Market Report: Pope Weekend Outfit Inspo From the Obamas

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  • Philly is in full fledged papal panic, but we’ve got you covered in terms of wardrobe choice. It can be tough to strike the right balance between conservative and cute, but look no further than the Obama girls’ Pope-meeting attire for outfit inspiration. [PopSugar]
  • We’ve all been there: You’re changing into those perfectly ripped jeans absentmindedly and your entire foot goes through the once-small knee opening. Yikes. Do your pants a favor and watch this video tutorial on how to stop distressed jeans from ripping even more. [Refinery29]
  • Let’s be honest, one can only devote so much time in the morning to looking fabulous. Trade out the boring bun for something a little more refined with these five easy hairstyles for chicks who ‘don’t do hair’. [Zoe Report]

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Market Report: Scientists Might Actually Make Harry Potter Invisibility Cloaks a Reality

Happry Potter

Is the movie’s magic closer than we think? | AnjelikaGr /

  • Another scientific breakthrough that will excite Harry Potter fans: Scientists have created an “ultrathin invisibility skin cloak” made of light-reflecting nanotechnology. Unfortunately, it’s not quite advanced enough to cloak an entire human being, but it may just be a big leap towards a future of no more bad-outfit days. [Times]
  • Makeup fans, rejoice: British makeup company Rodial is launching a contour-focused collection at select Blue Mercury locations in October. Rodial makes a range of luxury products you’ve probably never heard of, like hydrating Bee Venom & Placenta 24-Carat Gold cream (yes, really; it’s $750). For more affordable — and less placenta-y — staples, check out their celeb-inspired tutorials on Youtube, which feature prime buys like Glamstick Lip Butter ($28) and the Instaglam Highlighter ($15). [Forbes]

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Market Report: Two Steps to Looking More Awake and Polished in a Pinch

Red lip

This look is surprisingly easy to master. | Zac Posen runway image via Vogue.

  • Even if you’re working on way less sleep and coffee than you’d like, you can still look sharp this morning — in less than two minutes. Here’s how: Slick your hair back in a low bun and add a red lip. No more makeup required. Voilá! You look fresh as a daisy (and as gorgeous as a Zac Posen model). [Because I’m Addicted]
  • This roundup of the top Essie nail polish colors of all time is semi-surprising. Obviously, Ballet Slippers took first place, but there were far fewer dark and vampy shades — and not a red in the bunch! —than we anticipated. Apparently, the pastel love is strong when it comes to manis. [Zoe Report]
  • Here are some basic fall fashion do’s and don’ts: Do invest in a great denim piece and/or a pair of statement booties, but don’t wear denim head-to-toe (or be very, very careful when doing so). Do play with mixing up textures and unexpected pairings, but don’t go overboard when layering. [WhoWhatWear]

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Market Report: The Shoe Styles That Are In and Out for Fall


The fall footwear report. (And an excuse to look at pretty shoes.) | Images via andersphoto /, Stuart Weitzman, and Stefano Tinti /

  • Even though I think that if you love a shoe (like, really love it, the way I love my six-inch wooden clogs) you can wear it despite the fact that fashion mags and style blogs say it’s Totally Out, there are some who are true-blue Fashion Rulebook Followers. For you guys, there’s this handy article on the shoes that are ‘in’ and ‘out’ for fall. The breakdown: OTK boots, low-heeled booties, sneakers and chunky block heels are in. Out: Heavy lug soles, pin-thin stilettos, and riding boots. [WhoWhatWear]
  • Cathy Horyn, goddess of all fashion critics, tore down Kanye’s second NYFW presentation, which looked pretty much exactly like his first show: “This second round of drab, broken-down basics proved he can’t be taken seriously as a designer, but nevertheless many people in fashion do seem to take West seriously — they keep showing up expectantly for his performances — and that makes them fools,” she wrote. Ouch. [The Cut]

Don’t look now: Abercrombie might be making a fashion comeback.

Market Report: The Coolest Trend From NYFW We Can’t Wait to Wear

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  • There were so many variations of the harness at NYFW, and we die for all of them. Think vest-meets-suspenders-meets-fanny-pack-meets-cropped-jacket, all wrapped into one chic accessory  – you’ve got to see it to believe it (especially that dreamy Carolina Herrera number). [PopSugar]
  • For when heels aren’t an option, check out these seven ballet flats under $150. (Shoutout to the blush Asos lace-ups we’re drooling over.) [WhoWhatWear]
  • Trending right now: coloring your hair with glass? This technique, though not exactly new, is all over the interwebs lately, and we can’t decide if it’s scary awesome or just plain scary. Kinda seems like a head wound waiting to happen, no? [Refinery29]

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Market Report: The Shockingly Affordable Shoe Line Fashion’s Top Buyers and Editors Wear

Sam Edelman

The shoes fashion insiders wear. | Images via Sam Edelman Instagram.

  • Not all fashion bigwigs line their shoe closets with Louboutin and Blahnik. The VP of global buying for fashion’s most luxurious e-commerce site, Net-a-Porter, revealed that nearly every woman who works there wears Sam Edelman shoes. Yep, the Sam Edelman shoes you can find in your local mall for under $200. [Net-a-Porter]
  • The guys behind fashion line Public School are the industry’s new darlings, but the duo is also killing it in the beauty sphere. The twisted, helix-like ponytails they showed at their spring/summer 2016 runway show (yep, we’re already there, guys) are next-level cool. And surprisingly easy to do! [Byrdie]
  • Though I have a love-hate relationship with skinny jeans (read about it here), they apparently come in handy sometimes, like in the case of a recent attempted mugging in New York. The story reads like an Onion article: Two muggers tried to steal an iPhone from a man’s jeans, but the pants were so tight they couldn’t get a hand in the pocket. [New York Post]

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Market Report: 15 Fall Jackets Under $150 You Need Right Now

Fall Jacket

A little textural layering goes a long way. | Shutterstock.

  • Fall is definitely upon us, and layers are everything. Step up your outerwear game without spending a fortune with these 15 fall jackets for under $150. (Note: I need that cropped mesh jacket, and I need it now.) [The Zoe Report]
  • Feast your eyes on 62 slides of pure NYFW street style goodness, from layered dress-and-pants combos to some serious platforms for some major wardrobe inspo. [The Cut]
  • Style school is in session. Find out how to pull off the statement earring, straight from the source of all things oversized and sparkly. [J.Crew]

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Market Report: The Non-Fashion Editor’s Guide to Following New York Fashion Week


Get a front-row seat without Wintour credentials. | mariematata /

  • New York Fashion Week kicks off today, and this year it’s a whole new animal. Here’s everything you need to know about the new NYFW and why you should be really, really excited about it. (Hint: New on-demand fashion channel, live-streamed runway shows, behind-the-scenes documentaries, yes.) [The New York Times]
  • In an unprecedented high-fashion move, Givenchy is opening its doors to the public for this year’s runway show at NYFW. Apparently it’s only a matter of time before this becomes the industry norm, which we fully support. [Washington Post]
  • Apple Watch just collaborated with Hermès, taking luxury retail to a whole new level, and the leather bands are gorgeous. [Hermès]

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Market Report: How to Make Your Perfume Last All Day


Make your spritzes last longer. | Shutterstock.

  • Introducing the world’s easiest trick to make your perfume last all day long. All you need is a dab of fragrance-free Vaseline. [PureWow]
  • Saint Laurent made a knockoff of a Forever 21 dress (no, you’re not reading that wrong), and it’s pretty blatant. Pure accident or fast-fashion dig? You be the judge. [Refinery29]
  • High-fashion photog Patrick Demarchelier just gave Dressbarn a major makeover, complete with farm animals and a top model  –  and we kinda love it. [The Cut]

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Market Report: 7 Dirty Secrets Behind Your Favorite Retail Stores


Shopping secrets. | Shutterstock.

  • Why do stores ask for your zip code? Do employees really have code words for problem shoppers? (Yes.) There are a lot of dirty retail secrets behind every store, and this article lays them all out. That chaotic sale rack? It’s a mess on purpose, so you’re less likely to go through it and more likely to buy something full-price. That ‘made in Italy’ label? It doesn’t mean that product was actually made in Italy. The more you know. [Refinery29]
  • Kimono alert! That gorgeous silk kimono Kate Hudson wore in a recent Instagram pic has been found online — and it’s on sale! Adding to cart … now. [SheFinds]
  • The fashion collection I’m currently coveting: Hillier Bartley, a collaboration between Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley that just launched online. It’s so, so, so good. [Grazia]

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