Market Report: 5 Ways To Make Your Cheap Jewelry Look Expensive

Expensive-looking baubles on the cheap. | Shutterstock

  • We know those cheap jewelry bins can be mighty tempting. Make your jewelry look more expensive and less chintzy with these five tips. (Psst: skip shiny metals and opt for darker varieties!) [WhoWhatWear]
  • Could this be the new FitBit? The latest and greatest in wearable technology is a smart bra. [Fast Company]
  •  It’s officially white denim season! Here’s how to find your perfect pair. [The Cut]

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Market Report: The Gross Reasons You Need to Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them

Clothes rack

Wash before wearing. | Shutterstock.

  • There are two types of people: Those who wash new clothes before wearing them, and those who dive right in. Turns out the latter should think seriously about pre-washing. Some seriously gross stuff lives on new clothes, and dozens of hands have touched them, from manufacturers to other shoppers. Ew. [Today]
  • Ignore those bikini-storage hacks (stay away from plastic bags!) and follow this handy guide to the right way to organize your swimsuits so that they stay fresh, mildew-free and maintain their shape. [SheFinds]
  •  Here are 18 gorgeous buns, from chic-and-sleek to perfectly tousled, for major hair inspiration. [Damsel In Dior]

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Market Report: This Formula Will Tell You If You If You Can Rock a Pixie Cut

Will you look as cute as Michelle Williams with a pixie? | Shutterstock

  • Never freak out at the hair salon again! Find out whether short hair will look good on you with this super-easy trick. All you need is a ruler and pencil. [Elle]
  • Forget corny tux rentals, Jaden Smith wore an all-white superhero getup to prom. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Mad Men fashion has always been on point, but who knew they were also killing it in the sleepwear department?  [The Cut]

How to become a plant whisperer in no time.

Market Report: These Are the Best Facials to Get at Every Age


Make your facial work for you. | Shutterstock.

  • Want to make the most out of your facial? Here’s how to choose the best facial for you, depending on your age. (Think oxygen facials in your ’20s and firming facials in your ’30s.) [The Zoe Report]
  • Here are the 10 best denim jackets, according to user reviews and editor’s picks. (Spoiler: Paige, Rag & Bone, J.Crew and Madewell all made the cut.) [Rank & Style]
  • Following investigative reports by the New York Times that found the working conditions of many nail salons to be unsafe and sometimes illegal, Governor Cuomo announced a new task force to investigate and improve salons. [Fashionista]

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Market Report: The Summer Hair Trends That Are Replacing Humdrum Highlights


Your best summer hair ever. | Shutterstock.

  • The return of summer doesn’t need to necessitate highlights. Instead, try these 14 fresh hair trends that will have you ditching the norm in no time. [Refinery29]
  • Nab the Birkin 2.0 and follow these shopping strategies to pinpoint the new It bag before, well, it becomes the new It bag.  [WhoWhatWear]
  • A chemist says there might be dead beetles in your red lipstick. (Question: Is it worse than feces-laden beards?) [Bustle]

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Market Report: Fake a Good Night’s Sleep With These 12 Beauty Products

Buh-bye, undereye bags. | Shutterstock.

  • Nothing can replace a full night’s sleep when it comes to looking glow-y and refreshed in the AM. But for the evenings you skimp on your z’s, here are the 12 beauty products that can help you fake it. [Byrdie]
  • These contact lenses claim to make you look more attractive and youthful. Check out the pics and you be the judge. [Elle]
  • Aca-ladies, rejoice! Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson is coming out with a plus size line for Torrid. [Us Weekly]

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Market Report: The Everything Guide to Shopping for Swimwear Online


Bathing suit nirvana. | Shutterstock.

  • Can’t make it out to Cameo Water Wear or Everything But Water? Here is your everything-guide to buying swimsuits online, whether you’re looking for quick shipping (you know, for that last-minute getaway), great selection, plus sizes or under $100 picks. [Racked]
  • A website called Nudevotion helps you find the best nude-colored clothing for your exact skin tone. Because not all nudes are created equal. [PopSugar]
  • Yikes: Target is in hot water for allegedly stealing a T-shirt design from a young Etsy designer. (We’ve heard this before.) [Katu]

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Market Report: How to Become the Online Shopper Who Never Has to Return Anything

End the return process once and for all. | Shutterstock

  • A luxury fashion buyer weighs in on the best tips and tricks for online shopping (like how to predict if an item will go on sale), so you never have to return anything again. [The Zoe Report]
  • A Tel Aviv-based winery just rolled out a new set of plates that make Instagramming your meal easier than ever. We’re still wavering on whether this is absurd or brilliant. [Fast Company]
  • Someone thought it would be a good idea to trademark “TransJenner” for a novelty line of clothing. According to TMZ, the creator “swears to [them] his intention is not to be salacious.” ’Kay. [TMZ]

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Market Report: How to Create the Perfect Underwear Drawer With Just 6 Pairs


Your perfect underwear drawer awaits. | Shutterstock.

  • I admit it: When it come to undies, I’m a Victoria’s Secret devotee (I’d rather spend less on underwear and more on shoes). But this roundup makes me want to invest in some high-style skivvies: 6 pairs of underwear every woman needs to own, including the thong, high-waist and boy short. [Refinery29]
  • Speaking of intimates, meet your new favorite Sunday morning look: the loungewear romper. It’s the key to looking the way you imagine looking in your perfect life, all tousled hair, silky robes and dewy skin, first thing in the morning. [WWD]
  • Remember Annie Lennox? (Go on, indulge and listen to this now.) Well, her model daughter is insanely stylish. Get some major style inspiration (slash envy) here. [The Coveteur]

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Market Report: How to Clean Every Single Product and Tool in Your Makeup Bag

Get squeaky clean. | Image via Shutterstock

  • Soothe your inner clean freak with these 17 tutorials for cleaning every product and tool in your makeup bag. Buh-bye, grimy brushes! [Buzzfeed]
  • Taylor Swift wore 10 sparkly looks during her first 1989 concert. Plus, she may have nabbed a look from the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. [Yahoo]
  • This green lipstick — yes, green — transforms your lip color to a gorgeous berry hue. [Allure]

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