Wake-Up Call: The Eagles’ Defensive Overhaul

Malcolm Jenkins. (Jeff Fusco)

Malcolm Jenkins. (Jeff Fusco)

Malcolm Jenkins couldn’t help but laugh. He was asked if there is anything the Eagles could take from their defensive scheme last year — particularly when they had success in the first half of the season — and apply it to this year, but the safety quickly quieted that notion.

“We threw last year out,” he said.

Outside of the obvious change from Billy Davis’ 3-4 to Jim Schwartz’s 4-3, there will be a number of subtle differences on the defensive side of the ball this season. While last year’s scheme wasn’t very complicated, this year’s system is even simpler. According to Jenkins, the level of complexity significantly varies by position, with defensive line seemingly being the simplest. Read more »

Report: Fletcher Cox Deal Is Close To Being Done

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

Fletcher Cox is close to signing a long-term deal potentially worth up to $52 million in fully guaranteed money, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reported. Cole added that the Eagles want to sign him “earlier in this offseason” so he’ll participate in new head coach Doug Pederson’s activities.

Amid his unclear contract situation, Cox is one of two players who is expected to skip the Eagles’ voluntary minicamp this week. Darren Sproles, the other player, will not attend because of a family matter.

Despite his absence, Cox’s teammates appear unfazed. Read more »

Jenkins: Eagles’ ‘Philosophy Change’ Speaks Volumes

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Malcolm Jenkins. (Jeff Fusco)

Not long after the season ended, Malcolm Jenkins reached out to his agent with clear instructions: If the Eagles want me back, I want to sign a long-term deal to stay in Philadelphia past 2016.

“[Jeffrey] Lurie and Howie [Roseman] and Doug [Pederson] really felt like they wanted to start to build around players that they have already in the building,” Jenkins said. “It felt good to me to know that I was on that list of players that they feel like they can start to build around to win a championship.”

The safety, who made his first Pro Bowl last season, said his career has taken off during his two years with the Eagles, which is reflected by his four-year contract extension worth $35 million. Jenkins noted how the Eagles’ interest in retaining him contrasted to his experience with the Saints when they let him walk in free agency after his five-year tenure in New Orleans. Read more »

Eagles Sign Malcolm Jenkins To Five-Year Deal

Malcolm Jenkins. (Jeff Fusco)

Malcolm Jenkins. (Jeff Fusco)

The Eagles signed Malcolm Jenkins to a four-year contract extension, the team announced Monday afternoon. The Pro Bowl safety, who only had one year left on his old deal, is now under contract through 2020.

The four-year extension is worth $35 million, including $21 million in guarantees, Ian Rapoport reported. The Eagles also created $1.5 million of 2016 salary cap room, according to Joel Corry. Read more »

Eagles Offseason Outlook: Safety

Walter Thurmond

Walter Thurmond. (Photo by Jeff Fusco)

This week we’ll continue to take a position-by-position look at where the Eagles stand going into the offseason. In the first five installments, we covered the quarterbacks, running backswide receivers, tight ends, and offensive linemen. Now, it’s on to the safeties.


Despite going into the offseason with perilous uncertainty at the second safety position, the Eagles’ safeties were one of the bright spots on an otherwise disappointing defense.

Read more »

Wake-Up Call: Eagles Defense Divided On Future

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

When a coaching change occurs, it initiates a series of falling dominoes. For the Eagles, the uncertainty especially exists because they’re currently a team without a head coach, and thus, without much direction.

Due to the fogginess of who the future coaching staff will be, players are unsure of how they fit, or even what there will be to fit into. But the interesting part of the Eagles’ situation — particularly on defense — is not only do they not know what the future holds, but they don’t agree on what they want it to hold.

“It’s the great unknown that everybody’s getting ready to walk into,” Malcolm Jenkins said. “That’s obviously the process the team is getting ready to go into. Nobody really has the answers.”

One of the most important answers the Eagles have to find this offseason is what kind of defense they want to run. Some critics of Billy Davis — and Chip Kelly — suggest the team’s personnel fits a 4-3 better than a 3-4. Read more »

Locker Room Round-Up: Johnson On Peters’ Remarks

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Jason Peters pushed back hard when asked if the time is now for him to transition from tackle to guard.

“No, no. I can still play tackle. I’m the best we got,” he said following the game Sunday. “Who are they going to put there? Who is better than me in this locker room? Nobody. Who can they draft better than me? Nobody. Who can they pick up better than me? Nobody.”

Those comments were presented to Lane Johnson during locker cleanouts Monday. Read more »

Eagles Roster Analysis: Defense

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

As the Eagles begin their search for a new head coach, candidates will care about the franchise’s new power structure, what kind of owner Jeffrey Lurie is, and what the city of Philadelphia is like. But what they’ll really want to know about is the talent on the roster and the salary cap situation.

Adam broke down the offense, and I’m taking a look at the defense. The position guys play could change based off the scheme the new head coach implements, but we’ll categorize players by where they fit in Billy Davis’s 3-4.

(All contract information is via Spotrac, including the 2016 dead cap numbers.) Read more »

‘I Think the Perception Was Not the Reality’

Malcolm Jenkins and

Malcolm Jenkins and

There are many sides to a locker room story.

For every sharp-tongued Lane Johnson criticism about the former head coach, there are other, more loyal players whose blood gets to boiling when such stones are cast.

Ask one Eagle about the man at the helm for the past few years, and you’ll hear that he’s impossible to talk to. Question another, and they’ll insist that the open-door policy was real and that, when used, Kelly was eager to try and troubleshoot.

“Whether he’s meeting with Mr. Lurie or he’s in an offensive meeting, if you came up there and said you wanted to talk to him, he drops everything and he says, ‘What’s the deal? What do you want to fix? What’s going on?’ And everyone knows that,” said Riley Cooper. “So in that regard, I think he was very approachable.” Read more »

Jenkins: ‘Lane [Johnson] Reads Too Many Articles’

Malcolm Jenkins. (Jeff Fusco)

Malcolm Jenkins. (Jeff Fusco)

After Lane Johnson said yesterday that the tension between Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman trickled down to the locker room, Malcolm Jenkins fired back today.

“I think Lane reads too many articles,” Jenkins said. “For whatever anybody in the front office has going on, it should never bother anybody in the locker room. That’s not something that we ever saw or dealt with, so if he felt it, that’s probably because he’s reading too many of those articles.”

Jenkins also talked extensively about whether Kelly was “unapproachable,” which Johnson said was how some players may have felt. Read more »

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