Market Report: 23 One-Size-Fits-All Gifts To Give This Season


  • Avoid the tricky guesswork of determining sizes by stocking up on one-size-fits-all gifts like clutches, earrings and headphones. Here, 23 ideas to get you started. [Pop Sugar]
  • Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld and Heidi Klum have all made (ahem, designed) Build-A-Bears for Operation Bobbi Bear, a South African charity that protects sexually abused children. We assume they’re infinitely better than anything we made at the mall. [Vanity Fair]
  • Talk about tried and true: These are the top-selling mascaras from big brands like Clinique, Dior and MAC. [The Zoe Report]

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Market Report: The Best And Worst Store Credit Cards

  • Come holiday shopping season time, some of those store credit cards can look mighty tempting. Here’s a roundup of the best and worst store credit cards on the market. [Racked]
  • The best indicator of jeans’ elasticity? If four very flexible professional dancers can wear them—while dancing. [Elle]
  • American Apparel’s Dov Charney has been fired again. Yes, again. [Gawker]

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Market Report: 15 Chic Pairs of Gloves That Are Actually Warm

  • Market ReportIt’s a rare find when your dainty, bow-bedecked gloves also keep your hands toasty. Here, 15 pairs that do just that. [Lucky]
  • These are the all-time favorite gifts of style setters like Jenna Lyons, Eva Chen, and even Nick Jonas. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you. [Huffington Post]
  • Apparently, ‘how to wear a scarf’ was the most frequently asked fashion question on Google this year. [The Cut]

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Market Report: A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Tights

  • With the dismal quality of some hosiery, it’s easy to forget that they’re not intended to be disposable. Log these tips from the pros in this definitive guide to buying tights. [The Coveteur]
  • Take note for the holidays: Turns out, it is possible to wear heels all night without wreaking havoc on your feet. [Harpers Bazaar]
  • Comme des Garçons has officially collaborated with Disney’s Frozen. Whaaat? [Bustle]

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Market Report: 34 Cool Ways to Style Your Wedding Band With Other Rings

  • MR15Wedding bands need not be limited to the traditional engagement ring combo. Instead, try out one of these 34 awesome wedding band styling tricks. (Psst: Shoppist editor Emily wears hers in the Coolest. Stack. Ever.) [Pop Sugar]
  • Why decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments when you can decorate your, uh, beard. Yeah, these guys did just that. [Buzzfeed]

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Market Report: The Gorgeous Smoky Eye Look To Wear To Your Next Holiday Party


  • Here’s the beauty look to copy now—a gloriously smoky eye done with black liner and a bit of silver in the corners—just in time for holiday party season. [Glamour]
  • How Crossfit is changing fashion: Startup apparel companies are beginning to make clothing for intense athletes and muscular women whose toned physiques are problematic to dress (ever had pants that gape at the waist but are tight on the thighs? Yeah). [Self]

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Market Report: How To Get Victoria’s Secret Angel Hair

  • If you’re feeling the very specific envy that follows the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we found some solace: that hair—those bouncy, sexy waves—is attainable. Now, about those mile-long legs … [Pop Sugar]
  • We’ve all been tempted, but this is what happens when you order those crazy-cheap clothes from Singapore. You’ve been warned. [Huffington Post]
  • Kate Middleton wore J.Crew jeans to meet Beyoncé. [Vanity Fair]

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Market Report: 100 Awesome Presents Under $100


  • Stuck in a gift-giving rut? Here are 100 gifts—from cool J.Crew Band-Aids (who knew?) to a Comme des Garçons wallet—all under $100. [Refinery29]
  • The latest game to hit Toys ‘R’ Us shelves is called ‘Selfie,’ sort of like Pictionary, only instead of drawing, you take a selfie and players guess what expression you’re trying to mimic. Sounds like fun horrible. [Daily Mail]

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Market Report: How To Get The Most Out of Your Concealer

  • Get the most out of your concealer by mastering these genius application tips—like applying your under-makeup in a triangle shape instead of a semi-circle. [Cosmopolitan]
  • Wearable technology is about to become super-discreet with stilettos, bras and scarves in the works. [Fast Company]
  • Angelina Jolie stepped out to a Q&A for her new film Unbroken in this drool-worthy Saint Laurent velvet cape that could top anyone’s holiday outfit. [Perez Hilton]

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