7 Best Bang-For-Your-Buck Makeup Palettes


In theory, eyeshadow palettes are the best thing to happen to your makeup drawer. They consolidate all the colors you’ll ever need into an easy-to-carry case, and they’re often a value. But they don’t always live up to their potential, and you end up only using one or two shades religiously and then tossing the entire palette when these run out.

So we asked four local beauty gurus — both makeup and brow artists — to tell us which palettes they use. Here, the seven palettes worth buying. We promise: You’ll use every color, and your makeup bag will be all the better for it.  Read more »

Market Report: Why You Need to Stop Contouring Your Face Already


Images via Pinterest.

  • Here’s why one makeup artist is against Kardashian-esque contouring makeup. (And I agree with her.) [Byrdie]
  • If cryptic Instagram photos (and voracious rumors) are to be believed, Reese Witherspoon might be launching a hotel. Your move, Blake Lively. [The Cut]

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Market Report: 5 Reasons to Put Your Skin on a Makeup Diet

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

  • The 5:2 skin diet — foregoing makeup twice a week — might be just the detox your face needs. [Glamour]
  • The best thing to come out of the blue-and-black dress vs. white-and-gold dress debate: The Southern African branch of the Salvation Army has created a powerful ad starring the dress to combat domestic violence. [Washington Post]
  • Bloomingdale’s just debuted a new dance called the B-Roll. Let’s just say we don’t think it’ll be replacing the Electric Slide. [Huffington Post]

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Men Can Learn a Lot From Wearing Makeup For a Week


Hot stuff. | Shutterstock.

Men wearing makeup isn’t a new thing. In fact, last year we wrote about guys in Philly getting into the primping scene). But what about less-than-subtle swipes of mascara and concealer? Could burly, manly men pull off a full face of makeup—and would they dare to?

Enter Isaac Fitzgerald, a brave, bearded, tattooed guy who, for five days straight, wore makeup. He documented his week-long makeup-wearing test for BuzzFeed, and the results are expectedly hilarious, and eye-opening.

Read more here.

Beauty Secrets From a Philly Prison (Really!)


Female inmates create “fakeup.” | Orange Is The New Black.

An interesting story popped up over on Refinery29 the other day. It was a piece that originally appeared on The Marshall Project, a newly launched nonprofit news site that focuses on the American criminal justice system, and it detailed the crazily resourceful ways female inmates create makeup products (or “fakeup”) behind bars.

According to The Marshall Project, federal jails offer products like liquid eyeliner, bronzer and lip gloss (who knew prisons were like mini Sephoras?), but most state and county prisons only dole out things like mascara and eyeliner. So women get crafty, melting down Jolly Ranchers to use as hair gel, crushing up colored pencils for eye shadow and even mixing coffee and face cream for foundation.

More tricks ahead.

Monday Obsession: NARS Audacious Lipstick Collection


Your favorite new lipstick is here.

When my Shoppist partner in crime and assistant editor Marina came to work last week, she was wearing the most divine lipstick ever. I generally wear a pale gloss, so I leave all the lipstick sleuthing to her—and she always delivers.

She was wearing one of the 40 shades featured in NARS’s fall collection, called Audacious. The lipsticks are super-pigmented, so you get a rich, intense color with a single swipe. (No lip pencil needed!) It’s not ultra-matte, either, so it feels more like a user-friendly creamy gloss, but the color is long-lasting: I watched it last all day on Marina, even through lunch and coffee number two.

Click for where to find it in Philly.

Market Report: What the Heck Happened to Jennifer Lawrence’s Skin?!

  • MR4Guys, please let this photo of Jennifer Lawrence be a lesson in self-tanner restraint. [StyleList]
  • Your makeup brushes might be giving you acne. Also, when’s the last time you cleaned your tweezers? Ew. [Total Beauty]
  • Wanna look like Mia Wallace from Pulp FictionUrban Decay just launched a five-piece beauty collection to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie[InStyle]

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Market Report: Turns Out We’ve Been Wearing Makeup the Wrong Way All Along



  • Is it eye makeup, primer, foundation, power? Or lipstick, primer, eye makeup, foundation? Looks like the jury is still out on what exactly is the proper order to apply makeup. [Jezebel]
  • To celebrate the World Cup, here are the 20 most stylish men of soccer. Score! [Elle]
  • Not quite ready to take the plunge into permanent ink? Here are 15 temporary tattoos that will suffice for the interim. Actually, they’re so good you might just wear one of these instead of getting the real deal. [Buzzfeed]

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