If You Can Never Find Your Foundation Color, Sephora Is About to Solve All Your Problems


Expert help at navigating the makeup aisle. | Images via black|Up.

For women of color, finding the perfect foundation shade can be a nearly impossible task. True, there’s long-time drugstore brands like Black Radiance and Black Opal, but most upscale lines just don’t offer a wide enough range of textures and colors suited specifically for darker skin tones. It’s not just everyday women who have to struggle — not too long ago, model Nykhor Paul claimed she had to bring her own makeup to runway shows because the backstage makeup artists weren’t supplied with the cosmetics to accommodate her skin color. One word: unacceptable.

Starting tomorrow, Philly’s beauties of color might be getting the answer they’ve been waiting for: Paris-based black|Up Cosmetics is at Sephora’s Center City today through Saturday to introduce the luxury line. The brand has quickly become known for it’s range of paraben-free, professional-quality makeup developed to meet the specific needs of medium to darker complected women with complex undertones. I’m also talking rich jewel-tone eyeshadows and highly pigmented lip colors that actually complement rather than contrast.  Read more »

The 5-Product Makeup Routine That’ll Get You Out the Door in 5 Minutes

5 Step Makeup

Run from the gym to the office with a fresh face in mere seconds. | Photography by Claudia Gavin.

In my constant quest to pare down the makeup kit I bring everywhere, I’ve gotten things down to a science – or as close to one as ever. While I always want to look put-together and professional, I simply don’t have the time in the mornings to apply a full face. (Hello, that’s what train rides are for.) I also don’t want to give myself scoliosis by lugging around my whole kit every morning. If necessity is the mother of invention, then laziness and SEPTA are my muses. I’ve perfected the five-minute, five-product makeup routine that leaves me looking fresh, awake, and ready to tackle the day. Here’s how >>

Learn to Contour Like (Ugh, Fine) Kim Kardashian



Images via Kevyn Aucoin.

Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian has taken contouring – you know, when you strategically paint your face with various splotches of brown/taupe/white/bronze to create faux angles, shadows and highlights – and made it into something of an art form. But, take note: When done incorrectly, the end result can be pretty jarring. (Exhibit A.) How to avoid these clownish fates? Head to The Rittenhouse Spa tonight at 5:30pm for a makeup tutorial with the spa’s leading artist, Irina Kravchenko.

Here’s the deal: You’ll learn step-by-step contouring techniques (hello, sharper cheekbones!), and you’ll get a peek at Kevyn Aucoin’s newest contouring palette. The session is open and completely free to the public, but if you RSPV in advance by email with your name and number, you’ll be entered to win the same contouring palette that you’ll use in the workshop (which will save you $59 if you happen to fall in love and want your own). Don’t win? Attendees still get 20 percent off all makeup and salon products, including Aucoin’s line. To sweeten the deal, the spa will be serving up complimentary refreshments and specialty drinks from the The Rittenhouse’s Library Bar. We’ll see you there. Read more »

What Happens When a Non-Makeup Wearer and a Makeup Diva Swap Routines


A medley of befores and afters. | Photos by Lauren McGrath.

In our office, there are two sets of women: Those who wear makeup every single day, and those who don’t ever wear a stitch. I happen to fall into the former group – full face, every day – and our copyeditor, Rachel Chernaskey (she of the impossibly high cheekbones and poreless skin), sits strictly in the latter. What would happen, I wondered, if we switched cosmetic routines for a day? Surely, the world would spin off its axis; our coworkers would look at my ruddy chin and un-lined eyelids and I’d immediately be fired; Rachel would be spotted on the street and become the next Kendall Jenner.

After some pleading with Rachel and personal soul-searching (could I really post a makeup-free photo on the blog for all to see?), we shook on it: I’d go sans makeup; Rachel would let our assistant lifestyle editor (and talented makeup artist in her own right) Lauren McGrath apply a full face. We’d wear our new looks around for one full work day and see who noticed, who commented, who turned away in horror, and how it felt to trade faces. Turns out, not at all like we expected.   Read more »

13 Killer (And Doable!) Halloween Looks from Philly Makeup Artists

Shoppist Halloween

Not your average pumpkin costume. | xplicit_artistry and domo_speca.

We asked, and Philly makeup mavens responded in droves: We present the 13 most ghoulish, gory, and gorgeous Halloween looks that our city talent has to offer. Whether you’re looking for some doable costume inspiration or merely want to ogle at their insane, untouchable skills, this post features the best of the best in Philly makeup artistry. Give the looks a try and their creators a follow, because makeup this good doesn’t just happen. Happy (almost) #ShoppistHalloween! Read more »

How to Organize Everything In Your Life


Don’t you just want to breathe a sigh of relief looking at this order? | Pinterest.

As the foliage on the trees dies in a fiery, colorful blaze, so too should those bad habits that are cluttering your life and stressing you out. Here’s how to organize every aspect of your world, from that tangle of necklaces to your kid’s football gear to your growing lipstick collection. Plus, how to finally reclaim that bedroom chair that’s been hidden under a mountain of clothes for months, and the cutest, non-corporate way to keep K-Cups at the ready in your kitchen.

We’ve set realistic fall goals over here: We’re dedicated to trying at least three of these things before the year is out, and we invite you to join our re-organizing resolution. Now keep reading – organizational porn awaits! Read more »

10 Best Hair and Beauty Destinations in Philly

Mirror and Mantel

Image via Mirror and Mantel.

Whether you’re looking for an edgy haircut, a manly mani, a brow cleanup, or a total makeover, Philly is home to some seriously talented artists who can get you to primping perfection. Here are 10 must-visit hair and beauty spots – each of which has been vetted by our intrepid editors. See a fave that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments! Read more »

5 Best Drugstore Beauty Buys


Know when to splurge and when to save. | Shutterstock.

Beauty products can really start to add up, especially when it takes more than just a handful of items to get the job done. That’s why it’s important to know what products are worth splurging on, and which ones don’t need to come with a department store price tag. While I’m a self-proclaimed MAC girl through and through, these are the five products I always grab at the neighborhood drugstore instead. Read more »

Bluemercury Launches Good-For-You Makeup Line Lune + Aster


Five-minute makeup for the busy minimalist. | Image via Bluemercury.

One of our favorite cosmetics stores, Bluemercury, just launched its own makeup line. It’s called Lune + Aster, and it’s totally gorgeous – and good for you. Unlike most other makeup brands, Lune + Aster products are paraben-free, which means they contain no harmful preservatives, which makes for super-clean makeup you don’t have to feel guilty wearing. The cosmetics collection is also gluten-free and vegan, and is specifically designed for the most sensitive skin types. Read more »

The Ultimate Beauty Event Goes Down Saturday Morning at Bloomingdale’s


How to update your beauty routine for fall. | Shutterstock.

Some things are impossible to find: a manicure that lasts longer than three weeks, a Chanel bag that costs less than four figures, a good reason to set your alarm on a Saturday morning. While I’ve struck out on the first two, I have managed to find the last one, and it’s happening this Saturday.

I’ll be at Bloomingdale’s King of Prussia to host a major makeup event featuring an exclusive runway show of fall’s best new beauty trends. You’ll get a one-on-one session with a pro makeup artist, free gifts and breakfast. You in?  Read more »

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