Philly’s First-Ever Love Run Half Marathon on Pace to Sell Out

love runOrganizers for the Love Run Half Marathon on March 30th say their race is poised for a sell-out—an impressive accomplishment, considering this is a first-time race for Philly.

As of now, there are a handful of the 10,000 spots left, but spokesperson Kate Matheson says they’re on track to sell out in the next week or so. She says they’re also a contender to become the largest inaugural half marathon in the country in 2014. Go, Philly!

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PHOTOS: The Gayest Snaps from Boston’s Santa Speedo Run

Snow blanketed New England this weekend, but that didn’t deter the scantily clad runners taking part in Boston‘s 14th annual Santa Speedo Run on Saturday. The annual event raises funds for The Play Ball! Foundation, an org that works to ”create and expand team sports opportunities for middle school age urban youth who are at a pivotal time of physical and emotional development,” and, as you can imagine, it’s gay, gay, gay. Here are a few of the homo-est photos I found searching various tags on Instagram. Enjoy!

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Philadelphia Marathon: Where to Drink (and Brunch) Near the Finish Line



Fact: There’s no reward for 26.2—or 13.1, for that matter—quite like an ice-cold beer. Marathon runners often swear off the stuff for weeks or months leading up to the event. It dehydrates. It slows recovery. But, gosh, does it taste good.

So if you’re jonesing for a brew after you cross the finish line on Sunday, here’s a list of watering holes (most serve brunch, too!), all of which  no more than a half mile from the finish line. You earned it.

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How to Fuel Up for the Philly Marathon Without Carb-Overloading

Honeygrow's noodle stir-fry strikes the right nutritional balance // Photograph by Amanda Jaffe

Honeygrow’s noodle stir-fry strikes the right nutritional balance // Photograph by Amanda Jaffe

The first time I ran a half marathon, I couldn’t wait for dinner the night before. I had visions of the mounds of pasta I would greedily consume in the name of carb-loading. Come race day, I felt the effects of my three heaping servings of pasta primavera: one decidedly uncomfortable—and wholly immovable—carb boulder in the pit of my stomach. Not exactly the jolt of energy I’d been hoping for.

“A lot of people have this misconception that pre-race fueling is all about what you eat the night before—sort of a Last Supper mentality,” says Juliet Burgh, vice president of Philly-based Unite Fitness and nutrition guru for Team Philly Race Training. But to carb-load effectively (i.e., to maximize your body’s glycogen energy stores) you should steadily increase your intake of complex carbs (think whole grains, not candy bars) over the course of a week.

And the day before the race, it’s not just dinner you should be worrying about: All your meals count. “Your body runs off carbs, then fat, then protein—in that order,” Burgh says. In other words, if you don’t have lots of reserves stored up, you’ll be running on fumes by mile five.

Avoid that fate by fueling up smarter. Here’s what Burgh suggests for your pre-race breakfast, lunch and dinner, to turbo-charge your marathon performance.

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New Half Marathon Coming to Philly Next Spring

love runHeads up, runners! Philly’s getting a brand-spanking-new half marathon on March 30th courtesy of CGI Racing, the same race-management group that puts on the Unite Half Marathon at Rutgers and the New Jersey State Triathlon. This one’s called the Love Run, and it’s all about the City of Brotherly Love (duh), with a course that guides you past some of the most beloved landmarks in the city: the Art Museum, Independence Mall, City Hall and more.

The course starts and ends at Eakins Oval in front of the Art Museum, with the first leg taking you through Center City (via Arch and Market streets) before shooting you out MLK Drive to Fairmount Park. You can run as part of a team—Note: Teams get extras, like a complimentary entry for every 10 signups and a private porta potty just for your group at the finish line (!!)—or individually.

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Rocky 50K Run Planned for December 7th

rockyAnd here it is, folks: The Rocky 50K Fatass Run is officially on the books, so I guess it’s time to start training. As per an announcement today, the non-competitive, untimed run will take place on December 7th. The course will follow 30.61-mile run Rocky Balboa supposedly completed in Rocky II (as meticulously traced here), starting at (or near) his South Philly home at Wolf Street and South Lambert Street.

Organizer Rebecca Schaefer shares details on the race’s just-launched blog:

When: December 7, 2013 at 7 AM

Where: Map will be finalized soon, but we will start at Wolf St. and S. Lambert St. (near Rocky’s house, but I don’t want to disturb the neighbors).

What: A fatass 50k run. This means no fees, no bibs, no medals, no refreshments, no BS. Rocky didn’t need a medal and provided GUs to run this distance, so we won’t, either! The map will note where to acquire refreshments along the route (there are plenty!). Want to come in your best gray sweatsuit and Chucks? We’ll be counting on it.

Who: Anyone who wants to! The route will be a full 50k and anyone is free to come and go as they please. While completing the whole 50k is in the spirit of the movie and run, if one chooses to participate for only part of the course, that’s possible due to the fatass-nature of the run.

Why: Well, why not? If Rocky “ran” that long, why can’t we? There are so many amazing parts of Philadelphia that aren’t viewed by most of us who live here. We will get to run the streets of neighborhoods north and south, experiencing the city like never before.

Have questions? Comments? They can be left here at the blog or at the Facebook group.

Details Emerge On Jen Carroll’s NYC Restaurant

Curious about what’s happening with Jen Carroll’s new Greenwich Village version of Concrete Blonde? Even more curious about the events that transpired which drew her out of the confines of Philly and into the deep waters of the NYC restaurant scene? Well, over on the Philly Post, Richard Rys has some of the answers–which include ex-boyfriends, battles with investors, the loss of a damn-near-perfect Center City location (rhymes with Schmarathon…) and the magic of television.

Here’s a taste:

[Carroll] refuses to nail down a target opening date (“sometime in 2013”), and acknowledges that while her Top Chef cachet kept her afloat this past year, it may work against her in a city where jaded gourmands feast on failed celebuchefs. Her plan to avoid that fate is blunt, as usual: “The food has to be fucking amazing,” she says. “I need to live up to it. If not, it’s my fault.”

You can check out the whole interview right now, over on the Philly Post. Just follow the link below.

Jen Carroll Dishes On Her New York Restaurant [Philly Post]

William Way Enters Marathon

Courtesy of Rock 'N Roll Marathon

For the first time, the William Way LGBT Community Center will be participating in the Rock ‘N Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon as the official charity of the annual event. Every September, the marathon draws thousands of participants in Philly alone, though the popular run takes place in dozens of other cities both in the United States and abroad. Since 1988, runners have been raising more than $266 million for charity.

On Sept. 16, this year’s marathon sets out from the Benjamin Franklin Parkway at Eakin’s Oval as runners make their way around the city. The marathon’s followed by a free concert headlined by Billboard’s high-ranking Cobra Starship.

It may only be July, but the William Way is currently seeking runners who are interested in joining its inaugural team. Not only is it a way to work those abs, and legs and, well, you get the drift, but it’s a great way to show support for the center’s mission to serve the LGBT community throughout the region.

So sign up, spread the word and find out how you can start collecting pledges by contacting Paul Blore ( Even if you can’t participate in the run, you can still support the center by pledging to donate dollars for every kilometer the team runs. Running or not, we can’t think of a better excuse to go shopping for a new pair of kicks.

Click here to find out more about the marathon.

Will Marathon Go the Distance?

Philadelphia magazine’s Steve Volk looks at the Marathon restaurant chain and its recent troubles.

The Marathon Grill restaurant chain has been serving up as much drama as grilled chicken of late. First its University City location shuttered. Then the company left its 13th and Chestnut store over a not-so-little matter of $186,600 in back rent. And the 10th and Walnut location closed as part of a recent legal settlement with longtime partners Murray and Bernard Spain, who alleged in a lawsuit that co-owner Cary Borish had led the restaurants into a “series of … problems, and … encountered severe financial distress.”

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