Weed Activist Dons Pot-Leaf Costume to Promote “Pop Up Weed Garden”

You may have been lucky enough to see Hempy the Weed Leaf running loose in Philadelphia yesterday – but if not, there will be plenty of him to go around at a “Pop Up Weed Garden” planned for this Thursday in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Marijuana activist Nikki Allen Poe donned the costume yesterday to promote the celebratory event, scheduled for 4:20 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on the two-year anniversary of marijuana decriminalization in Philadelphia – which Poe and fellow activist Chris Goldstein helped to make happen. Read more »

Temple Is Holding a Marijuana 101 Class Next Year

Temple logo; Cannabis leaf

Next semester, Temple students will have a chance to take a class on a plant they may already be familiar with: marijuana.

But it’s not a class about how to best to enjoy the Three Kings strain. It’s about the plant itself — the difference between cannabis and hemp, the history of its cultivation, the effect it has on a human body, the history of its prohibition, its medical uses and its integration into pop culture. Temple School of Media and Communication professor Linn Washington has partnered with local marijuana activist and writer Chris Goldstein for the class.

“As an advocate, and as a writer, I keep running into what is kind of a knowledge gap,” Goldstein says. “People don’t get a basic education on marijuana in college. It touches on criminal justice, medicine, business, health care, pop culture, societal trends, but also deeply into politics and public policy, too.” Read more »

Police Say Philly Cop Tried to Mail Marijuana


Yes, marijuana is kinda, sorta legal in Philadelphia, but that doesn’t mean you can just go trying to send it through the mail — especially if you’re a cop. But that’s just what one Philadelphia police officer did, according to a statement by the Philadelphia Police Department. Read more »

The Marijuana-Fueled Return of Dan Gross

Photo by Jamie Leary.

Photo by Jamie Leary.

It has been more than three years since former Daily News gossip columnist Dan Gross made his very public exit from the paper, where he had been dishing dirt on the likes of Alycia Lane, Allen Iverson, and Michael Nutter for a decade. Since then, he’s quietly been running his own one-man public relations company, but now he’s ready to make his foray back into journalism, although this time, instead of divorces and TV news rumors, he’ll be writing about dabbing, edibles, and Sour Diesel.

Gross, 37, is set to launch Elevated Nation, a news and culture website all about marijuana. Read more »

North Dakota Reporter Comes to Philly, Eagles Fans Offer Him Weed

Carson Wentz; Mike McFeely

North Dakota media personality Mike McFeely (right) came to Philadelphia to see Carson Wentz. The trip did not disappoint. | Wentz photo by Jeff Fusco

Carson Wentz grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota, and starred at North Dakota State University. In a state without a pro team, Wentz’s debut yesterday was a pretty big deal: A local TV station covered fans cheering for him at a local bar, and the president of North Dakota State happened to be there.

North Dakota media outlets also sent reporters to the game. Fargo media personality Mike McFeely traveled to Philadelphia to report on Wentz’s debut. He covered the game and talked to Wentz and Wentz’s dad. But he also did a story about Philly fans, wandering the Lincoln Financial Field parking lot before the Stony Brook-Temple game on Saturday to get the mood of the city.

Being a journalist in this city for half my life, I’ve done the “talk to tailgating fans in the parking lot” story about 10 times. It’s awful. People don’t want to talk at all or want to talk too much. They are drunk. They might even be angry and amped up for the game. But McFeely did a pretty good job with it! His story, “Eagles blue-collar fans (expletive) love QB Wentz,” has some great moments: Read more »

Delaware Students Can Now Use Pot Oil at School


Delaware Gov. Jack Markell signed a bill into law yesterday that will allow the state’s students with medical prescriptions to use pot oil at school.

In the presence of guardians and caretakers, nurses at public and private schools from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade will be able to administer cannabis oil to children with prescriptions anywhere on school property, including on buses. Read more »

Governor Wolf Wants to Decriminalize Small Amounts of Marijuana in Pennsylvania


Governor Tom Wolf recently said he believes that possessing small amounts of marijuana should be decriminalized in Pennsylvania.

During a “Small Talk” interview with Scott LaMar on WITF, Wolf said that “too many people are going to prison because of the use of very modest amounts or carrying modest amounts of marijuana, and that is clogging up our prisons, it’s destroying families, and it’s hurting our economy.”

Read more »

Marijuana Activist Drops Out of Race for Pa. Attorney General

Philadelphia marijuana activist "N.A. Poe" (left) with former Marine war veteran and fellow activist Mike Whiter (right) in the Capitol in Harrisburg.

Philadelphia marijuana activist “N.A. Poe” (left) with former Marine war veteran and fellow activist Mike Whiter (right) in the Capitol in Harrisburg.

Marijuana activist N.A. Poe has extinguished his campaign for Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Poe, the Libertarian candidate, announced his intention to withdraw from the race this morning. His entire effort, he said, “could be interpreted as solely an act of stoner comedy.”

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