the Morning a Breeze


Your morning routine just got a whole lot easier. | Shutterstock.

  • Streamline your morning routine by following these eight fashion formulas (think: how many rings to wear on each hand and how high you should cuff your jeans). [Refinery29]
  • Update your wardrobe with 30 spring-ready, budget-friendly bags under $300. [The Zoe Report]
  • Are these sandals the new Birkenstock? [Vogue]

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Market Report: 7 New Ways to Wear Your Favorite Things

  • Refreshing your closet for spring doesn’t necessarily mean buying all new everything. Here’s how to change up the way you wear your belt, your scarves and your spring jackets for a whole new look. [WhoWhatWear]
  • Kohl’s just announced that it’s rolling out a new designer collaboration, this time with Thakoon, set to launch in the fall. [Kohl’s]
  • Talk about lucky finds: A man found a dress on the floor of a costume company and bought it for $20. Turns out it was one of the dresses worn by Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind, and it just sold at auction for $137,000. [Glamour]

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Market Report: 15 Biggest Fashion Faux Pas of 2015


Fashion rules to follow now. | Shutterstock.

  • Here are 15 major — and modern! — fashion faux pas to avoid in 2015. (We’re looking at you, graphic tees.)  [Refinery29]
  • Blake Lively has teamed up with cult-fave denim line Rialto Denim Project for a handful of limited-edition hand-painted (and gorgeous!) jeans. [Vogue]
  • Some of pop culture’s biggest names (Pharrell, Katy Perry) own the Apple watch, but are fashion heavyweights buying in? Not quite. [Fashionista]

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Market Report: 7 Bizarre But Genius Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

Images via Daily Makeover

Images via Daily Makeover

  • If your bathroom looks like a Sephora threw up in it, you’re not alone. Here are 7 out-of-the-box hacks to organizing your beauty products and getting rid of all the disaster. [Byrdie]
  • Rebel Wilson proved to the world that you don’t have you to be a size 0 to don the famous angel wings and still look fierce doing it. [Elle]
  • Kiddy-fashion faux pas, or slyly awesome? Check out the new “Bello Yellow” collection by Giles Deacon, inspired by our favorite nonsensical yellow minions. [WWD]

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Market Report: 5 Steps to Totally Concealing a Blemish


Your emergency blemish cover-up plan. | Shutterstock.

  • Consider these the five commandments of concealing a zit: primer, foundation, concealer, powder … and a spoon. [Byrdie]
  • These 10 brilliantly simple shower hacks will fight rust stains on your shaving cream bottle (ugh), keep your products organized and clear off your cluttered bathtub ledge. [Cosmopolitan]
  • A peek inside Brooklyn-based Bindle & Keep, a company that crafts gorgeous bespoke (and androgynous) suits for the LGBTQ community. [Styleite]

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Market Report: Why You Should be Applying Your Makeup According to Your Face Shape

Images via Maskcara

Images via Maskcara.

  • Applying makeup according to your face shape is actually a lot more important than you might think. This makeup artist schools us in facial geometry.  [Maskcara]
  • We love Target for their sweet capsule collections, but who knew how great their super-affordable wardrobe basics are? [WhoWhatWear]
  • We were super excited for the return of the JNCO Jeans. These teens, on the other hand, are not. (And their reactions to the ’90s fad are hilarious). [Cosmopolitan]

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Market Report: The Most Figure-Flattering Looks to Wear this Spring

Images via Net-A-Porter, Intermix, and brownsfashiononline.

Images via Net-A-Porter, Intermix, and brownsfashiononline.

  • Transitioning from winter’s effortless layering can be tricky. Behold, a guide to figure-flatting spring fashion to ease the transition. [Vogue]
  • At last, Kardashian lips are attainable for us mere mortals. Warning: bruise mustaches might be a side effect. [Elle]
  • Mascara has a knack for getting, well, everywhere when you’re in a rush. Here’s how to get mascara off of basically anything. [Refinery29]

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