Men Can Learn a Lot From Wearing Makeup For a Week


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Men wearing makeup isn’t a new thing. In fact, last year we wrote about guys in Philly getting into the primping scene). But what about less-than-subtle swipes of mascara and concealer? Could burly, manly men pull off a full face of makeup—and would they dare to?

Enter Isaac Fitzgerald, a brave, bearded, tattooed guy who, for five days straight, wore makeup. He documented his week-long makeup-wearing test for BuzzFeed, and the results are expectedly hilarious, and eye-opening.

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Beauty Secrets From a Philly Prison (Really!)


Female inmates create “fakeup.” | Orange Is The New Black.

An interesting story popped up over on Refinery29 the other day. It was a piece that originally appeared on The Marshall Project, a newly launched nonprofit news site that focuses on the American criminal justice system, and it detailed the crazily resourceful ways female inmates create makeup products (or “fakeup”) behind bars.

According to The Marshall Project, federal jails offer products like liquid eyeliner, bronzer and lip gloss (who knew prisons were like mini Sephoras?), but most state and county prisons only dole out things like mascara and eyeliner. So women get crafty, melting down Jolly Ranchers to use as hair gel, crushing up colored pencils for eye shadow and even mixing coffee and face cream for foundation.

More tricks ahead.

Monday Obsession: NARS Audacious Lipstick Collection


Your favorite new lipstick is here.

When my Shoppist partner in crime and assistant editor Marina came to work last week, she was wearing the most divine lipstick ever. I generally wear a pale gloss, so I leave all the lipstick sleuthing to her—and she always delivers.

She was wearing one of the 40 shades featured in NARS’s fall collection, called Audacious. The lipsticks are super-pigmented, so you get a rich, intense color with a single swipe. (No lip pencil needed!) It’s not ultra-matte, either, so it feels more like a user-friendly creamy gloss, but the color is long-lasting: I watched it last all day on Marina, even through lunch and coffee number two.

Click for where to find it in Philly.

Market Report: What the Heck Happened to Jennifer Lawrence’s Skin?!

  • MR4Guys, please let this photo of Jennifer Lawrence be a lesson in self-tanner restraint. [StyleList]
  • Your makeup brushes might be giving you acne. Also, when’s the last time you cleaned your tweezers? Ew. [Total Beauty]
  • Wanna look like Mia Wallace from Pulp FictionUrban Decay just launched a five-piece beauty collection to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie[InStyle]

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Market Report: Turns Out We’ve Been Wearing Makeup the Wrong Way All Along



  • Is it eye makeup, primer, foundation, power? Or lipstick, primer, eye makeup, foundation? Looks like the jury is still out on what exactly is the proper order to apply makeup. [Jezebel]
  • To celebrate the World Cup, here are the 20 most stylish men of soccer. Score! [Elle]
  • Not quite ready to take the plunge into permanent ink? Here are 15 temporary tattoos that will suffice for the interim. Actually, they’re so good you might just wear one of these instead of getting the real deal. [Buzzfeed]

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Market Report: 10 Beauty Secrets from Orange is the New Black Season 2


  • If you’ve binge-watched the entire second season of Orange is the New Black (ahem, like me), then you’re probably curious what beauty secrets are even necessary to achieve a prison-chic look. Here’s your answer. [The Cut]
  • Hold the phone: Comedian Melissa McCarthy is collaborating with Daniella Pearl on a plus-size clothing line. This is very exciting news. [Refinery 29]
  • Oohhh, the things we’d do for a magic lip stain that knew exactly which color looked best. Could this lime green-encased henna variety be our godsend? [Man Repeller]

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How to Justify Spending $64 on Chanel’s New Bronzer


Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multicolor SPF 15 in 02, left, and 01, right. (Photo via Chanel.)

When it comes to getting a faux glow, I’ve had experiences with the not so good (chalky orange bronzers), the very bad (zebra-like streaks from self-tanners), and the hideously ugly (actual lay-down tanning beds—oof!). How I’ll be scoring a healthy, sun-kissed glow this summer: Chanel’s brand-spanking-new Healthy Glow compact.

Yeah, but it’s $64. Are you serious?

Apparently Philly Is a Hotspot for Vagina Beauty Treatments

Photo via My New Pink Button.

Photo via My New Pink Button.

Shoppists, I’m here to introduce you to labia makeup. Haven’t heard of it yet? The makeup—which has been around for some time but has just gotten more buzz of late—was created by My New Pink Button and it’s designed to “restore the youthful pink color back to your labia.” To think, here we were fretting about gray hairs when we really should have been worried about the color of our labias! In any case, the stain comes in four shades, each with sassy names weirdly reminiscent of your grandmother (think: “Bettie” and “Marilyn”, which is described as “good for beginners”). The Dye System Kit includes 20 disposable applicators, a mixing dish, labia colorant dye and an instructional guide. This is good: You don’t want to mess around down there, ladies.

The whole ‘labia makeup’ thing originally struck me as unnecessary, but as someone who’s read about women putting blush on their nipples to increase pink-ness (don’t ask), I started to think that maybe My New Pink Button was on to something. After all, vajazzling took over the world. Perhaps the beauty industry’s just been spending too much time thinking above the belt. So I ventured below it to sleuth out other questionable nether-region beauty treatments. The first thing I noticed? It seems Philly is a hotspot for vaginal beauty treatments. (Who knew?)

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How I Found the Best Liquid Eyeliner

How I Found the Best Liquid Eyeliner Ever

My cat-eye weapon: Stila’s Say All Day Liquid Eyeliner.

I’m fiercely loyal to the items in my makeup bag (which, in case you’re wondering, is this Rebecca Minkoff monogram pouch). Try as I might to love Diorshow and Maybelline’s Great Lash, I always come back to L’Oreal’s Voluminous mascara (the one with the curved wand). And with the exception of a few dalliances with MAC, Benefit and Laura Mercier foundations, I’ve never strayed too far from Clinique’s Superbalanced Makeup. But the ultimate weapon in my beauty arsenal is my eyeliner: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.  Seriously, guys, you need to try this.

I know, waterproof liquid eyeliner sounds scary. But it’s not! Keep reading.

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