Marathon Grill Declares Bankruptcy


The Marathon Grill restaurant located at 1818 Market Street in Philadelphia filed bankruptcy this week in federal court, posting outstanding debts close to a half million dollars. (See update below for new numbers). Read more »

Sharon Pinkenson Boycotts Marathon Grill

I, too, was annoyed when I showed up at Marathon Grill a few weeks back for a business meeting and was told I couldn’t sit at a booth. But then I got over it. vLame, Sharon

Beating The Heat (Or Not) In Center City

That guy there? He should’ve gone to Butcher & Singer where the temperature in the bar is a cool and refreshing 68.5 degrees. Or Happy Rooster on 16th where the 69 degree chill would’ve perhaps alleviated the need for him to strip down to his underthings before passing out in front of that table fan.

Yes, it is hot in Philly today. 98.5 degrees right outside the doors of 1818 Market and climbing towards 102 if the weather-heads are to be believed. But have no fear because Foobooz is there for you. We sent one of our commandos out into the swelter, armed with an instant-read thermometer, and had her check the temps at 19 bars and restaurants around Center City in order to determine which had the best AC and which were actually causing their customers and employees to melt.

The results are a bit surprising, and are causing us to do something we thought we’d never do: recommend a terrible chain restaurant as an afternoon drinking destination. But hey, this is an emergency, right? And we won’t tell if you won’t.

Results after the jump.

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