Brewerytown Food Truck Roundup

The Philadelphia Mobile Food Association is holding its first annual Brewerytown Food Truck Roundup. From 5-10pm on Friday July 27th over 15 vendors will be serving their goods at 27th St. and West Girard Avenue. There will be live music, local artisans, and a pop-up farmer’s market from Marathon Farm. Big Bite Philly will even be hosting a food competition.

The trucks attending are….

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Will Marathon Go the Distance?

Philadelphia magazine’s Steve Volk looks at the Marathon restaurant chain and its recent troubles.

The Marathon Grill restaurant chain has been serving up as much drama as grilled chicken of late. First its University City location shuttered. Then the company left its 13th and Chestnut store over a not-so-little matter of $186,600 in back rent. And the 10th and Walnut location closed as part of a recent legal settlement with longtime partners Murray and Bernard Spain, who alleged in a lawsuit that co-owner Cary Borish had led the restaurants into a “series of … problems, and … encountered severe financial distress.”

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Meanwhile, Over On The Philly Post: Love And Tomatoes

There is very little in the food world that’s worse than a December tomato. Pale, mealy, flavorless and sad, they are a defining example of everything that’s wrong with our food-shed and supply system. Is a December tomato worse than a Twinkie? Yes, because a Twinkie can not be blamed for being exactly what it is: you knew what you were getting when you unwrapped the package, friend. You’ve got no one to blame but yourself.

So why are tomatoes today so awful? And what can we do to find tomatoes like the ones we (maybe) remember from our childhoods?

Step one: Stop eating tomatoes in December. They’re a summer fruit. Suck it up and suffer the wait.

Step Two: Click this link to check out Erica Palan’s story on the Philly Post that talks about Barry Estabrook’s new book, Tomatoland, and the heirloom bounty of two local farmers markets–the new-ish Marathon Farm and Headhouse Square.