Crazy Skilled Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Rocky and Other Famous Figures

Italian makeup artist Lucia Pittalis is giving drag queens a run for their money, proving that anything is possible with few brushes and some expert contouring. Just check out her Instagram account, where she shares photos of herself transformed into famous figures by the power of makeup. A lot of makeup. I mean, this woman must clear the aisles at CVS to be able to turn herself into some of these people. (Look at her Keith Richards!)

Among the other celebs she’s taken on is one very close to our hearts, fictional Philly boxing champ Rocky Balboa. She goes for the young Rocky here, and a moment when he just came out of the ring, with a jacked-up eye, a little blood on his lip and a bandage around his paws. Check him out below, and a few other notables. See more on her Instagram account here.

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Makeup Mobile From ‘Shark Tank’ Is Coming to Old City This Afternoon

The Lip Bar van is doing a national tour now. | The Lip Bar.

The Lip Bar van is on a national tour now. | The Lip Bar.

Shopping tip of the day: The Lip Bar, a national makeup truck specializing in candy-bright, vegan lipstick and lip glosses, is rolling into Old City later this afternoon and setting up shop in front of The Geisha House. (If The Lip Bar sounds familiar, that’s because you saw the founders on an episode of Shark Tank—sadly, they walked away without a deal.)

From 4pm to 7pm, shop the makeup truck’s selection of lip colors both splashy (blue, purple, grey) and subtle (nude, pink, red). Talk about lip service.

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The Summer Bronzers Philly Makeup Artists Swear By


From left: Local makeup pros Béke Beau, B Wilson and Monique Mason.

After a very ill-fated love affair with self-tanning lotion in high school, I’ve stuck to special-occasion spray tans (see my list of the best places to get those in Philly here) and a bronzer for everyday. The latter has become the secret weapon of my makeup bag, but it’s taken me some time to find one that doesn’t turn my skin some cake-y terracotta shade. (The one I’m currently obsessed with: Monica Virga’s spray-on bronzer, which gives me a long-lasting glow that looks totally natural.)

I checked in with three of my fave local beauty pros to find out which bronzer earns a coveted spot in their makeup bags. Here’s a peek at their top picks.  Read more »

Inside Rittenhouse’s Best New Makeup Boutique


Monica Virga (inset) and a sampling of her cosmetics line. | Makeup photograph by Kori Livingston.

Monica Virga is exactly what you’d think a celeb makeup artist from Milan would be: dewy olive skin, glossy dark hair, quirky glasses, dressed all in black. Her postage-stamp-size studio/shop is on South 20th Street, a hop-skip from Philly’s other ultra-chic Euro expat, Bela Shehu. Though I was expecting a slick lacquered space, all Italian modernism, Virga’s shabby-chic shop is far more inviting: lace curtains, repurposed bookshelves for displays, a tiny crystal chandelier, a snuffling bulldog.

Virga moved here from Italy in December (“for love,” she says; her now-husband lives in Bucks County) and opened her eponymous shop that same month. In Italy, she was a sought-after makeup artist, dividing her time between brides (lots of them; she worked with nearly 1,000 brides last year alone — you do the math), celebs (Ashley Greene, Bar Refaeli) and fashion shows, jetting from Milan to LA to New York. Now, her work is still divided: one part fashion, one part bridal/special event makeup ($50 for special events; $150 for bridal makeup), and — this is what excites me most — one part beauty boutique.  The best bronzer ever awaits.

H&M Is Launching a Beauty Line Featuring Over 700 Products This Fall


Meet your new beauty go-to. | H&M.

Fast-fashion empire H&M announced yesterday that it is launching a brand-new beauty line, set to debut in the fall. According to reports, the line will kick off with 700 products, but soon expand to over 1,000 items, which will range from nail polish and hair tools to body goods and makeup.

The collection will be twofold: an eco-friendly line called Conscious Beauty (the company is pushing its sustainability angle) and a higher-end, premium line. Look for it in stores worldwide and online starting in September. Prices will range from $2.99 to $24.99. What does this mean for Ulta?

Beauty PSA: You’ve Probably Been Applying Your Concealer All Wrong


Dab, don’t smudge. | Shutterstock.

Apply your makeup for enough years and it becomes a mindless routine. Mine is so engrained that I can do it in less than 10 minutes. On the train. So introducing a new product or application method is difficult (it took me about six months to learn to apply my liquid cat-eye on the train without any major mishaps) — even when you’re dealing with something as basic as concealer.

Think about how you apply it: a dab on your finger, then a smear under your eyes, a swipe around your nose, and maybe another smear on your chin. Here’s the problem with this application: No matter how great your concealer is, when you smear instead of tap it on, it doesn’t last as long, doesn’t blend as well, and uses more product than necessary. Need proof?  Read more »

Market Report: How to Clean Every Single Product and Tool in Your Makeup Bag

Get squeaky clean. | Image via Shutterstock

  • Soothe your inner clean freak with these 17 tutorials for cleaning every product and tool in your makeup bag. Buh-bye, grimy brushes! [Buzzfeed]
  • Taylor Swift wore 10 sparkly looks during her first 1989 concert. Plus, she may have nabbed a look from the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. [Yahoo]
  • This green lipstick — yes, green — transforms your lip color to a gorgeous berry hue. [Allure]

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7 Best Bang-For-Your-Buck Makeup Palettes


In theory, eyeshadow palettes are the best thing to happen to your makeup drawer. They consolidate all the colors you’ll ever need into an easy-to-carry case, and they’re often a value. But they don’t always live up to their potential, and you end up only using one or two shades religiously and then tossing the entire palette when these run out.

So we asked four local beauty gurus — both makeup and brow artists — to tell us which palettes they use. Here, the seven palettes worth buying. We promise: You’ll use every color, and your makeup bag will be all the better for it.  Read more »

Market Report: Why You Need to Stop Contouring Your Face Already


Images via Pinterest.

  • Here’s why one makeup artist is against Kardashian-esque contouring makeup. (And I agree with her.) [Byrdie]
  • If cryptic Instagram photos (and voracious rumors) are to be believed, Reese Witherspoon might be launching a hotel. Your move, Blake Lively. [The Cut]

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Market Report: 5 Reasons to Put Your Skin on a Makeup Diet

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

  • The 5:2 skin diet — foregoing makeup twice a week — might be just the detox your face needs. [Glamour]
  • The best thing to come out of the blue-and-black dress vs. white-and-gold dress debate: The Southern African branch of the Salvation Army has created a powerful ad starring the dress to combat domestic violence. [Washington Post]
  • Bloomingdale’s just debuted a new dance called the B-Roll. Let’s just say we don’t think it’ll be replacing the Electric Slide. [Huffington Post]

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