Weed Cookies: My Fully Baked Ambien Alternative


Photos: Shutterstock.com | Photo illustration: Alyse Moyer

The last time I took an Ambien was a little more than two years ago. I was a couple weeks into the prescription and woke up feeling strange, even by insomniac standards.

I knew I wasn’t in any shape to take the El — or, God forbid, get in my car on a medication that inspired the term “sleep driving” — so I jumped in a cab and directed the driver to 15th and Market, an intersection that sounded familiar enough. Read more »

The Best Thing That Happened This Week

Photo Shutterstock.com | Photo illustration Alyse Moyer

Photo: Shutterstock.com | Photo illustration: Alyse Moyer

Politicians aren’t known for brilliance. Philly pols, especially, aren’t known for brilliance. But at a panel discussion at Temple on Tuesday, newly announced mayoral candidate Jim Kenney put forth a proposal so dazzlingly brilliant that we’re still blinded by the light. He suggested that marijuana could be sold in state stores (if Pennsylvania gets around to legalizing it). Not only would this take advantage of those stores’ already finely honed systems for weeding out underage purchasers. It would instantly quell the growing clamor to end state-store tyranny, since the crowd that wants free-range prosecco also desperately wants to get high (without, you know, getting in trouble for it). And what state store’s ambience wouldn’t be improved by a heavy dose of chill? Jim Kenney is the walrus, man.

Jim Kenney: Pa. Could Sell Legal Pot in State Stores

jim kenney philly

A day before he was scheduled to formally announce his candidacy for mayor, Jim Kenney spoke about pot decriminalization to dozens of students at Temple University.

Kenney, a former City Councilman, appeared at the school on Tuesday as part of a panel titled “The Decriminalization of Marijuana and Its Effects on Policing,” alongside representatives from the Philadelphia Police Department, Temple Police and Temple Student Health Services.

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Cherry Hill Cops Find 250 Pounds of Pot


Cherry Hill Police today announced a drug bust where police seized 250 pounds of marijuana from a truck and a storage unit.

Police said narc cops uncovered suspicious deliveries to a storage unit in the town and proceeded to perform surveillance. Cops stopped Nelson Anderson after they observed him transferring boxes from the unit to his car. They called in the K-9 unit Mika (above, in one of the most ridiculous drug bust photo ops of all time), who returned a positive for drugs.

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N.A. Poe’s Splendor in the Grass


Photo by Rachael Friedman

Last December, Nikki Allen Poe was sentenced to one year of federal probation—no drugs, strict drug-testing and no walking within 100 feet of the Liberty Bell. That was the site of his arrest on charges including possession of a controlled substance and disorderly conduct. Turns out you can’t light up a joint on federal property. Poe did so brazenly and repetitively during monthly Smoke Down Prohibition rallies on Independence Mall, which was an off-shoot of Occupy Philly. (You can read more about Poe in our latest cover story.)

During his year of probation, Poe convinced Councilman Jim Kenney to back a decriminalization bill (it passed); he ran for city council himself (he lost); and interviewed a host of naked bike riders. He also failed drug tests, went to rehab and called his probation officer a “lapdog.” As the comedian-turned-activist’s probation strikes midnight, we caught up with him about his next act, the prospects of marijuana reform statewide and whether he considered a Whizzinator.

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Can I Bring Ganja to a Dinner Party?

Photo by Shutterstock

Photo by Shutterstock

As the laws restricting marijuana have begun to change, there’s a new pot etiquette to consider. How do you navigate parenting within a legalized state? What do you bring to the neighbor’s potluck? For answers, we spoke with two cannabis connoisseurs from Colorado: Brittany Driver, who writes about parenting and pot for The Cannabist, and Jane West, proprietor of Edible Events Co.

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Confessions of a Philly Pot Dealer

This bud’s for you, says the dealer, shown here. Photo courtesy of Nick Centore

This bud’s for you, says the dealer, shown here. Photo courtesy of Nick Centore

When everything is legalized — here and everywhere else — guys like me will be done. I serve a purpose because the laws are backwards. I started selling in college. A friend of mine was getting four ounces at a time, and I would sell an ounce and keep what I made in profit. You make more money by selling it in smaller quantities, but you also take on more risk, just because you’re dealing with more people. Now, I’m a professional — I’m a publicist — and I don’t sell directly to customers. But I’m happy to go out of business. I want to be able to buy weed legally and enjoy it legally.

The people who move pounds and have made a career out of this, those who don’t go legit and open stores — they won’t go out of business immediately. When I went to California — back when you needed a medical card — we still went to dealers.

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Pot Is Coming, Philadelphia!

Photography by Clint Blowers

Photography by Clint Blowers

It’s a Saturday morning a few months ago. I’m in Atlantic City, sitting on a folding chair in a medium-size conference room at Bally’s, along with maybe 75 other bleary-eyed semi-note-takers. I’m here for day one of a four-day horticultural seminar — cost: $995 — in which the only plant that will be discussed is marijuana. The event is being run by Oaksterdam University, a college in Oakland, California, that behaves like it’s in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (Sample course — “Methods of Ingestion: Vaporizing 8701.”) Oaksterdam, founded in 2007, has only been raided by federal agents once.

Among the first speakers is a handsome young New York lawyer named Adam Scavone who specializes in deconstructing the incomprehensible mishmash of local, state and federal laws that govern pot consumption in this country. “Let me ask you a question,” Scavone begins. “Are there any law enforcement officers in the room?” Four very silent seconds pass. “All right, good. That doesn’t mean there’s not. So just keep this in mind. We don’t know who might be here.”

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The 11 People Leading the Charge for Legal Pot in Philadelphia

The Politicians


Photos: Senate of Pennsylvania (Leach); Will Connelly (Kenney)

Two local politicians — er, pot-iticians? — stand at the forefront of the movement. State Senator Daylin Leach (left) has co-sponsored legislation in Harrisburg both to legalize medical marijuana — a bill that passed the Senate — and to legalize pot outright. (See Leach’s hilarious appearance at ThinkFest below.) City Councilman Jim Kenney (center) has recently fashioned himself into a millennial folk hero, championing gay-rights legislation and marijuana decriminalization that saw passage in September. Michael Bronstein (right), of the Bala Cynwyd political consultancy Bronstein & Weaver, is helming a nascent pot lobby called the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp, designed to persuade states to pass cannabusiness-friendly legislation.

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